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2023-08Dynamics of nuclear proteostasis network upon cellular stressLim, Chunghun; Park, DongkeunDoctoral thesis350
2023-08Mechanistic Insights for Mitoguardin-2 Mediated Lipid Transport at ER-Mitochondria Contact Site Based on Crystal StructureLee, Changwook; Kim, HyunwooDoctoral thesis382
2023-08PCNA Cycling and Ubiquitination: Insights into R-loop Dynamics and Alternative Lengthening of TelomeresMyung, Kyungjae; Kim, SanginDoctoral thesis389
2023-08Study of genomic integrity and related diseases using zebrafishMyung, Kyungjae; Shin, UnbeomDoctoral thesis353
2023-08Targeting PARP1-Deficient Tumors with Novel Small Molecules through Nucleobase Alkylation and BRD4 InhibitionMyung, Kyungjae; Wie, MinwooDoctoral thesis374
2023-08Study on ATAD5-mediated PCNA Regulation in Safeguarding Genomic Integrity and Orchestrating ESC DifferentiationMyung, Kyungjae; Kim, YouyoungDoctoral thesis348
2023-08Functional study of PACSIN2 and DDX41 in hematologic malignancyKim, Hongtae; Park, KibeomDoctoral thesis348
2023-08Deciphering the Molecular Mechanisms of Orai1-dependent Entosis in Cancer Development and SEPTINs Cleavage-mediated Ciliary Defects in Coronavirus InfectionPark, Chan Young; Lee, Ah ReumDoctoral thesis438
2023-02Selective and efficient intracellular cargo delivery system to treat diseases and manipulate biological processesKang, Sebyung; Park, Seong GukDoctoral thesis1598
2023-02The generation of induced liver assembloid using directly converted induced stem cells and its application in cholestatic liver fibrosis treatmentKim, Jeong Beom; Nam, DonggyuDoctoral thesis1608
2023-02Comprehensive analysis of ciliary proteome related to ciliary subdomains and ciliary motilityPark, Tae Joo; Kwon, Keun YeongDoctoral thesis1541
2023-02Neurogenetic basis of circadian and sleep behaviors in DrosophilaLim, Chunghun; Lee, HoyeonDoctoral thesis1580
2023-02Investigating the novel functions of ZNF212 and PWWP2B in DNA damage response pathwayKim, Hongtae; Lee, Joo RakDoctoral thesis1727
2023-02Molecular mechanisms underlying obesity associated cancer progressionPark, Jiyoung; Lee, ChanghuDoctoral thesis1746
2023-02Study on DNA damage search mechanism using a novel single-molecule imaging techniqueLee, Ja Yil; Cheon, Na YoungDoctoral thesis1719
2023-02Impact of TonEBP in myeloid cells on neuroinflammation and obesity-induced insulin resistanceKwon, Hyug Moo; Jeong, Gyu WonDoctoral thesis1618
2022-08Study on the novel molecular mechanism of non-alcoholic fatty liver diseaseChoi, Jang Hyun; Lee, Yo HanDoctoral thesis2310
2022-08Human ATAD5-RLC forms two distinct complexes functioning in PCNA unloading and Ub-PCNA de-ubiquitination.Myung, Kyungjae; Ryu, EunjinDoctoral thesis2304
2022-08The study on the molecular functions of TET proteins in obesity and metabolic disordersKo, Myunggon; Byun, SeongjunDoctoral thesis2484
2022-08Integrative approaches for differential analysis of transcriptome dataNam, Dougu; Baik, BukyungDoctoral thesis2413