NUE_Journal Papers

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2021-07Comparison of occupational exposure according to dismantling strategy of Kori nuclear power plant unit #1 bio-shieldLee, ChoongWie; Kim, Hee Reyoung, et alARTICLE51
2021-06Photoneutron production in heavy water reactor fuel lattice from accelerator-driven bremsstrahlungFynan, Douglas A.; Seo, Yeseul, et alARTICLE19
2021-06Effect of TiN Coating on the Fouling Behavior of Crud on Pressurized Water Reactor Fuel CladdingHam, Junhyuk; Lee, Yunju, et alARTICLE12
2021-04Selective and efficient extraction of Nd from NdFeB magnets via ionization in LiCl-KCl-CdCl2 meltJeon, Younghwan; Hur, Jungho, et alARTICLE106
2021-04Thermal conductivity of gadolinium added uranium mononitride fuel pellets sintered by spark plasma sinteringKim, Gyeonghun; Ahn, SangjoonARTICLE37
2021-04Numerical study of Faraday-type nitrogen plasma magnetohydrodynamic generatorLee, Geun Hyeong; Kim, Hee ReyoungARTICLE26
2021-04Separation of Zr from Zr-2.5Nb by Electrorefining in LiCl-KCl for Volumetric Decontamination of CANDU Pressure TubeHur, Jungho; Jeong, Seongjin, et alARTICLE11
2021-04Abnormal state diagnosis model tolerant to noise in plant dataShin, Ji Hyeon; Kim, Jae Min, et alARTICLE91
2021-04Doping-induced viscoelasticity in PbTe thermoelectric inks for 3D printing of power-generating tubesLee, Jungsoo; Choo, Seungjun, et alARTICLE26
2021-03Composition-segmented BiSbTe thermoelectric generator fabricated by multimaterial 3D printingYang, Seong Eun; Kim, Fredrick, et alARTICLE85
2021-03Development of a multi-unit seismic conditional core damage probability model with uncertainty analysisHeo, Yunyeong; Lee, Seung JunARTICLE62
2021-03Modelling and analysis of extra vessel electro magnetic pump for a small modular lead-bismuth fast reactorKwak, Jaesik; Kim, Hee ReyoungARTICLE102
2021-03Grain growth and densification of uranium mononitride during spark plasma sinteringKim, Gyeonghun; Ahn, Jungsu, et alARTICLE73
2021-03Operator Action-Induced Two-Phase Flow Condition Resulting in Performance Degradation of Interfacing Passive SystemFynan, Douglas A.; Park, JinheeARTICLE96
2021-03High-Temperature Corrosion Behaviors of Structural Materials for Lead-Alloy-Cooled Fast Reactor ApplicationLee, Seung Gi; Shin, Yong-Hoon, et alARTICLE99
2021-03Gamma-Ray Sensor Using YAlO3(Ce) Single Crystal and CNT/PEEK with High Sensitivity and Stability under Harsh Underwater ConditionsLee, Chanki; Kim, Hee ReyoungARTICLE97
2021-03MicroURANUS: Core design for long-cycle lead-bismuth-cooled fast reactor for marine applicationsNguyen, Tung Dong Cao; Khandaq, Muhammad Farid, et alARTICLE20
2021-03Design and operation of the transparent integral effect test facility, URI-LO for nuclear innovation platformKim, Kyung Mo; Bang, In CheolARTICLE9
2021-03Uncertainty quanti fi cation of PWR spent fuel due to nuclear data and modeling parametersEbiwonjumi, Bamidele; Kong, Chidong, et alARTICLE27
2021-02Criticality benchmark of Monte Carlo code MCS for light water reactor fuel in transportation and storage packagesLee, Hochul; Jang, Jaerim, et alARTICLE67