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2020-08Developing an alternative model system of muco-ciliary epithelium and the study of the ERAD function on chondrogenesisPark. Tae Joo; Sim, Hyo JungDoctoral thesis8
2020-08The generation of induced neural cells via direct conversion and its applications in stem cell therapy for spinal cord injury treatmentKim, Jeong Beom; Lee, HyunahDoctoral thesis6
2020-08Permeabilization of bacterial membrane for biosensing and bioelectrochemical applications.Mitchell, Robert James; Soh, Sandrine MabekouDoctoral thesis9
2020-02TonEBP in renal proximal tubules and macrophages mediates renal ischemic injury and lupus nephritisKwon, Hyug Moo; Yoo, Eun JinDoctoral thesis87
2020-02Developing Versatile Delivery Nanoplatforms Using Protein NanoparticlesKang, Sebyung; Kim, HansolDoctoral thesis110
2019-08Studies on regulation of insulin secretion in pancreatic β-cellsSuh, Pann-Ghill; Hwang, Hyeon-JeongDoctoral thesis165
2019-02The function of ITGBL1 in the process of cartilage formation and its potential as a therapeutic agent for cartilage disease.Park, Tae Joo; Song, Eun kyungDoctoral thesis323
2019-02Uncovering novel pathway of liver disease: TonEBP promotes development, recurrence, and chemotherapy resistance of hepatocellular carcinoma via inflammation and cancer stem cellsKwon, Hyug Moo; Lee, Jun HoDoctoral thesis253
2019-02Pathway and Network Analysis of Transcriptomic and Genomic DataNam, Dougu; Yoon, SoraDoctoral thesis248
2018-08Studies of Dendritic Cell-Mediated Cancer Immunotherapy by Utilizing Functional NanoparticlesKang, Sebyung; Choi, BongseoDoctoral thesis351
2018-02Bacterial Predation by B. bacteriovorus HD100: Influence of Environmental Factors and Combined Application with AntibioticsMitchell, Robert J.; Im, HansolDoctoral thesis475
2017-08Developing Multi-functional Nanoplatforms Using Protein ArchitecturesKang, Sebyung; Moon, HyojinDoctoral thesis488
2017-08The Dynamics of Mitochondrial Transport in NeuronsMin, Kyung-Tai; Niescier, Robert FrancisDoctoral thesis392
2017-08TonEBP in macrophages and adipocytes contributes to obesity and type 2 diabetesKwon, Hyug Moo; Lee, Hwan HeeDoctoral thesis423
2016-08Study of protein cage nanoparticles for biomedical applicationKang, Sebyung; Kang, YoungjiDoctoral thesis683
2016-02The intrinsic role of CD8α- dendritic cell subset in the initiation of effective humoral immunityCho, Yoon-Kyoung; Shin, ChangsikDoctoral thesis831
2016-02Yersinia pseudotuberculosis Membrane Vesicles Deliver Virulence Factors into Host Cells In vitroMitchell, Robert James; Kalanjana, Monnappa AjayDoctoral thesis885
2015-02Pro-survival function of the mitochondrial Hsp90 homolog, TRAP1, in cancer cells and insight into cancer therapyKang, Byoung Heon; Park, Hye-KyungDoctoral thesis980
2015-02Studies on the Predatory Bacterium Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus and Its Impact on Bacterial BiofilmsMitchell, Robert J.; Dwidar, Mohammed Essam Eldin Ibrahim MohammedDoctoral thesis900