TIM_Journal Papers

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2022-08User Preferences of Privacy-Enhancing Attributes of a Smart SpeakerChoi, Hanbyul; Park, Jonghwa, et alARTICLE42
2022-07Energy Consumption Forecasting in Korea Using Machine Learning AlgorithmsShin, Sun-Youn; Woo, Han-GyunARTICLE89
2022-07What drives a country's fish consumption? Market growth phase and the causal relations among fish consumption, production and income growthHan, Kiuk; Leem, Kyounghee, et alARTICLE198
2022-04Innovation Ambidexterity, Resource Configuration and Firm Growth: Is Smallness a Liability or an Asset?Choi, Young Rok; Ha, Seongwook, et alARTICLE458
2022-04Screening ideas in the early stages of technology development: A word2vec and convolutional neural network approachHong, Suckwon; Kim, Juram, et alARTICLE348
2022-04Consumers’ Evaluation of Web-Based Health Information Quality: Meta-analysisZhang, Yan; Kim, YeolibARTICLE181
2022-03A conceptual framework for designing blockchain technology enabled supply chainsOh, Jaeyoung; Choi, Yunsik, et alARTICLE189
2022-02Capturing research trends in structural health monitoring using bibliometric analysisYeom, Jaesun; Jeong, Seunghoo, et alARTICLE188
2021-12Understanding digital consumers' well-being in Asia: The moderating roles of digital natives and privacy concernsKwak, Youshin; Kim, Jeeyeon, et alARTICLE293
2021-10Stereotypes about Academic Entrepreneurs and Their Negotiation Counterparts’ Collaborative BehaviorZhang, Lu; Choi, Young Rok, et alARTICLE875
2021-09음성 센서를 활용한 팀 의사결정 과정에서 팀원의 영향력 연구홍운기; 우한균, et alARTICLE348
2020-09A Meta-Analysis of Construct Reliability Indices and Measurement Model Fit Metrics​Peterson, Robert A.; Kim, Yeolib, et alARTICLE447
2020-08A study of battery operational optimization with data-driven clusteringShin, Minsu; Jeon, Cheol-Hwan, et alARTICLE456
2020-06Formal governance, interfirm coordination, and performance in partnerships: An empirical investigation of a mediation modelChoi, Young Rok; Phan, Phillip H., et alARTICLE906
2020-05Social media engagement, service complexity, and experiential quality in US hospitalsLee, Youngsu; In, Joonhwan, et alARTICLE621
2020-03Unbalanced data, type II error, and nonlinearity in predicting M&A failureLee, Kangbok; Joo, Sunghoon, et alARTICLE742
2020-03Out‐of‐stock, sold out, or unavailable? Framing a product outage in online retailingPeterson, Robert A.; Kim, Yeolib, et alARTICLE909
2020-02Founder CEOs and innovation: Evidence from CEO sudden deaths in public firmsLee, Joon Mahn; Kim, Jongsoo, et alARTICLE788
2019-12혁신의 한계: 가치 창출 혹은 가치 이전?배종훈; 박경민, et alARTICLE715
2019-12Breaking the chain: GPO changes and hospital supply cost efficiencyIn, Joonhwan; Bradley, Randy V., et alARTICLE592