CHM_Journal Papers

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2023-12Atomic Layers of Ruthenium Oxide Coupled with Mo2TiC2Tx MXene for Exceptionally High Catalytic Activity Toward Water OxidationTiwari, Jitendra N.; Umer, Muhammad, et alARTICLE759
2023-11Surface protein-retractive and redox-degradable mesoporous organosilica nanoparticles for enhanced cancer therapyYang, Gyeongseok; Kim, Sangpil, et alARTICLE725
2023-11High D2/H2 selectivity performance in MOF-303 under ambient pressure for potential industrial applicationsKim, Hyunlim; Jee, Seohyeon, et alARTICLE421
2023-11Unveiling the electrochemical characteristics of acetonitrile-catholyte-based Na-CO2 batteryIm, Eunmi; Mun, Jinhong, et alARTICLE186
2023-11Metal–Organic Framework-Supported Catalase Delivery for Enhanced Photodynamic Therapy via Hypoxia MitigationSim, Youjung; Seong, Junmo, et alARTICLE38
2023-11Nickel-catalyzed ester carbonylation promoted by imidazole-derived carbenes and saltsYoo, Changho; Bhattacharya, Shrabanti, et alARTICLE12
2023-10Supramolecular Senolytics via Intracellular Oligomerization of Peptides in Response to Elevated Reactive Oxygen Species Levels in Aging CellsKim, Sangpil; Chae, Jae-Byoung, et alARTICLE273
2023-10Symmetry-Mismatched SBU Transformation in MOFs: Postsynthetic Metal Exchange from Zn to Fe and Its Effects on Gas Adsorption and Dye SelectivityHan, Seungwan; Kim, Dongwook, et alARTICLE281
2023-09Alkylation of nucleobases by 2-chloro-N,N-diethylethanamine hydrochloride (CDEAH) sensitizes PARP1-deficient tumorsWie, Minwoo; Khim, Keon Woo, et alARTICLE403
2023-0920 K H2Physisorption on Metal-Organic Frameworks with Enhanced Dormancy Compared to Liquid Hydrogen StoragePark, Jaewoo; Ha, Junsu, et alARTICLE713
2023-09Unveiling the origin of n-type doping of natural MoS2: carbonPark, Youngsin; Li, Nannan, et alARTICLE397
2023-09Recyclable organic flexible electronics with an eco-friendly and economical approach to sustainable wearable technologiesPark, Haechan; Kim, Sehyun, et alARTICLE267
2023-09Fluorination-Induced Conversion of the Quasi- to the Normal Interchain Packing in Push–Pull Conjugated Polymer AggregatesYun, Hyuk Gu; Nho, Hak-Won, et alARTICLE439
2023-09Quantifying the Ground-State Hydrogen-Bond Formation of a Super-Photoacid by Inspecting Its Excited-State DynamicsChoi, Ye-Jin; Nho, Hak-Won, et alARTICLE273
2023-08Intra-Lysosomal Peptide Assembly for the High Selectivity Index against CancerJana, Batakrishna; Jin, Seongeon, et alARTICLE545
2023-08Antibody plug-and-playable nanoparticles as a facile and versatile platform for targeted drug deliveryOh, Jun Yong; An, Eun-Koung, et alARTICLE517
2023-08Construction of Chimeric Metal-Organic Frameworks with Symmetry-Mismatched Building BlocksHan, Seungwan; Lee, Seonghwan, et alARTICLE568
2023-08Influence of the Lithium-Ion Concentration in Electrolytes on the Performance of Dye-Sensitized Photorechargeable BatteriesHan, Hyun-Gyu; Yoon, So Yeon, et alARTICLE411
2023-08An Amiable Design of Cobalt Single Atoms as the Active Sites for Oxygen Evolution Reaction in Desalinated SeawaterVenkateswarlu, Sada; Umer, Muhammad, et alARTICLE433
2023-08A low-bandgap polymer bearing the N-octyl-2,7-dithia-5-azacyclopenta[alpha]pentalene-4,6-dione electron-withdrawing unitLee, Ji Eun; Ahn, Pyeongkang, et alARTICLE227