NUE_Journal Papers

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2023-01SANTA: A safety analysis code for neutron absorbers in spent nuclear fuel poolsKim, Geon; Jung, Yunsong, et alARTICLE28
2022-12Bayesian belief network-based human reliability analysis methodology for start-up and shutdown operations in nuclear power plantsJo, Wooseok; Lee, Seung JunARTICLE32
2022-10Nonlinear Fokker-Planck collision operator in Rosenbluth form for gyrokinetic simulations using discontinuous Galerkin methodKim, Dongkyu; Seo, Janghoon, et alARTICLE198
2022-10Progress in gyrokinetic validation studies using NBI heated L-mode discharge in KSTARKim, D.; Kang, J., et alARTICLE102
2022-10Operation validation system to prevent human errors in nuclear power plantsAhn, Jeeyea; Bae, Junyong, et alARTICLE23
2022-09Performance analysis of nuclear reactor core loaded with Accident-Tolerant Fuel: Mo/Cr metallic microcell UO(2 )pellets and CrAl coatingJeong, Eun; Jo, Yunki, et alARTICLE128
2022-08Beta-Ray-Bremsstrahlung Contributions to Short-Lived Delayed Photoneutron Groups in Heavy Water ReactorsSetiawan, Yanuar Ady; Sengar, Hemantika, et alARTICLE12
2022-07A novel S-N/MOC collaborative method for few-group cross-section generation with versatile neutron spectral adaptability in advanced reactor physics analysisWei, Linfang; Lee, Deokjung, et alARTICLE104
2022-07Neutronic simulation of the CEFR experiments with the nodal diffusion code system RAST-FTran, Tuan Quoc; Lee, DeokjungARTICLE113
2022-07Concept of an Intelligent Operator Support System for Initial Emergency Responses in Nuclear Power PlantsKang, Jung Sung; Lee, Seung JunARTICLE326
2022-07Evaluation of radiological safety according to accident scenarios for commercialization of spent resin mixture treatment deviceChoi, Woo Nyun; Byun, Jaehoon, et alARTICLE301
2022-07Analysis of several VERA benchmark problems with the photon transport capability of STREAMMai, Nhan Nguyen Trong; Kim, Kyeongwon, et alARTICLE185
2022-06Graded approach to determine the frequency and difficulty of safety culture attributes: The F-D matrixAhn, Jeeyea; Lee, Seung JunARTICLE339
2022-06Consistency check algorithm for validation and re-diagnosis to improve the accuracy of abnormality diagnosis in nuclear power plantsKim, Geunhee; Kim, Jae Min, et alARTICLE19
2022-05Optimization of an Extra Vessel Electromagnetic Pump for Lead–Bismuth Eutectic Coolant Circulation in a Non-refueling Full-life Small ReactorKwak, Jaesik; Kang, Tae Uk, et alARTICLE185
2022-05Verification of a two-step code system MCS/RAST-F to fast reactor core analysisTran, Tuan Quoc; Cherezov, Alexey, et alARTICLE189
2022-05Analysis of Rostov-II Benchmark Using Conventional Two-Step Code SystemsJang, Jaerim; Hursin, Mathieu, et alARTICLE154
2022-05Limit surface/states searching algorithm with a deep neural network and Monte Carlo dropout for nuclear power plant safety assessmentBae, Junyong; Park, Jong Woo, et alARTICLE178
2022-05Applicability of a mobile in situ gamma detector with different scan speeds for evaluating hotspots in decommissioning sitesPark, Se-Won; Lee, Chanki, et alARTICLE235
2022-04Development of a gyrokinetic hyperbolic solver based on discontinuous Galerkin method in tokamak geometryJo, Gahyung; Kwon, Jae-Min, et alARTICLE321