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2023-02Development of Target-Ligand Switchable Lactate Oxidase Systems for Cancer TherapyKang, Sebyung; Kang, YujinMaster's thesis146
2023-02THRAP3 promotes tumorigenesis and cancer progression via regulating DNA integrity with DEAD box RNA helicasesChoi, Jang Hyun; Eom, HyejinMaster's thesis144
2023-02ET-743 (Trabectedin) induces cytotoxic DNA strand breaks during the G1-phase in a transcription- coupled nucleotide excision repair dependent mannerSchärer, Orlando D.; Yu, HobinMaster's thesis142
2023-02Study on the novel role of Thrap3 in Chronic myeloid leukemiaChoi, Jang Hyun; Song, Yi JinMaster's thesis164
2023-02Study on anticancer effect and mechanism of P2X4 purinergic receptor antagonist in breast cancer cellsKim, Eun Hee; Hyung, Lee, JooMaster's thesis128
2023-02Hypoxia alters the transcriptomic and epigenetic landscape of TNF-α response in human macrophagesPark, Sungho; Kim, JaekyeongMaster's thesis132
2023-02Co-application of Colicins with Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus HD100 to Eradicate Multi-drug Resistant Escherichia coliMitchell, Robert J.; Upatissa, H.D Sumudu NipuniMaster's thesis132
2023-02SUMOylation of ZNF212 by PIAS1 and PIAS3 contribute to DNA damage responseKim, Hongtae; Jang, HeejiMaster's thesis164
2023-02Various histone purification and in vitro chromatin reconstitution for the study of biophysical properties with magnetic tweezers assayLee, Ja Yil; Bae, SubinMaster's thesis154
2022-08Studies on the Function of LINC Complex Component SUN2 as a Tumor SuppressorKim, Eunhee; Lee, JaehyeokMaster's thesis857
2022-08Identifying the genetic mechanism of Sh3pxd2b/Sh3gl1b complex on hematopoietic stem/progenitor cell developmentMyung, Kyungjae; Nam, Ui-jeongMaster's thesis847
2022-08Biotinylated Target-specific Signal amplifier: Monomeric Alkaline Phosphatase/monomeric streptavidin Fusion ProteinKang, Sebyung; Lee, Gi WookMaster's thesis872
2022-08Comparative Study on Microbiome of Saliva, Tissue, and Stool from Crohn’s DiseaseNam, Dougu; Kim, SounkouMaster's thesis841
2022-02Functional interactions between N-terminus and C-terminus of XPC with TFIIH in Nucleotide Excision RepairScharer, Orlando D.; Jung, BuyoungMaster's thesis1253
2022-02Analysis of DNA polymerase theta-exclusive mutation signatures in the context of proximal and distal end joining repairSchärer, Orlando D; Kim, Andrew AujinMaster's thesis1260
2022-02Interstrand Crosslink Repair - The Cellular Response to Structurally Diverse CrosslinksSchaerer, Orlando D.; Glueck, KatrinMaster's thesis1356
2022-02Study on biophysical properties of Phi29 DNA polymerase using a novel single-molecule imaging techniqueLee, Jayil; Shin, WooheeMaster's thesis1194
2022-02Structural study for mitochondrial quality controlLee, Changwook; Lee, HakbongMaster's thesis1373
2021-08DSCR1 deficiency ameliorates amyloid beta pathology of Alzheimer’s disease by enhancing microglial lysosomal activityPark, Jiyoung; Kim, HyerinMaster's thesis1310
2021-08Genetic and neural pathways for the sleep-regulatory function of ornithine metabolism in Drosophila sleepLim, Chunghun; Park, SungeonMaster's thesis1264