CHM_Journal Papers

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2022-09Solar-to-hydrogen peroxide conversion of photocatalytic carbon dots with anthraquinone: Unveiling the dual role of surface functionalitiesGu, Minsu; Lee, Do-Yeon, et alARTICLE125
2022-08Electrolyte-free graphite electrode with enhanced interfacial conduction using Li+-conductive binder for high-performance all-solid-state batteriesShin, Dong Ok; Kim, Hyungjun, et alARTICLE54
2022-05C60 Adsorbed on TiO2 Drives Dark Generation of Hydroxyl RadicalsSohn, So-Dam; Kim, Yohan, et alARTICLE84
2022-05Rapid access to polycyclic N-heteroarenes from unactivated, simple azines via a base-promoted Minisci-type annulationLee, Jae Bin; Kim, Gun Ha, et alARTICLE73
2022-05Unveiling the Role of Charge Transfer in Enhanced Electrochemical Nitrogen Fixation at Single-Atom Catalysts on BX Sheets (X = As, P, Sb)Zafari, Mohammad; Umer, Muhammad, et alARTICLE41
2022-05Fe- and Co-based magnetic tunnel junctions with AlN and ZnO spacersShukla, Gokaran; Sanvito, Stefano, et alARTICLE39
2022-05Silica Particle-Mediated Growth of Single Crystal Graphene Ribbons on Cu(111) FoilLi, Yunqing; Choe, Myeonggi, et alARTICLE37
2022-05Independent trajectory mixed quantum-classical approaches based on the exact factorizationHa, Jong-Kwon; Min, Seung KyuARTICLE27
2022-05A single-atom vanadium-doped 2D semiconductor platform for attomolar-level molecular sensingSeo, Jihyung; Kim, Yongchul, et alARTICLE34
2022-04Acid-base reaction of a super‐photoacid with a cooperative amide hydrogen‐bonded chainChoi, Ye‐Jin; Kim, Heesu, et alARTICLE148
2022-04Post-synthetic ligand cyclization in metal-organic frameworks through functional group connection with regioisomerismKim, Dasom; Yoo, Haneul, et alARTICLE88
2022-04Intramitochondrial co-assembly between ATP and nucleopeptides induces cancer cell apoptosisChoi, Huyeon; Park, Gaeun, et alARTICLE74
2022-04Molecular design strategy for realizing vectorial electron transfer in photoelectrodesRoh, Deok-Ho; Park, Jun-Hyeok, et alARTICLE139
2022-04Single-crystal two-dimensional material epitaxy on tailored non-single-crystal substratesLi, Xin; Wu, Guilin, et alARTICLE58
2022-03Carbothermal shock-induced bifunctional Pt-Co alloy electrocatalysts for high-performance seawater batteriesRyu, Jong Hun; Park, Jaehyun, et alARTICLE294
2022-03Design and fabrication of novel flexible sensor based on 2D Ni-MOF nanosheets as a preliminary step toward wearable sensor for onsite Ni (II) ions detection in biological and environmental samplesElashery, Sally E. A.; Attia, Nour F., et alARTICLE98
2022-03Topology-guided roadmap for reticular chemistry of metal-organic polyhedraKim, Jiyeon; Choe, WonyoungARTICLE107
2022-03Machine learning assisted high-throughput screening of transition metal single atom based superb hydrogen evolution electrocatalystsUmer, Muhammad; Umer, Sohaib, et alARTICLE110
2022-03Highly Efficient Pure-Blue Perovskite Light-Emitting Diode Leveraging CsPbBrxCl3-x/Cs4PbBrxCl6-x Nanocomposite Emissive Layer with Shallow Valence BandChoi, In Young; Baek, Sung-Doo, et alARTICLE104
2022-03Mining Insights on Metal-Organic Framework Synthesis from Scientific Literature TextsPark, Hyunsoo; Kang, Yeonghun, et alARTICLE91