Verification of STREAM3D for APR1400 Reactor Core Benchmark

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Verification of STREAM3D for APR1400 Reactor Core Benchmark
Lee, Ran
Lee, Deokjung
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Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology
The purpose of this study is to verify STREAM3D (Steady State and Transient Reactor Analysis code with Method of Characteristics) accuracy through reference results. This thesis shows the verification of STREAM3D for APR1400 reactor core benchmark. STREAM3D simulates 3D core by using the 3D MOC/DD (Three-dimensional Method of Characteristics/Diamond-difference) method. 3D MOC/DD method is developed by UNIST (Ulsan Institute of Science and Technology) CORE (Computational Reactor Physics and Experiment Laboratory) and is implemented in STREAM3D. APR1400 (Advanced Power Reactor 1400MWe) reactor core benchmark consists of single fuel pin-cell problems, 2D fuel assembly problems, 2D core problems, 3D core problems, control rod worth problems, and 3D core depletion problem. STREAM3D results of these problems are compared to McCARD (Monte Carlo Code for Advanced Reactor Design) and MCS. Single fuel pin-cell reactivity errors for all cases are below 150 pcm. RMS (Root Mean Square) errors of pin power compared to McCARD are within 0.4%. Compared to MCS, RMS errors of pin power are below 0.7%. Reactivity errors for 2D core, and 3D core are less than 100 pcm except for CZP (Cold Zero Power, Fuel:300K, Moderator:300K, Cladding:300K) condition. RMS errors of assembly power compared to McCARD and MCS for 2D core are below 1.7%, and 3.1%. RMS errors of assembly power compared to McCARD and MCS for 3D core are below 1.5%, and 4.1% respectively. In all control rod worth problems, control rod worth differences of STREAM3D compared to McCARD and MCS indicate excellent agreement within about 3%, except when group 2 is inserted. By solving APR1400 benchmark for STREAM3D, STREAM3D is proven to be a suitable and accurate tool for PWR (Pressure Water Reactor) analysis.
Department of Nuclear Engineering
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