Department of Mathematical Sciences

Mathematics is the universal language of science, essential for clear understanding of nature. Our department’s vision is to become a wold’s leading department in interdisciplinary mathematical research and education in connection with various fields of science such as natural science, engineering, business administration, etc. and is to foster an innovative and interactive learning/working environment for mathematical productivity to attract not only mathematicians, but also scientists in other disciplines from around the world. Towards our vision, the faculty of mathematical sciences is devoted not only to their individual mathematical research, but also to teaming up to provide students with an exceptional level of mathematical education. Students majoring in mathematics will gain the fundamental knowledge of mathematical structures and the abstract reasoning skills necessary to solve mathematical and scientific problems and will learn how to interact with other disciplines. Virtually every core area of mathematics is strongly represented in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at UNIST. The graduate program provides stimulating research environments with a plenty of chances for interdisciplinary research and collaboration with domestic and international researchers. The department offers a wide spectrum of courses in mathematics and trains students to become competent users of mathematics and mathematical applications to a wide variety of disciplines, including physical sciences, mathematical biology, engineering applications, and mathematical finance.

Research Area: Algebra, Mathematical Analysis, Geometry/Topology, Applied mathematics