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2023-01NaCl-induced enhancement of thermodynamic and kinetic CO2 selectivity in CO2 + N-2 hydrate formation and its significance for CO2 sequestrationMok, Junghoon; Choi, Wonjung, et alARTICLE232
2023-01Managerial perspectives on climate change and stock price crash riskJung, Hail; Song, Chang-KeunARTICLE208
2023-01Coordination modulated passivation for stable organic-inorganic perovskite solar cellsKajal, Sandeep; Jeong, Jaeki, et alARTICLE134
2023-01Pollution characteristics of PM2.5 during high concentration periods in summer and winter in Ulsan, the largest industrial city in South KoreaLee, Sang-Jin; Lee, Ho-Young, et alARTICLE84
2023-01Numerical simulation of ball milling reactor for novel ammonia synthesis under ambient conditionsParamanantham, SalaiSargunan S.; Brigljevic, Boris, et alARTICLE34
2022-12Dipeptides as environmentally friendly CH4 hydrate inhibitors: Experimental and computational approachesGo, Woojin; Yun, Soyeong, et alARTICLE140
2022-12Effect of oxidation on mechanical properties of Ni/Cu interface: A density functional theory studyPark, Soon-Dong; Kim, Daeyong, et alARTICLE76
2022-12Tetracyanoborate anion-based ionic liquid for natural gas sweetening and DMR-LNG process: Energy, exergy, environment, exergo-environment, and economic perspectivesKazmi, Bilal; Haider, Junaid, et alARTICLE80
2022-11What is the optimized cost for a used battery?: Economic analysis in case of energy storage system as 2nd life of batteryLee, Hyunjun; Lim, Dongjun, et alARTICLE155
2022-11Sustainable biopolyol production via solvothermal liquefaction silvergrass saccharification residue: Experimental, economic, and environmental approachHa Tran, My; Lee, Boreum, et alARTICLE68
2022-11Effective CH4 production and novel CO2 storage through depressurization-assisted replacement in natural gas hydrate-bearing sedimentChoi, Wonjung; Mok, Junghoon, et alARTICLE74
2022-11Non-fullerene acceptors with alkylthiothiophene side chains for efficient non-halogenated solvent processed indoor organic photovoltaicsAn, Na Gyeong; Lee, Ji Eun, et alARTICLE92
2022-10Exploitation of distillation for energy-efficient and cost-effective environmentally benign process of waste solvents recovery from semiconductor industryLee, Aejin; Naquash, Ahmad, et alARTICLE122
2022-10Decision making with the deterministic judgment of urea production with various hydrogen sources: technical, economic, and environmental aspectsKim, Heehyang; Lee, Aejin, et alARTICLE66
2022-10Manipulated Interface for Enhanced Energy Cascade in Quasi-2D Blue Perovskite Light-Emitting DiodesShin, Yun Seop; Park, Chan Beom, et alARTICLE210
2022-10Bias-free solar hydrogen production at 19.8 mA cm−2 using perovskite photocathode and lignocellulosic biomassChoi, Yuri; Mehrotra, Rashmi, et alARTICLE198
2022-10Modular Flow Reactors for Valorization of Kraft Lignin and Low‐Voltage Hydrogen ProductionYim, Se‐Jun; Oh, Hyeonmyeong, et alARTICLE396
2022-10Electrified steam cracking for a carbon neutral ethylene production process: Techno-economic analysis, life cycle assessment, and analytic hierarchy processGu, Jiwon; Kim, Heehyang, et alARTICLE106
2022-10Formate as Anti-Oxidation Additives for Pb-Free FASnI(3) Perovskite Solar CellsJang, Hyungsu; Lim, Hyeong Yong, et alARTICLE110
2022-10SNG production with net zero outflow of CO2 in an integrated energy system: An energy and economic aspectsHaider, Junaid; Lee, Boreum, et alARTICLE114