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2022-02Mathematical Approaches on Modeling Various Infectious Diseases with Empirical DataLee, Chang Hyeong; Choi, YonginDoctoral thesis57
2022-02Mathematical Modeling of Infectious Diseases with Data AnalysisLee, Chang Hyeong; Kim, James SlgheeDoctoral thesis50
2022-02Associative Memory Process by an STDP-based Neurodynamical ModelKim, Pilwon; Yoon, Hong-GyuDoctoral thesis59
2021-08Numerical Methods and Applications of Fractional Differential Equations involving Singular and Non-singular KernelsJang, Bongsoo; Lee, SeyeonDoctoral thesis138
2021-08Time Differencing Methods for Singularly Perturbed Initial Value ProblemsJung, Chang-Yeol; Lee, HoyeonDoctoral thesis140
2021-02Reservoir Computing Networks incorporating Mathematical AnalysisKim, Pilwon; Jeon, JonghaDoctoral thesis156
2020-08Adaptive sampling method in compressed sensingKim, Yunho; Yun, Joo DongDoctoral thesis244
2020-02On Boundary Layers for the Viscous Burgers Equations in Various DomainsJung, Chang-Yeol; Choi, JunhoDoctoral thesis350
2020-02Dynamical resonances and arithmetic of L-valuesSun, Hae-Sang; Lee, JungwonDoctoral thesis338
2019-08Solitary waves of the Euler-Poisson systemKwon, Bongsuk; Bae, JunsikDoctoral thesis352
2019-02A population-based optimization method using Newton fractalKim, Pilwon; Jeong, SoyeongDoctoral thesis491
2018-02A Mathematical Measurement For Korean Text Mining and Its ApplicationJang, Bongsoo; Kim, KyunghoonDoctoral thesis834
2017-02Mathematical Modeling and Simulation for Epidemic ModelsLee, Chang Hyeong; Lee, HyojungDoctoral thesis936
2015-08Numerical Methods for Hyperbolic Partial Differential EquationsJung, Chang-Yeol; Nguyen, Thien BinhDoctoral thesis1305