MTH_Conference Papers

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2023-01-29Deep Learning-Based Algorithm for Electromagnetic Interference Noise Removal in Photoacoustic Endoscopic Image ProcessingGulenko, Oleksandra; Yang, Hyunmo, et alCONFERENCE28
2022-11-26Application of the Fractional Model to a Computational Study on Buoyant Convection in a Nanofluid-filled Square EnclosureIsmail, Muhammad; Reddy, M. Keerthi, et alCONFERENCE260
2022-11-26Mutation in the Spatial Rock-Paper-Scissors GameChoi, Junhyeok; Park, Junpyo, et alCONFERENCE196
2022-11-25Early-warning for Critical Transitions using Machine-based predictabilityChoi, Jaesung; Kim, PilwonCONFERENCE174
2022-10-20Modularity of defect one Serre weightsPark, Chol; Le, Daniel, et alCONFERENCE376
2022-10-11On analytic ranks of elliptic curves with prescribed torsionJeong, Keunyoung; Cho, Perter J.CONFERENCE433
2022-08-26Frobenius eigenvalues in a space of mod-p automorphic formsPark, CholCONFERENCE393
2022-08-23Mod-p local-global compatibilityPark, CholCONFERENCE407
2022-05-28Fast L sigma method for variable order Caputo fractional derivativeLee, Junseo; Jang, BongsooCONFERENCE192
2022-04-01Distribution of modular inverses via dynamical approachSun, Hae-sangCONFERENCE204
2022-03-14Stability and Instability of Hill's Vortex: Stability of Hill’s spherical vortex, Filamentation near Hill’s vortexChoi, Kyudong; Jeong, In-JeeCONFERENCE666
2022-03-14Stability of solitary waves for the Euler-Poisson systemKwon, BongsukCONFERENCE555
2022-01-25Stability and Instability of Hill’s Vortex: Stability of Hill’s spherical vortex & Filamentation near Hill’s vortexChoi, Kyudong; Jeong, In-JeeCONFERENCE626
2021-12-27Introduction to Galois deformation theoryPark, CholCONFERENCE623
2021-12-17Mathematical Modeling and Computation of Infectious DiseasesLee, Chang HyeongCONFERENCE610
2021-12-10Dynamics of continued fractions and distribution of modular inversesLee, Jungwon; Sun, Hae-sangCONFERENCE628
2021-12-03Information Asymmetry, Agency Costs, and Investment TimingChoi, Jin Hyuk; Han, KookyoungCONFERENCE625
2021-11-11Linear stability of solitary waves for the Euler-Poisson systemKwon, BongsukCONFERENCE521
2021-10-06The smallest prime in a conjugacy classKim, Henry H.; Cho, Perter J.CONFERENCE640
2021-09-15Ranks of elliptic curves over number fieldsCho, Perter J.CONFERENCE622