NUE_Journal Papers

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2022-05Optimization of an Extra Vessel Electromagnetic Pump for Lead–Bismuth Eutectic Coolant Circulation in a Non-refueling Full-life Small ReactorKwak, Jaesik; Kang, Tae Uk, et alARTICLE19
2022-05Verification of a two-step code system MCS/RAST-F to fast reactor core analysisTran, Tuan Quoc; Cherezov, Alexey, et alARTICLE22
2022-04Development of a gyrokinetic hyperbolic solver based on discontinuous Galerkin method in tokamak geometryJo, Gahyung; Kwon, Jae-Min, et alARTICLE138
2022-04Simulation Optimization Framework for Dynamic Probabilistic Safety AssessmentPark, Jong Woo; Lee, Seung JunARTICLE85
2022-04Zirconium Metal Recovery from Irradiated Radioactive Zirconium Alloy via Chloride-Based Electrorefining and Thermal Decomposition of ZrClHur, Jungho; Jeon, Younghwan, et alARTICLE139
2022-04Applicability of a mobile in situ gamma detector with different scan speeds for evaluating hotspots in decommissioning sitesPark, Se-Won; Lee, Chanki, et alARTICLE44
2022-03Feasibility study of synthesizing graphene quantum dots from the spent resin in a nuclear power plant to reduce disposal costYoon, Seungbin; Choi, Woo Nyun, et alARTICLE40
2022-03An Approach to the Localization of Technology for a Transport and Storage Container for Very Low-Level Radioactive Liquid WasteShin, Seung Hun; Choi, Woo Nyun, et alARTICLE23
2022-02Concept of an Intelligent Operator Support System for Initial Emergency Responses in Nuclear Power PlantsKang, Jung Sung; Lee, Seung JunARTICLE64
2022-02Evaluation of dose received by workers while repairing a failed spent resin mixture treatment deviceChoi, Woo Nyun; Byun, Jaehoon, et alARTICLE85
2022-02Tritium extraction in aluminum metal by heating method without meltingKang, Ki Joon; Byun, Jaehoon, et alARTICLE87
2022-02Neutronic Analysis of Start-Up Tests at China Experimental Fast ReactorChoe, Jiwon; Batra, Chirayu, et alARTICLE66
2022-02Framework for the development of guidelines for nuclear power plant decommissioning workers based on risk informationHeo, Yunyeong; Lee, Choongwie, et alARTICLE111
2022-01Evaluation of radiological safety according to accident scenarios for commercialization of spent resin mixture treatment deviceChoi, Woo Nyun; Byun, Jaehoon, et alARTICLE63
2022-01Study on blockage after downward discharge of the molten metallic fuel with radiographic visualizationLee, Min Ho; Jerng, Dong Wook, et alARTICLE90
2022-01Spatial Distribution Analysis and dose Assessment of the Radon Emitted from the Monazite-Containing Mattress in General Residential Space by CFD MethodsLee, Choong Wie; Kim, Hee ReyoungARTICLE66
2022-01A Spectroscopic Study into Lanthanide Speciation in Deep Eutectic SolventsAmphlett, James T. M.; Lee, Yunu, et alARTICLE163
2021-12Real-time prediction of nuclear power plant parameter trends following operator actionsBae, Junyong; Kim, Geunhee, et alARTICLE155
2021-12Graded approach to determine the frequency and difficulty of safety culture attributes: The F-D matrixAhn, Jeeyea; Lee, Seung JunARTICLE87
2021-12Verification of Graphite Isotope Ratio Method Combined With Polynomial Regression for the Estimation of Cumulative Plutonium Production in a Graphite-Moderated ReactorKim, Kyeongwon; Han, Jinseok, et alARTICLE85