Investigating the change through physical representation of self-reflective data: Field study of bookly and further implication

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Investigating the change through physical representation of self-reflective data: Field study of bookly and further implication
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자기 표현적 데이터의 물리화와 그에 따른 행동 변화 연구: BOOKLY 현장연구와 후속 연구
Ju, Somi
Park, Young-Woo
Data Physicalization; Self-Reflection; Reading motivation; Book
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Graduate School of Creative Design Engineering
Through the development of everyday things, technologies and data are naturally being embedded and shown in our surroundings. Closely interacting with these data can directly affect us in various ways. Recent research has suggested engaging with self-related data in everyday life could support self-reflection, increase awareness of their behavior and encourage consistency. We wanted to bring these backgrounds to deal with the behaviors which has weak motivation and chose reading activity to be our target. We designed Bookly, an interactive artifact that physically represents the accumulated time of users’ reading activity through abstract volumetric changes. Bookly accumulates the time of reading related actions (e.g., picking up and putting down books) and provides a designated space for a book which is on-going. The results of our 2-week in-field study with six participants showed that continuous exposure through volumetric movement representing the accumulated time of reading helped the users to recognize and understand their unsettled patterns of reading. Bookly also motivated the users to improve their reading behavior by gradually making reading to be part of their schedules. Additionally, the definite designation of the ongoing book improved its visual affordance and accessibility for the users to grab the book and start reading. Based on the findings, we confirmed the possibility of making intangible goal related data in physical expression for self-reflection to enhance changes in behaviors that are difficult to perform due to weak motivation. We would like to suggest further implication and its expected contribution by expanding the weak motivated reading activity to any kinds of one-off plans that was unfulfilled due to the same reason
Department of Creative Design Engineering
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