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Lee, Geunsik
Electronic Structure and Transport in Condensed Materials
Research Interests
  • open quantum system, non-equilibrium electron transport
  • electron correlation, dynamical mean field theory
  • 2D materials, metal complexes


Impact of fluorination on the energy level alignment of an FnZnPc/MAPbI(3) interface

DC Field Value Language Oleiki, Elham ko Javaid, Saqib ko Lee, Geunsik ko 2022-11-23T09:54:32Z - 2022-11-15 ko 2022-10 ko
dc.identifier.citation NANOSCALE ADVANCES ko
dc.identifier.issn 2516-0230 ko
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dc.description.abstract We have studied interactions at an interface between a Methylammonium Lead Iodide (MAPbI(3)) surface and zinc-phthalocyanine molecules with F substituting peripheral H (FnZnPc; n = 4, 8, 12, and 16) by employing hybrid density functional theory (DFT) based simulations. These calculations show that FnZnPc molecules form a stable interface with MAPbI(3), whose binding strength is comparable to that of the un-substituted (ZnPc) case. As a consequence of fluorination, an increase in the ionization potential/electron affinity (i.e., a systematic lowering of molecular energy levels), as well as interfacial charge transfer, is observed whose magnitude depends upon the degree of fluorination. In contrast to the common belief of unfavorable hole transfer for excessive fluorination, our work unveils that the valence band offset remains favorable for all ranges of substitution (n); thus, hole transfer from MAPbI(3) to FnZnPc is facilitated while the electron transfer process is suppressed. This unusual behavior originates from the intermolecular interaction and substrate-to-molecule electron transfer at the heterojunction, which gradually suppresses the downward shift of FnZnPc energy levels by increasing the value of n. Given the beneficial impacts of fluorination, such as hydrophobicity, our work provides valuable insight for exploiting stable FnZnPc towards high-efficiency perovskite solar cells. ko
dc.language 영어 ko
dc.publisher ROYAL SOC CHEMISTRY ko
dc.title Impact of fluorination on the energy level alignment of an FnZnPc/MAPbI(3) interface ko
dc.type ARTICLE ko
dc.identifier.wosid 000873906500001 ko
dc.type.rims ART ko
dc.identifier.doi 10.1039/d2na00582d ko
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