SLA_Conference Papers

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2022-10-20Las Culturas del Consumo y la Modernidad Reflexiva en CoreaTatar, BradleyCONFERENCE42
2022-09-07Cultures of Consumption and Late Modernity in South KoreaTatar, BradleyCONFERENCE42
2022-07-16디지털 염상섭: 고통 속 웃음의 댄드로그이재연CONFERENCE156
2022-06-30The Two Requirements on the Use of Inference to the Best ExplanationPark, SeungbaeCONFERENCE123
2022-06-25디지털 염상섭: 숫자로 본 작가론이재연; 한남기CONFERENCE149
2022-04-23The Temporal Bias Approach to the Symmetry ProblemYi, HuiyuhlCONFERENCE121
2022-04-21Digital Humanities on Korean Literature: Revisiting Yom Sang-sop through Digital Literary ApproachesLee, Jae-Yon; Han, NamgiCONFERENCE227
2022-03-15Rethinking EFL Context and Learner Autonomy - New Paradigms of EFL Writing InstructionKim, JeongyeonCONFERENCE153
2022-02-16Whales as Political Subjects: Wildlife Conservation in Coastal EcuadorTatar, BradleyCONFERENCE276
2022-02-09The biopolitics of water: Resource, infrastructure and hydro-social configurationsTatar, BradleyCONFERENCE211
2021-12-23AI 작가: 디지털 인문학과 AI의 만남Lee, Jae-Yon; Han, NamgiCONFERENCE248
2021-12-17경제공동체와 여성최진숙CONFERENCE232
2021-12-10"AI와 스토리텔링": 한 학기 동안의 교육실험Lee, Jae-Yon; Han, NamgiCONFERENCE377
2021-11-30변화 속의 과테말라 언어정책과 마야 정체성최진숙CONFERENCE225
2021-11-26한문단형서사와 디지털 인문학의 만남은 가능한가?이재연CONFERENCE217
2021-11-24AI 활용의 전과 후, 디지털 인문학과 한국문학이재연CONFERENCE202
2021-11-12‘언론 불신’ 만들기: 공론장의 실패와 불신의 병리화에서 숫자 정치성민규CONFERENCE224
2021-11-09The Possibilities of Word Embedding in Korean Literature: From Language Analysis to Language GenerationLee, Jae-Yon; Han, Nam-GiCONFERENCE233
2021-11-05México y los migrantes: ¿Conducto o compañero?Tatar, BradleyCONFERENCE269
2021-10-15디지털 인문학: 새로운 학문의 지평을 열다 [2회]이재연CONFERENCE245