ECHO: Digital Service Platform for Diabetes Management in Young Patients

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ECHO: Digital Service Platform for Diabetes Management in Young Patients
Jin, Hyo-Jeong
Kim, Hwang
Digital Healthcare; Participatory Medicine; Diabetes Management
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Graduate School of Creative Design Engineering
Diabetes in the general young population is increasing because of which their risk of developing other chronic conditions has increased. Among these conditions, the most prevalent condition is the psychiatric illness that causes anxiety disorders, behavioral disorders, and mood disorders in the overall adolescent population. Recent developments in smart healthcare provided new opportunities for managing the daily life activities of young patients. Most of these patients once diagnosed with diabetes often develop stress and mental problems, which negatively influence their social awareness. Hence, it is important to break the vicious cycle of diabetes and stress for a healthy life because ignoring diabetes management may lead to undesirable health outcomes. Given this problem, this study found that smart healthcare could be a new opportunity for health management that provides a new healthcare service for young patients with diabetes. This study presents a mobile service for diabetes management called Echo digital service design. The service design offers significant suggestions and provides a guide for a smart management system for diabetes on a daily basis. Furthermore, the service design seems to help patients with several mental problems that interfere with their healthy diabetes management. Echo service design provides a platform for patients to modify their negative actions against diabetes management and reinforce positive habits for self-oriented care. This study sorts to provide the Echo service design to young diabetes patients using user-centered design methodologies and design thinking approaches. The results of this study seek to provide a meaningful impact of the service design on young diabetes patients. This study provided an opportunity to design the function in the echo service design application to give patients a sense of responsibility and authority to help manage diabetes and engage patients in medical care. The test results reveal that the service design application helps contribute to future studies on diabetes educations and brings innovative and high-quality health care services for young diabetes patients considering their mental illness.
Department of Creative Design Engineering
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