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2023-08Reservoir computing for salt-and-pepper noise removal with a small datasetKim, Yunho; Lee, InmoMaster's thesis86
2023-08Finite time growth of perimeter in a vortex patch with very small difference from disk of the 2-dimensional incompressible Euler equationsChoi, Kyudong; Ha, Tae-hunMaster's thesis82
2023-02Survey on the converse theoremSun, Hae-Sang; Park, SeongjuMaster's thesis597
2023-02The SIRD model with time dependent parameters and query using LSTM in KoreaLee, Chang-Hyeong; Kim, Su-YunMaster's thesis668
2023-02Semi-Stable Deformation Rings over Q_{p^f} in parallel Hodge--Tate Weights (0,1)Park, Chol; Cheon, HyeonminMaster's thesis639
2023-02Continued Fraction Expansions of Two Close Irrational NumbersSun, Hae-sang; Oh, YunjeongMaster's thesis564
2022-02Singularity formation of Euler equationsKwon, Bongsuk; Kim, YunjooMaster's thesis1203
2022-02Effectiveness of task-specific nonlinear modeling in reservoir computing for impulse noise removalKim, Yunho; Kim, YoojeungMaster's thesis1231
2021-08Denseness of L-functions at s=1 for cyclic extension of prime degreeCho, Jae-Hyun; Lim, Jeong-teakMaster's thesis1219
2021-02Continuous Bernoulli Distribution and p-adic Periodic Zeta FunctionSun, Hae-Sang; Gwak, SunminMaster's thesis1324
2020-08Enhanced reservoir computing with concatenationJang, Bongsoo; Park, EonyoungMaster's thesis1463
2020-08An efficient numerical approach for solving caputo fractional nonlinear two-point boundary value problemsJang, Bongsoo; Lee, JunseoMaster's thesis1321
2020-02An algorithm for the three-square theoremCho, Jaehyun; Joo, Jeong EunMaster's thesis1474
2020-02Portfolio optimization with KOSPI200 and House price indexChoi, Jin Hyuk; Cho, MinkyMaster's thesis1505
2020-02Epidemiological Prediction using Deep LearningLee, Chang Hyeong; Heo, JaewoongMaster's thesis2153
2019-08Epidemic models for financial effects influenced by US subprime mortgage crisis in 2008 on Korean corporations by classifying industriesLee, Chang Hyeong; Choi, Hyun YoungMaster's thesis1510
2019-08Ranks of Elliptic CurvesPeter Jae-Hyun Cho; Park, Jae HunMaster's thesis1440
2019-08Reservoir computing based on explosive synchronization and quenched chaosKim, Pilwon; Choi, JaesungMaster's thesis1571
2018-08Numerical Methods for Solving Fractional Differential EquationsJang, Bongsoo; Kim, Keon HoMaster's thesis1840
2018-08Advances in Image Segmentation: Variational Approaches and Deep LearningKim, Yunho; Kim, EunjiMaster's thesis1800