SLA_Conference Papers

Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeView
2023-08-20E-Feedback Delivered via a Social Q&A Platform as a Scaffolding Teaching Strategy in the English-Medium Instruction ContextKim, Victoria; Kim, JeongyeonCONFERENCE50
2023-08-19Rethinking Internationalization of Higher Education: Technology, Intercultural Sensitivity, and EMIKim, JeongyeonCONFERENCE86
2023-07-02스토리텔링 기계의 역사와 인문학 공학 융합의 확장성이재연CONFERENCE216
2023-06-29서평문에 대한 응답문박승배CONFERENCE100
2023-05-13The Implications of Metaethical Theories on Scientific and Moral ProgressPark, SeungbaeCONFERENCE260
2023-04-23Word2vecで見た1920年代の韓国批評の風景Lee, Jae-YonCONFERENCE168
2023-02-10The Moral Realism Debate Meets the Mathematical Realism DebatePark, SeungbaeCONFERENCE327
2022-12-10In Defense of Moral FunctionalismPark, SeungbaeCONFERENCE411
2022-12-07AI 작가: 디지털 인문학과 AI의 만남 2이재연CONFERENCE317
2022-11-05디지털 인문학과 AI 연계 수업 개발 및 강의경험: 과학기술특성화 대학의 한 사례이재연; 한남기CONFERENCE360
2022-10-31Joking and PrivilegeChoi, JinsookCONFERENCE363
2022-10-20Las Culturas del Consumo y la Modernidad Reflexiva en CoreaTatar, BradleyCONFERENCE405
2022-10-20Digital Yŏm Sang-sŏp: Reading Ordinariness in His Fiction by NumbersLee, Jae-Yon; Han, NamgiCONFERENCE315
2022-10-17An Empirical Study on How People Perceive AI-generated MusicChu, Hyeshin; Kim, Joohee, et alCONFERENCE1850
2022-09-07Cultures of Consumption and Late Modernity in South KoreaTatar, BradleyCONFERENCE430
2022-08-26Critiques of the Problem of InductionPark, SeungbaeCONFERENCE396
2022-08-17디지털 한국문학연구의 과거, 현재, 미래이재연CONFERENCE311
2022-08-04문학데이터의 정량적 분석이재연CONFERENCE297
2022-07-28AI를 활용한 이야기 만들기이재연; 한남기CONFERENCE309
2022-07-16디지털 염상섭: 고통 속 웃음의 댄드로그이재연CONFERENCE509