CHM_Journal Papers

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2020-12Recoverable and recyclable gas hydrate inhibitors based on magnetic nanoparticle-decorated metal-organic frameworksLee, Dongyoung; Jeoung, Sungeun, et alARTICLE18
2020-10Concentric liquid reactors for chemical synthesis and separationCybulski, Olgierd; Dygas, Miroslaw, et alARTICLE3
2020-09Immobilizing single atom catalytic sites onto highly reduced carbon hosts: Fe-N-4/CNT as a durable oxygen reduction catalyst for Na-air batteriesNoh, Woo Yeong; Kim, Eun Mi, et alARTICLE7
2020-09Residence and diffusion of a dynamically prototropic hydration probe in AOT reverse micellesAdhikari, Aniruddha; Park, Jae-Heon, et alARTICLE4
2020-09Ultrahigh Strength and Modulus Graphene-Based Hybrid Carbons with AB-Stacked and Turbostratic StructuresJin, Sunghwan; Chung, Bongjin, et alARTICLE5
2020-09Novel Therapeutic Application of Self-Assembly Peptides Targeting the Mitochondria in In Vitro and In Vivo Experimental Models of Gastric CancerKim, Dong Jin; Jeena, M. T., et alARTICLE6
2020-09Rapid-prototyping a Brownian particle in an active bathPark, Jin Tae; Paneru, Govind, et alARTICLE5
2020-09Mapping Graphene Grain Orientation by the Growth of WS2 Films with Oriented CracksKim, Seon Joon; Luo, Da, et alARTICLE5
2020-08Recent advances in materials and device technologies for soft active matrix electronicsShim, Hyunseok; Sim, Kyoseung, et alARTICLE12
2020-08Mechanistic insight into hydroxamate transfer reaction mimicking the inhibition of zinc-containing enzymesKwon, Nam; Suh, Jong-Min, et alARTICLE5
2020-08Pore space partition of a fragile Ag(i)-carboxylate frameworkviapost-synthetic linker insertionKim, Dongwook; Seong, Junmo, et alARTICLE3
2020-08Specific Isotope-Responsive Breathing Transition in Flexible Metal-Organic FrameworksKim, Jin Yeong; Park, Jaewoo, et alARTICLE6
2020-07Boosted molecular mobility during common chemical reactionsWang, Huan; Park, Myeonggon, et alARTICLE8
2020-07Redox-Inactive Metal Ions That Enhance the Nucleophilic Reactivity of an Alkylperoxocopper(II) ComplexKim, Bohee; Kim, Seonghan, et alARTICLE5
2020-07Ultra-conformal drawn-on-skin electronics for multifunctional motion artifact-free sensing and point-of-care treatmentErshad, Faheem; Thukral, Anish, et alARTICLE13
2020-04The Electromagnetic Absorption of a Na-Ethylenediamine Graphite Intercalation CompoundQuan, Le; Zhang, Hanyang, et alARTICLE83
2020-03Peroxocobalt(III) species activates nitriles via a superoxocobalt(II) diradical stateCho, Dasol; Choi, Seulhui, et alARTICLE2
2019-10Three-dimensional curvy electronics created using conformal additive stamp printingSim, Kyoseung; Chen, Song, et alARTICLE61
2019-08Structure-dependent catalytic properties of mesoporous cobalt oxides in furfural hydrogenationNguyen-Huy, Chinh; Lee, Jihyeon, et alARTICLE339
2019-08Reactivity difference in the oxidative nucleophilic reaction of peroxonickel(iii) intermediates with open-chain and macrocyclic systemsYun, Seonggeun; Kwon, Nam, et alARTICLE4