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2023-02Feasibility of Vitrification of Spent Uranium Catalyst Used in Acrylonitrile ProductionPark, Jaeyeong; Choi, EunyeongMaster's thesis74
2023-02Thermal-Hydraulic and Neutron Economy Analysis for Uninsulated Heavy Water Reactor LatticeFynan, Douglas A.; Celik, FarukMaster's thesis122
2023-02Effect of Residual Stress on Stress Corrosion Cracking Behavior of Stainless Steel 304L in Secondary Water Environment of Nuclear Power PlantKIM, JI HYUN; Park, KyeongtaeMaster's thesis72
2023-02Nonlinear Fokker-Planck collision operator in Rosenbluth form for gyrokinetic simulations using discontinuous Galerkin methodYoon, Eisung; Kim, DongkyuMaster's thesis88
2023-02Evaluation of Radiological Protection in Hot Cell Facility during Processing Decommissioning Radioactive Waste from Pressurized Water ReactorKim, Hee Reyoung; Shin, Kyung HunMaster's thesis90
2023-02Verification and Validation of Whole Core Three Dimensional MOC Code STREAM3D with Watts Bar Unit 1 Multi-cycle OperationLee, Deokjung; AYGUL, MURAT SERDARMaster's thesis254
2022-08Computational Shielding Analysis for Marine Long-Life Fast Reactor using Monte-Carlo CodeLee, Deokjung; Iangleard, YossavornMaster's thesis411
2022-08Stress Corrosion Cracking Behavior of Cold-worked 316L Stainless Steel in Chloride Containing Primary Water EnvironmentKim, Ji Hyun; Lee, SongMaster's thesis449
2022-08Verification of STREAM3D for APR1400 Reactor Core BenchmarkLee, Deokjung; Lee, RanMaster's thesis508
2022-08Deep Neural Network for Generating Homogenized Fuel Assembly Data for Nodal CodesLee, Deokjung; Saeju, KorawitMaster's thesis418
2022-02Validation and Re-diagnosis Using Consistency Check Algorithm to Improve Accuracy of Abnormality Diagnosis in Nuclear Power PlantLee, Seung Jun; Kim, GeunheeMaster's thesis551
2021-08Additional Actinide Separation to Minimize Human Intrusion Radiological Risk of Pyroprocessing WastePark, Jaeyeong; Shin, HyewonMaster's thesis586
2021-02Evaluation of DCGLs and RSSI Process for Kori Unit-1 Decommissioning Based on MARSSIMKim, Hee Reyoung; Park, Se-WonMaster's thesis727
2021-02Radiological Safety Assessment of Workers for 1 ton/day Spent Resin Treatment FacilityKim, Hee Reyoung; Byun, JaehoonMaster's thesis604
2020-08Sensor fault detection and fault tolerant accident diagnosis system for nuclear power plantsLee, Seung Jun; Choi, JeonghunMaster's thesis756
2020-08Verification and validation of monte carlo code MCS for the multi-physics high-fidelity analysis of OPR-1000 multi-cycle operationLee, Deokjung; Dos, VutheamMaster's thesis870
2019-08Implementation and Verification of Three-Dimensional MOC Transient Solver in Whole-core Transport code STREAMLee, Deokjung; Nguyen, Khang Hoang NhatMaster's thesis977
2019-08Spatial Distribution of Radioactivity in Bioshield by using Monte Carlo Simulation for Reducing Waste Volume and External Dose during Kori unit 1 Nuclear Power Plant DecommissioningMin, Byung Joo; Lee, DonghyunMaster's thesis1116
2019-08Study on Swirl and Cross Flow of 3D-Printed Rotational Mixing Vane in 2×3 SubchannelBang, In Cheol; Park, HaneolMaster's thesis1089
2019-08Abnormality Diagnosis System for Nuclear Power Plants Using Multiple Gated Recurrent Unit AlgorithmsLee, Seung Jun; Kim, Jae MinMaster's thesis957