NUE_Journal Papers

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2021-03Composition-segmented BiSbTe thermoelectric generator fabricated by multimaterial 3D printingYang, Seong Eun; Kim, Fredrick, et alARTICLE33
2021-02Criticality benchmark of Monte Carlo code MCS for light water reactor fuel in transportation and storage packagesLee, Hochul; Jang, Jaerim, et alARTICLE21
2021-01Radiological safety assessment of lead shielded spent resin treatment facility with the treatment capacity of 1 ton/dayByun, Jaehoon; Choi, Woo Nyun, et alARTICLE117
2020-12Neutronic simulation of China experimental fast reactor start-up tests- part II: MCS code Monte Carlo calculationTuan Quoc Tran; Choe, Jiwon, et alARTICLE60
2020-12Deep learning-based procedure compliance check system for nuclear power plant emergency operationAhn, Jeeyea; Lee, Seung JunARTICLE89
2020-12Selective and efficient extraction of Nd from NdFeB magnets via ionization in LiCl-KCl-CdCl2 meltJeon, Younghwan; Hur, Jungho, et alARTICLE33
2020-12A Multi-Physics Adaptive Time Step Coupling Algorithm for Light-Water Reactor Core Transient and Accident SimulationCherezov, Alexey; Park, Jinsu, et alARTICLE20
2020-12Radiological safety evaluation of dismantled radioactive concrete from Kori Unit 1 in the disposal and recycling processLee, ChoongWie; Kim, Hee ReyoungARTICLE29
2020-11A Sensor Fault-Tolerant Accident Diagnosis SystemChoi, Jeonghun; Lee, Seung JunARTICLE62
2020-11Modelling and analysis of extra vessel electro magnetic pump for a small modular lead-bismuth fast reactorKwak, Jaesik; Kim, Hee ReyoungARTICLE52
2020-11Development of a multi-unit seismic conditional core damage probability model with uncertainty analysisHeo, Yunyeong; Lee, Seung JunARTICLE23
2020-11A convolutional neural network model for abnormality diagnosis in a nuclear power plantLee, Gyumin; Lee, Seung Jun, et alARTICLE46
2020-11Numerical Analysis of the Temperature Distribution of the EM Pump for the Sodium Thermo-hydraulic Test Loop of the GenIV PGSFRKwak, Jaesik; Kim, Hee ReyoungARTICLE26
2020-11RAST-K v2—Three-Dimensional Nodal Diffusion Code for Pressurized Water Reactor Core AnalysisPark, Jinsu; Jang, Jaerim, et alARTICLE50
2020-11Grain growth and densification of uranium mononitride during spark plasma sinteringKim, Gyeonghun; Ahn, Jungsu, et alARTICLE22
2020-10Photoneutron reaction kinematics and error of commonly used approximationsFynan, Douglas A.ARTICLE83
2020-10Structural Stability Analysis of Waste Packages Containing Low- and Intermediate-Level Radioactive Waste in a Silo-type RepositoryByeon, Hyeongjin; Jeong, Gwan Yoon, et alARTICLE61
2020-10A PCA compression method for reactor core transient multiphysics simulationCherezov, Alexey; Jang, Jaerim, et alARTICLE21
2020-09Spectral resolution evaluation by MCNP simulation for airborne alpha detection system with a collimatorKim, Min Ji; Sung, Si Hyeong, et alARTICLE43
2020-09Effective energy management design of spent fuel dry storage based on hybrid controlrod-heatpipeKim, Kyung Mo; Bang, In CheolARTICLE32