Department of Chemistry

Chemistry is a central natural science that shapes our understanding of the world and gives us the tools to change it. Through the rational understanding of atomic and molecular scale properties, chemistry allows us to create useful materials, to control and store many forms of energy, and to understand natural or biological processes occurring on earth and beyond. With many international faculty members and a good number of distinguished senior scientists, our department supports world-leading research in traditional and interdisciplinary chemistry topics. Complementing the strength of individual research projects, institutes for basic science and a center for superfunctional materials combine our expertise for the investigation of nanomaterials, of biological soft matter, and for the study of novel carbon materials. Explore our web pages for more information about our research programs! Undergraduate and graduate students at UNIST obtain a excellent instruction in the core disciplines of Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Theory/Modeling Chemistry, Chemical Biology, and Materials/Polymer Chemistry.