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2021-02Theoretical and Data-driven Study for New Perspectives on Material ChemistryKim, Kwang S.; Kim, Dong YeonDoctoral thesis46
2021-02Chemogenetic Approaches: Tools to Study Cellular Architecture and Protein-Protein InteractionsRyu, Ja-Hyoung; Mishra, Pratyush KumarDoctoral thesis54
2021-02Non-Precious-Metal-based Oxygen Evolution Electrocatalysts for Anion Exchange Membrane Water ElectrolysisKim, Kwang Soo; Thangavel, PandiarajanDoctoral thesis235
2021-02Asphaltene based Oxidized Carbons: New Catalysts for Synthetic TransformationsBielawski, Christopher W.; Jung, HyosicDoctoral thesis33
2021-02Poly(carbyne)s Via Reductive C1 PolymerizationBielawski, Christopher W.; Cahoon, Collin RyanDoctoral thesis34
2021-02Scalable Machine Learning and Advanced Algorithms for Large Scale Ab Initio SimulationsKim, Kwang Soo; Haji Babaei T., AmirDoctoral thesis67
2021-02Visible Light-promoted Alkyne – Alkene [2+2] Cycloaddition and Enyne PhotometathesisPark, Cheol-Min; Ha, SujinDoctoral thesis49
2021-02Strategic Approach to Synthesize Metal-Organic Frameworks for Application as Sensors and Proton ConductorsLah, Myoung Soo; Sharma, AmitoshDoctoral thesis35
2021-02Proteomic Investigation in Diverse Cellular Microenvironments by Direct Proximity LabelingKwon, Tae-Hyuk; Kwak, ChulhwanDoctoral thesis28
2021-02Discovery of Porphyrinic Metal-Organic Frameworks as Advanced Materials PlatformChoe, Wonyoung; Jin, EunjiDoctoral thesis30
2021-02Determination of Rotational Structures with High-Resolution Mass-CRASYSchultz, Thomas; Lee, Jong ChanDoctoral thesis36
2021-02Synthesis of Heteroatom doped Carbon Nanomaterials using Sono-Cavitation & Nebulization Method for Energy Conversion and StorageKwon, Tae-Hyuk; KIM, Hyun-TakDoctoral thesis37
2021-02Regeneration and Secondary Building Unit Transformation of Metal-organic Frameworks via Post-synthetic TreatmentLah, Myoung Soo; Han, SeungwanDoctoral thesis30
2021-02Synthesis of Organic Functional Materials Controlling Intra- and Inter- Molecular Interactions for Light Energy ApplicationsKwon, Tae-Hyuk; Kim, Jeong SooDoctoral thesis28
2021-02Design, Synthesis and Study of Novel Heteroatom Substituted Aromatic PolymersBielawski, Christopher W.; Lyu, JihongDoctoral thesis28
2021-02Study of Charge Transfer at the Inorganic Semi-conductor Surface for Solar Cell ApplicationsKwon, Tae-Hyuk; Shin, HyeonOhDoctoral thesis26
2021-02Development of Site-selective Functionalization of OligonucleotidesPark, Cheol-Min; Lee, Yang-HaDoctoral thesis26
2020-08Development of tandem synthesis of heterocyclesPark, Cheol-Min; Choi, SubinDoctoral thesis165
2020-08Identification of small molecules with reactivities against multiple pathogenic elements of alzheimer’s diseaseKwon, Tae-Hyuk; Nam, GeewooDoctoral thesis143
2020-08Non-noble metal based electrocatalysts for highly efficient H2 productionKim, Kwang S.; Meena, AbhishekDoctoral thesis175