BIO_Journal Papers

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2021-04Accessibility-dependent topology studies of membrane proteins using a SpyTag/SpyCatcher protein-ligation systemBae, Yoonji; Lee, Sang Kwon, et alARTICLE22
2021-03A novel high‑throughput single‑molecule technique: DNA curtainCha, JongJin; Lee, Ja YilARTICLE61
2021-03Single-molecule imaging reveals the mechanism underlying histone loading of Schizosaccharomyces Pombe AAA+ ATPase Abo1Kang, Yujin; Cho, Carol, et alARTICLE32
2021-03The role of phospholipase C in gabaergic inhibition and its relevance to epilepsyKim, Hye Yun; Suh, Pann-Ghill, et alARTICLE31
2021-03Biotechnological Activities and Applications of Bacterial Pigments Violacein and ProdigiosinChoi, Seong Yeol; Lim, Sungbin, et alARTICLE32
2021-03Powerful p-value combination methods to detect incomplete associationYoon, Sora; Baik, Bukyung, et alARTICLE32
2021-02Diffusible Signaling Factor, a Quorum-Sensing Molecule, Interferes with and Is Toxic Towards Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus 109JDwidar, Mohammed; Jang, Hyochan, et alARTICLE109
2021-02LONP1 and ClpP cooperatively regulate mitochondrial proteostasis for cancer cell survivalLee, Yu Geon; Kim, Hui Won, et alARTICLE69
2021-01TonEBP recognizes R-loops and initiates m6A RNA methylation for R-loop resolutionKang, Hyun Je; Cheon, Na Young, et alARTICLE141
2021-01Type VI collagen and its cleavage product, endotrophin, cooperatively regulate the adipogenic and lipolytic capacity of adipocytesOh, Jiyoung; Kim, Chu-Sook, et alARTICLE107
2021-01Bub1 kinase in the regulation of mitosisKim, Taekyung; Gartner, AntonARTICLE12
2020-12Envisioning how the prototypic molecular machine TFIIH functions in transcription initiation and DNA repairTsutakawa, Susan E.; Tsai, Chi-Lin, et alARTICLE40
2020-12Microglial TonEBP mediates LPS-induced inflammation and memory loss as transcriptional cofactor for NF-kappa B and AP-1Jeong, Gyu Won; Lee, Hwan Hee, et alARTICLE129
2020-12Enhanced microbial fuel cell (MFC) power outputs through Membrane Permeabilization using a branched polyethyleneimineSoh, Sandrine M.; Lee, Dong-Gyu, et alARTICLE100
2020-12Direct and rapid detection of 5-hydroxymethylcytosine, a novel cancer hallmark in DNA, using electrochemical reactionLee, Seo Yeon; Qi, Xu, et alARTICLE138
2020-12LSM12-EPAC1 defines a neuroprotective pathway that sustains the nucleocytoplasmic RAN gradientLee, Jongbo; Park, Jumin, et alARTICLE117
2020-12Xenopus gpx3 Mediates Posterior Development by Regulating Cell Death during EmbryogenesisLee, Hongchan; Ismail, Tayaba, et alARTICLE121
2020-12O-GlcNAcylation regulates dopamine neuron function, survival and degeneration in Parkinson diseaseLee, Byeong Eun; Kim, Hye Yun, et alARTICLE226
2020-11Ewing sarcoma protein promotes dissociation of poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase 1 from chromatinLee, Seon-gyeong; Kim, Namwoo, et alARTICLE71
2020-11Anti-Inflammatory Actions of Soluble Ninjurin-1 Ameliorate AtherosclerosisJeon, Sejin; Kim, Tae Kyeong, et alARTICLE59