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2022-02In Situ YAlO3(Ce) Gamma Spectrometry System for Underwater Survey by Remotely Operated VehicleKim, Hee Reyoung; Lee, ChankiDoctoral thesis45
2022-02Development of a Spent Nuclear Fuel Radiation Source Term FrameworkLee, Deokjung; Ebiwonjumi, BamideleDoctoral thesis69
2021-08Development of Chloride Induced Stress Corrosion Cracking Resistant Alloys for Spent Nuclear Fuel Dry Storage CanistersKim, Ji Hyun; Lee, JeonghyeonDoctoral thesis144
2021-0810B(n, α)7Li Reaction Accelerated Degradation of Al-B4C Neutron Absorber Used in Spent Nuclear Fuel PoolAhn, Sangjoon; Jung, YunsongDoctoral thesis140
2021-08Optimization of Lithium Charge Stripper through MHD Circulator DevelopmentKim, Hee Reyoung; Lee, GeunhyeongDoctoral thesis100
2021-08Computational Study of Stress Corrosion Cracking on Nickel Based Alloy Exposed to Water EnvironmentKim, Ji Hyun; Ko, KwangBeomDoctoral thesis157
2021-08Gadolinium added uranium mononitride fuels for light water reactor applications: fabrication and thermophysical property measurementsAhn, Sangjoon; Kim, GyeonghunDoctoral thesis153
2021-08The Angle-dependent Linear Source Approximation for the Three-Dimensional Method of Characteristics/Diamond-Differencing Neutron Transport SimulationLee, Deokjung; Choe, JiwonDoctoral thesis129
2021-02Study on Electrolysis-based Tritium in Water Real-Time Continuous Monitoring SystemKim, Hee Reyoung; Bae, Jun WooDoctoral thesis240
2021-02Dynamic Radiation Safety Assessment of Workers During the Decommissioning of Radioactive ConcreteKim, Hee Reyoung; Lee, ChoongWieDoctoral thesis139
2020-08Study on natural circulation of the reactor pool under RVACS operation using fluid to fluid model simulating experimentBang, In Cheol; Lee, Min HoDoctoral thesis298
2020-08Development of integrated nuclear electromagnetic pump for liquid metal cooled micro reactorKim, Hee Reyoung; Kwak, JaesikDoctoral thesis358
2020-02Optimization of Monitoring System using Plastic Scintillator for Beta nuclide including Tritium in WaterKim, Hee Reyoung; Lee, UkJaeDoctoral thesis419
2020-02Gd and B Based Integral Neutron Absorber for Spent Fuel Transportation and Storage SystemLee, Deokjung; Kim, Mi JinDoctoral thesis381
2020-02Establishment and Application of Diamond Detector Analysis SystemLee, Deokjung; Kong, ChidongDoctoral thesis385
2019-08A Study on Primary Water Stress Corrosion Cracking Behavior of Forged Alloy 600 in Nuclear Power PlantKim, Ji Hyun; Yoo, Seung ChangDoctoral thesis583
2019-02Phenomenological Study of Fuel Relocation Behavior and Formation of Debris Bed in Metal-fueled Sodium-cooled Fast ReactorBang, In Cheol; Heo, HyoDoctoral thesis680
2019-02Investigation of ZrN Non-Reactively Sputtered Diffusion Barrier Coating for U-Mo Dispersion FuelLee, Deokjung; Kim, Ji HyeonDoctoral thesis492
2019-02Design and modeling of the hydraulic control rod drive mechanism for passive in-core cooling systemBang, In Cheol; Kim, In GukDoctoral thesis553