MTH_Journal Papers

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2021-09Two-stage adaptive random Fourier sampling method for image reconstructionYoon, Joo Dong; Kim, YunhoARTICLE86
2021-07PDE-guided reservoir computing for image denoising with small dataJeon, Jongha; Kim, Pilwon, et alARTICLE21
2021-06Global Existence and Exponential Decay to Equilibrium for DLSS-Type EquationsBae, Hantaek; Granero-Belinchon, RafaelARTICLE163
2021-05Propagation of regularity of level sets for a class of active transport equationsBae, Hantaek; Kelliher, James P.ARTICLE57
2021-05A fast and high-order numerical method for nonlinear fractional-order differential equations with non-singular kernelLee, Seyeon; Lee, Junseo, et alARTICLE108
2021-05On approximate solutions to the Euler & ndash;Poisson system with boundary layersJung, Chang-Yeol; Kwon, Bongsuk, et alARTICLE37
2021-04Structural stability of coexistence in evolutionary dynamics of cyclic competitionPark, Junpyo; Jang, BongsooARTICLE206
2021-04An efficient numerical approach for solving two-point fractional order nonlinear boundary value problems with Robin boundary conditionsKim, Hyunju; Lee, Junseo, et alARTICLE65
2021-04Optimal Experimental Design for Uncertain Systems Based on Coupled Differential EquationsHong, Youngjoon; Kwon, Bongsuk, et alARTICLE35
2021-04A classification of Breuil modulesPark, CholARTICLE29
2021-04Vaccination Prioritization Strategies for COVID-19 in Korea: A Mathematical Modeling ApproachChoi, Yongin; Kim, James Slghee, et alARTICLE91
2021-03Growth of perimeter for vortex patches in a bulkChoi, Kyudong; Jeong, In-JeeARTICLE55
2021-03The smallest prime in a conjugacy class and the first sign change for automorphic L-functionsCho, Perter J.; Kim, Henry H.ARTICLE75
2021-02Blow-up conditions of the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations in terms of sequentially defined Besov spacesBae, HantaekARTICLE41
2021-02On the existence of unique global-in-time solutions and temporal decay rates of solutions to some non-Newtonian incompressible fluidsBae, Hantaek; Kang, KyungkeunARTICLE46
2021-01Mathematical analysis of crime dynamics in and out of prisonsPark, Jongo; Kim, PilwonARTICLE122
2021-01A proof of the conjecture of Mazur-Rubin-SteinSun, Hae-sangARTICLE184
2020-12Shifted Jacobi spectral-Galerkin method for solving fractional order initial value problemsKim, Hyunju; Kim, Keon Ho, et alARTICLE312
2020-12Relativistic interplay between adaptive movement and mobility on biodiversity in the rock-paper-scissors gamePark, Junpyo; Jang, BongsooARTICLE79
2020-11Global existence of solutions to some equations modeling phase separation of self-propelled particlesBae, HantaekARTICLE83