SE_Journal Papers

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2023-12A general and facile approach to flower-like ZnO fabricationJang, Hye Seong; Jeong, Gyu Hyeon, et alARTICLE33
2023-11Tunable voltage polarity-dependent resistive switching characteristics by interface energy barrier modulation in ceria-based bilayer memristors for neuromorphic computingMoon, Sola; Park, Kitae, et alARTICLE135
2023-11Editorial: Materials and processing of emerging non-volatile memory for advanced applicationsYoon, Tae-Sik; Kim, SangBum, et alARTICLE145
2023-11Coordinatively unsaturated atomically dispersed Pt+2-N4 sites on hexagonal nanosheet structure of g-C3N4 for high-performance photocatalytic H2 productionMahvelati-Shamsabadi, Tahereh; Bhamu, Kailash Chandra, et alARTICLE104
2023-11Tellurium 기반 휘발성 문턱 스위칭 및 고집적 메모리용 선택소자 응용 연구김승환; 김창환, et alARTICLE49
2023-10Electronic dispersion, correlations and stacking in the photoexcited state of 1T-TaS2Dong, Jingwei; Shin, Dongbin, et alARTICLE140
2023-102D Materials in the Display Industry: Status and ProspectsKim, Minsu; Ma, Kyung Yeol, et alARTICLE577
2023-09Role of hydrogen-doping for compensating oxygen-defect in non-stoichiometric amorphous In2O3−x</i>: Modeling with a machine-learning potentialUrata, Shingo; Nakamura, Nobuhiro, et alARTICLE40
2023-09Tailoring exciton dynamics in TMDC heterobilayers in the ultranarrow gap-plasmon regimeRahaman, Mahfujur; Kim, Gwangwoo, et alARTICLE43
2023-08Non-volatile charge-trap memory characteristics with low-temperature atomic layer deposited HfO2-x charge-trap layer and interfacial tunneling oxide formed by UV/ozone treatmentHan, Jimin; Jeong, Boyoung, et alARTICLE595
2023-08Self-Oxidation Resistance of the Curved Surface of Achromatic CopperKim, Young-Hoon; Kim, Seong-Gon, et alARTICLE130
2023-08Anomalous Temperature and Polarization Dependences of Photoluminescence of Metal-Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition-Grown GeSe2Lee, Eunji; Dhakal, Krishna Prasad, et alARTICLE99
2023-08Fabrication of p-type 2D single-crystalline transistor arrays with Fermi-level-tuned van der Waals semimetal electrodesSong, Seunguk; Yoon, Aram, et alARTICLE187
2023-07MOF-derived Co/Zn single-atom catalysts for reversible hydrogenation and dehydrogenation of quinoline hydrogen carrierNaveen, Kanagaraj; Mahvelati-Shamsabadi, Tahereh, et alARTICLE206
2023-07Selectively Nitrogen Doped ALD-IGZO TFTs with Extremely High Mobility and ReliabilityKim, Dong-Gyu; Choi, Hyuk, et alARTICLE333
2023-07Insights of Peculiar Green-Yellow Emission Occurrence in Ce3+-Doped Barium Yttrium Orthogermanate PhosphorsYang, Sungjun; Lee, Jong Hoon, et alARTICLE399
2023-07Atomic Layer Deposition Route to Scalable, Electronic-Grade van der Waals Te Thin FilmsKim, Changhwan; Hur, Namwook, et alARTICLE139
2023-07Freestanding Oxide Membranes for Epitaxial Ferroelectric HeterojunctionsSheeraz, Muhammad; Jung, Min-Hyoung, et alARTICLE140
2023-07Nitrogen-Doped Titanium Carbide (Ti3C2Tx) MXene Nanosheet Stack For Long-Term Stability and Efficacy in Au and Ag RecoveryJung, Youngkyun; Seok, Shi-Hyun, et alARTICLE129
2023-06A Kinetic Indicator of Ultrafast Nickel-Rich Layered Oxide CathodesWang, Jian; Hyun, Hyejeong, et alARTICLE296