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2021-08Anomalous Properties of Confined Liquid WaterKim, Kwang S.; Pourasad, SaeedDoctoral thesis26
2021-08Targeted Delivery Systems based on Protein-Nanoparticle Hybrid Platform for Cancer TherapyRyu, Ja-Hyoung; Oh, Jun YongDoctoral thesis21
2021-08Self-assembly of Peptides with Biomolecules for Anticancer TherapyRyu, Ja-Hyoung; Choi, HuyeonDoctoral thesis27
2021-08Scanning tunneling microscopic/spectroscopic investigation of molecular interactions in a 2D network and molecule-GNR heterostructureKim, Kwang Soo; Ghassami, AmirrezaDoctoral thesis24
2021-08Li-excess Transition Metal-based Oxides for Li-ion Battery and Oxide-based Energy MaterialsKim, Kwang Soo; Singh, Aditya NarayanDoctoral thesis34
2021-08Stability and Optical Properties Optimization of Low Dimensional Hybrid Perovskite Materials: From Bulk to NanocrystalsSeok, Sang Il; Ba, QiankaiDoctoral thesis26
2021-08Molecular Design of Photosensitizers to Trigger Protein Oxidative ModificationsKwon, Tae-Hyuk; Nam, Jung SeungDoctoral thesis20
2021-08Liquid-solid and liquid-liquid phase separations in aqueous systemsGrzybowski, Bartosz A.; Kim, NamhunDoctoral thesis29
2021-08Development of New Catalysts and Monomers for C1 PolymerizationBielawski, Christopher W.; Lu, Sherilyn JiawenDoctoral thesis21
2021-08Effectively enhanced vibration modes via anharmonic frequency light fieldPark, Noejung; Choi, MinDoctoral thesis55
2021-08Three-Component Synthesis of Quinolines Based on Radical Cascade Visible-Light Photoredox CatalysisPark, Cheol-Min; Choi, Jun-HoDoctoral thesis50
2021-08Metal-Organic Frameworks for Catalysis and Sensing: Fragmented Ligand Installation on MOF-74 and D2O Sensing of MIL-53(In)-(OH)2Lah, Myoung Soo; Lim, JaewoongDoctoral thesis54
2021-02Theoretical and Data-driven Study for New Perspectives on Material ChemistryKim, Kwang S.; Kim, Dong YeonDoctoral thesis69
2021-02Chemogenetic Approaches: Tools to Study Cellular Architecture and Protein-Protein InteractionsRyu, Ja-Hyoung; Mishra, Pratyush KumarDoctoral thesis91
2021-02Non-Precious-Metal-based Oxygen Evolution Electrocatalysts for Anion Exchange Membrane Water ElectrolysisKim, Kwang Soo; Thangavel, PandiarajanDoctoral thesis374
2021-02Scalable Machine Learning and Advanced Algorithms for Large Scale Ab Initio SimulationsKim, Kwang Soo; Haji Babaei T., AmirDoctoral thesis97
2021-02Strategic Approach to Synthesize Metal-Organic Frameworks for Application as Sensors and Proton ConductorsLah, Myoung Soo; Sharma, AmitoshDoctoral thesis58
2021-02Proteomic Investigation in Diverse Cellular Microenvironments by Direct Proximity LabelingKwon, Tae-Hyuk; Kwak, ChulhwanDoctoral thesis53
2021-02Discovery of Porphyrinic Metal-Organic Frameworks as Advanced Materials PlatformChoe, Wonyoung; Jin, EunjiDoctoral thesis52
2021-02Synthesis of Heteroatom doped Carbon Nanomaterials using Sono-Cavitation & Nebulization Method for Energy Conversion and StorageKwon, Tae-Hyuk; KIM, Hyun-TakDoctoral thesis56