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2022-02Investigating novel molecular mechanism of colorectal cancer development and progressionChae, Young Chan; Shin, Kyeong JinDoctoral thesis133
2022-02Subcellular Localization of Proteins Involved in the DNA Metabolism and Their Role in Maintaining Genomic IntegrityMyung, Kyungjae; Kim, Seong-jungDoctoral thesis121
2022-02Characterization and targeting molecular mechanisms of PARP1 for genomic integrity and cancer treatmentMyung, Kyungjae; Lee, Seon-gyeongDoctoral thesis132
2022-02Development of Multi-functional Protein Nanostructures for Biomedical ApplicationsKang, Sebyung; Choi, HyukjunDoctoral thesis174
2022-02Roles of Down syndrome critical region1 (DSCR1) in adult hippocampal neurogenesis and Alzheimer’s diseasePark, Jiyoung; Choi, ChiyeolDoctoral thesis162
2022-02Mitochondrial Functions in Axon Development and RegenerationKim, Jae-Ick; Lee, SoyeonDoctoral thesis135
2022-02The Molecular Switch of Store Operated Ca2+ Entry : The Activation of ER Ca2+ Sensor STIM1 via Intra-/Inter-molecular InteractionsPark, Chan Young; Lee, Sang KwonDoctoral thesis151
2022-02The study on the molecular functions of the gap junction subunit protein GJA1 on the ciliogenesisPark, Tae Joo; Jang, Dong GilDoctoral thesis121
2022-02Anticancer strategy targeting the tumor microenvironment and development of potent TRAP1 inhibitorsKang, Byoung Heon; Yoon, Nam GuDoctoral thesis132
2022-02Human Cell Responses After Internalization of Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus 109J Using an Artificial Endocytic ModelMitchell, Robert James; Mun, WonsikDoctoral thesis124
2021-08Antibiotics for Space: Exploring the Use of Violacein and Bacterial Predators as Antibacterials in Simulated MicrogravityMitchell, Robert J.; Choi, SeongYeolDoctoral thesis190
2021-08TonEBP in DNA repair and the pathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritisKwon, Hyug Moo; Ye, Byeong JinDoctoral thesis291
2021-02TonEBP in ER stress-induced autophagy formation and DNA damage responseKwon, Hyug Moo; Kang, Hyun JeDoctoral thesis272
2021-02The generation of induced hepatic stem cells by direct conversion and its applications in cell-based therapy for liver disease treatmentKim, Jeong-Beom; Park, Myung RaeDoctoral thesis212
2021-02Generation of induced vascular progenitor cells and induced neural stem cells for clinical applicationKim, Jeong Beom; Park, Soo YongDoctoral thesis211
2021-02The molecular insights into the gating mechanism and function of SOC channelPark, Chan Young; Kim, Kyu MinDoctoral thesis231
2021-02Development of Functional Protein-based Target-specific Labeling Nanoplatforms for Biological ApplicationsKang, Sebyung; Bae, YoonjiDoctoral thesis382
2021-02Molecular mechanisms underlying LSM12-dependent post-transcriptional regulation in neural physiologyLim, Chunghun; Lee, JongboDoctoral thesis309
2021-02Mechanistic Insights into Inter-Organellar Membrane Contact Sites Based on Crystal StructuresLee, Changwook; Park, JumiDoctoral thesis337
2020-08Developing an alternative model system of muco-ciliary epithelium and the study of the ERAD function on chondrogenesisPark. Tae Joo; Sim, Hyo JungDoctoral thesis398