BIO_Journal Papers

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2023-12Compact and modular bioprobe: Integrating SpyCatcher/SpyTag recombinant proteins with zwitterionic polymer-coated quantum dotsKim, Sunghwan; Bae, Yoonji, et alARTICLE150
2023-11Development of recombinant secondary antibody mimics (rSAMs) for immunoassays through genetic fusion of monomeric alkaline phosphatase with antibody bindersPark, Jiyeon; Bae, Yoonji, et alARTICLE224
2023-09Protocol for evaluation of tumor-derived exosome-induced cancer cell metastasis in a mouse modelLee, Yu Jin; Shin, Kyeong Jin, et alARTICLE448
2023-09Editorial for the Special Issue “Molecular Mechanism of Leukemia”An, Jungeun; Ko, MyunggonARTICLE104
2023-09Alkylation of nucleobases by 2-chloro-N,N-diethylethanamine hydrochloride (CDEAH) sensitizes PARP1-deficient tumorsWie, Minwoo; Khim, Keon Woo, et alARTICLE50
2023-08High levels of intracellular endotrophin in adipocytes mediate COPII vesicle supplies to autophagosome to impair autophagic flux and contribute to systemic insulin resistance in obesityOh, Jiyoung; Park, Chanho, et alARTICLE826
2023-08Patulin alleviates hepatic lipid accumulation by regulating lipogenesis and mitochondrial respirationYu, Seungmin; Song, Ji-Hye, et alARTICLE222
2023-08Disparate roles for C. elegans DNA translocase paralogs RAD-54.L and RAD-54.B in meiotic prophase germ cellsYamaya, Kei; Wang, Bin, et alARTICLE136
2023-08Thrap3 promotes nonalcoholic fatty liver disease by suppressing AMPK-mediated autophagyJang, Hyun-Jun; Lee, Yo Han, et alARTICLE706
2023-07Pharmacological GLUT3 salvage augments the efficacy of vitamin C-induced TET2 restoration in acute myeloid leukemiaLiu, Jun; Min, Suji, et alARTICLE524
2023-07Phosphorylation of EIF2S1 (eukaryotic translation initiation factor 2 subunit alpha) is indispensable for nuclear translocation of TFEB and TFE3 during ER stressDang, Thao Thi; Kim, Mi-Jeong, et alARTICLE1212
2023-07Staphylococcus aureus Sensitivity to Membrane Disrupting Antibacterials Is Increased under MicrogravityJang, Hyochan; Choi, Seong Yeol, et alARTICLE230
2023-07GEN-Click: Genetically Encodable Click Reactions for Spatially Restricted Metabolite LabelingMishra, Pratyush Kumar; Sharma, Nirmali, et alARTICLE212
2023-07Macrophage transcription factor TonEBP promotes systemic lupus erythematosus and kidney injury via damage-induced signaling pathwaysYoo, Eun Jin; Oh, Kook-Hwan, et alARTICLE560
2023-07Editorial: Mechanisms of prokaryotic predation, volume IIWhitworth, David E.; Perez, Juana, et alARTICLE142
2023-06MSH2-MSH3 promotes DNA end resection during homologous recombination and blocks polymerase theta-mediated end-joining through interaction with SMARCAD1 and EXO1Oh, Jung-Min; Kang, Yujin, et alARTICLE828
2023-06Pairing Colicins B and E5 with Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus To Eradicate Carbapenem- and Colistin-Resistant Strains of Escherichia coliUpatissa, Sumudu; Mun, Wonsik, et alARTICLE940
2023-06Alteration of replication protein A binding mode on single-stranded DNA by NSMF potentiates RPA phosphorylation by ATR kinaseYujin Kang; Ye Gi Han, et alARTICLE726
2023-06Suboptimal Mitochondrial Activity Facilitates Nuclear Heat Shock Responses for Proteostasis and Genome StabilityPark, Dongkeun; Yu, Youngim, et alARTICLE642
2023-06Experimental systems for the analysis of mutational signatures: no 'one-size-fits-all' solutionIvanov, Dmitri; Hwang, Taejoo, et alARTICLE598