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2021-08Monitoring the repair of oxaliplatin-induced DNA-DNA crosslinks by ultra-performance liquid chromatography-selective ion monitoring (UPLC-SIM) assay in human cellsSchärer, Orlando D.; Makhmut, AnuarMaster's thesis28
2021-08DSCR1 deficiency ameliorates amyloid beta pathology of Alzheimer’s disease by enhancing microglial lysosomal activityPark, Jiyoung; Kim, HyerinMaster's thesis30
2021-08Serratia marcescens Antibacterial Activities Against Staphylococcus aureus Requires Continuous De Novo Prodigiosin Synthesis and Direct ContactMitchell, Robert J.; Lim, SungbinMaster's thesis28
2021-08Genetic and neural pathways for the sleep-regulatory function of ornithine metabolism in Drosophila sleepLim, Chunghun; Park, SungeonMaster's thesis29
2021-02Study on the transport complex, Myo2-Vac17-Vac8 involved in vacuole inheritanceLee, Changwook; Kim, HyejinMaster's thesis131
2021-02A study on the regulatory mechanism of DSCR1 expressionKim, Jae-Ick; Park, JiwonMaster's thesis86
2021-02Development of cancer cell death inducer via interfering MFF-VDAC interactionChae, Young Chan; Lim, NuriMaster's thesis112
2021-02The novel effect of Vernicia fordii extract on insulin secretion in pancreatic β-cells and amelioration of insulin resistance in diabetic miceChoi, Jang Hyun; Hyun, JiminMaster's thesis224
2020-08Interaction of MCU with Miro1 regulates mitochondrial functions in neuronsMin, Kyung Tai; Hong, Ki DoMaster's thesis245
2020-08PCNA unloading is negatively regulated by BET proteinsMyung, Kyungjae; Kim, JinwooMaster's thesis196
2020-08Sestrin2 interacts and regulates Orai1 calcium channelsPark, Chan Young; Jang, Ki HyunMaster's thesis154
2020-02Studies on Function of Human Mitochondrial Proteases LONP1 and ClpP in Metabolic Reprogramming of CancerChae, Young Chan; Nam, YejiMaster's thesis394
2019-08Construction of a Cell Line for Proportion Controlled Alternative Gene ActivationAmblard, Francois; Dutta, ShikshaMaster's thesis320
2019-08Transcriptional regulation of TRAP1 and Anticancer drug development targeting TRAP1Kang, Byoung Heon; Park, Min-AMaster's thesis372
2019-08Defining roles of RAD51 tyrosine phosphorylation in maintaining genome stabilityMyung, Kyungjae; Lee, BoyeonMaster's thesis307
2019-08Generation of Functional Cholangiocyte-like cells from FibroblastsKim, Jeong Beom; Seo, Hong-DaeMaster's thesis260
2019-08Baicalein, a small molecule regulating R-loop formationMyung, Kyung Jae; Kim, SoominMaster's thesis302
2019-02Study on the molecular mechanism underlying homologous recombination in the presence of protein obstaclesLee, Jayil; Kim, AyoungMaster's thesis381
2019-02Long non-coding RNA SENCR contributes to direct conversion of fibroblast into endothelial cell by recruiting PSPC1Kim, Jeong Beom; Son, Ji-HoonMaster's thesis416
2019-02Characterization of E. coli E38’s Persistence to Bacterial PredationMitchell, Robert J.; Cho, GaYoungMaster's thesis450