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2023-08Design Strategy of Photo-Electrode to Improve Photo-Energy Conversion for Dye Sensitized Solar CellsKwon, Tae-Hyuk; Kim, Kwang MinDoctoral thesis108
2023-08Molecular Engineering for Enhancing the in vitro/in vivo Phototoxicity Index of Cytotoxic Ir(III)-based PhotosensitizersKwon, Tae-Hyuk; Lee, Chae GyuDoctoral thesis102
2023-08Oxidative Photocatalysis to Spatiotemporally Control Protein Modification and Cell DeathKwon, Tae-Hyuk; Lee, ChaiheonDoctoral thesis102
2023-08Theoretical and Computational Description of Excited-state Phenomena in Condensed PhaseMin, Seung Kyu; Han, DaehoDoctoral thesis110
2023-08Mechanistic Insights of Oxidative Reactions by Manganese-Hydroxo Intermediates in Biomimetic Model ChemistryCho, Jaeheung; Lee, YujeongDoctoral thesis120
2023-082D IR Study of Structure and Dynamics of Monomeric Water, M2 proteins, and ZnSe Quantum DotsKim, Yung Sam; Kwon, HyejinDoctoral thesis126
2023-08Design of Zr-Based Porphyrinic Metal-Organic Frameworks for Adsorptive Removal of Organic PollutantsChoe, Wonyoung; Cho, Hye JinDoctoral thesis120
2023-08Development of Nickel-Catalyzed Reactions of Alkynes and Mechanistic StudiesHong, Sung You; Jeong, Seo YoungDoctoral thesis112
2023-08Triplet Energy Engineering of Organic and Organoplatinum(II) Compounds for Stable Optoelectronic DevicesKwon, Tae-Hyuk; Hwang, EunhyeDoctoral thesis96
2023-08First-Principle Study of Heterojunction Electronic Structure for Optoelectronic ApplicationsLee, Geunsik; Oleiki, ElhamDoctoral thesis118
2023-08Monolayer Metal Phthalocyanine for Efficient ElectrocatalysisShin, Hyeon Suk; Jeong, Da SolDoctoral thesis120
2023-08Synthesis of Heterocycles via Various Synthetic MethodsPark, Cheol-Min; Ryou, BokyeongDoctoral thesis128
2023-02Solution-Processed High-Quality Thin Films For Emerging Solar CellSeok, Sang Il; Yun, Hyun SungDoctoral thesis1338
2023-02Electrochemical Polymerization by Reductive Dehalogenation of Chlorinated Methanes: Synthesis, Reaction Pathways, and Structural AnalysisRuoff, Rodney Scott; Seo, Jae HongDoctoral thesis1509
2023-02Controlling the Charge Transport and Defects for Efficient and Stable Perovskite Solar CellSeok, Sang Il; Lee, Do YoonDoctoral thesis1613
2023-02Rational Synthetic Strategy for Porphyrinic and Related Metal-Organic Frameworks Targeting Advanced FunctionalityChoe, Wonyoung; Lee, JunghyeDoctoral thesis1338
2023-02Electrolyte Effects on Energy Conversion and Storage of Dye-Sensitized Photo-Electrochemical CellsKwon, Tae-Hyuk; Han, Hyun-GyuDoctoral thesis1400
2023-02Synthesis of 1T MoS2 and 1Tˊ WSe2 by Colloidal Synthetic MethodShin, Hyeon Suk; Park, Young JinDoctoral thesis1608
2023-02Synthesis of Unsaturated Polymer Using Ruthenium CatalystBielawski, Christopher W.; Ryu, YeonkyeongDoctoral thesis1366
2023-02Anticancer Therapeutic Approach through Spatiotemporal Self-assembly Control of Cancerous Organelle Target PeptidesRyu, Ja-Hyoung; Jin, SeongeonDoctoral thesis1339