CHM_Journal Papers

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2023-03Strategies for designing metal–organic frameworks with superprotonic conductivitySharma, Amitosh; Lim, Jaewoong, et alARTICLE248
2023-02Synthesis of a halogenated low bandgap polymeric donor for semi-transparent and near-infrared organic solar cellsPark, Byoungwook; Bae, Hyemin, et alARTICLE240
2023-01Coordination modulated passivation for stable organic-inorganic perovskite solar cellsKajal, Sandeep; Jeong, Jaeki, et alARTICLE474
2023-01A simple protein histidine kinase activity assay for high-throughput inhibitor screeningLee, Donghee; Lee, Yunmi, et alARTICLE338
2023-01A comparative study on binary polymer blends comprising rigid planar low-bandgap semiconductor and flexible coil-type insulatorKang, Boseok; Choi, Byung-il, et alARTICLE234
2023-01Discriminating active sites for the electrochemical synthesis of H2O2 by molecular functionalisation of carbon nanotubesLee, Juyeon; Lee, Yesol, et alARTICLE250
2023-01Skeletal Nanostructures Promoting Electrocatalytic Reactions with Three-Dimensional FrameworksKim, Ho Young; Jun, Minki, et alARTICLE266
2023-01Low-temperature crystallization of LaFeO3 perovskite with inherent catalytically surface for the enhanced oxygen evolution reactionKim, Hee Jun; Kim, Sang Heon, et alARTICLE312
2023-01Silver sulfide nanocrystals as a biocompatible and full-spectrum photocatalyst for efficient light-driven polymerization under aqueous and ambient conditionsYu, Changhoon; Song, Jaejung, et alARTICLE352
2023-01Fe–N/C catalysts with tunable mesoporous structures and carbon layer numbers reveal the role of interlayer O2</sub> activationWoo, Jinwoo; Lim, June Sung, et alARTICLE150
2023-01Network search algorithms and scoring functions for advanced-level computerized synthesis planningGrzybowski, Bartosz A.; Badowski, Tomasz, et alARTICLE102
2023-01Dopamine-assisted wet spinning and mechanical reinforcement of graphene oxide fibersHwang, Hyuntae; Kang, Dongwoo, et alARTICLE186
2023-01Allrounder Strategy for Photopatterning Silver Nanowire Network ElectrodesKwak, In Cheol; Cho, Wan Ho, et alARTICLE338
2023-01Synthesis of dithioacetals via gold-catalysed hydrothiolation of vinyl sulfidesMurugesh, Venkatesh; Ryou, Bokyeong, et alARTICLE72
2023-01Nanozyme Based on Porphyrinic Metal-Organic Framework for Electrocatalytic CO2 ReductionLee, Junghye; Choi, Hansaem, et alARTICLE474
2022-12Interface-Sensitized Chemiresistor: Integrated Conductive and Porous Metal-Organic FrameworksCho, Sujee; Park, Chungseong, et alARTICLE775
2022-12Decoupling of CVD-grown epitaxial graphene using NaCl intercalationKim, Yohan; Han, Huijun, et alARTICLE376
2022-12Unveiling a Surface Electronic Descriptor for Fe–Co Mixing Enhanced the Stability and Efficiency of Perovskite Oxygen Evolution ElectrocatalystsKim, Yongchul; Ha, Miran, et alARTICLE296
2022-12Boosted Output Voltage of BiSbTe-Based Thermoelectric Generators via Coupled Effect between Thermoelectric Carriers and Triboelectric ChargesKim, Sun-Woo; Kim, Jin-Kyeom, et alARTICLE232
2022-12Challenges, Opportunities, and Prospects in Metal Halide Perovskites from Theoretical and Machine Learning PerspectivesMyung, Chang Woo; Hajibabaei, Amir, et alARTICLE466