BIO_Journal Papers

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2022-10Highly sensitive pregnancy test kit via oriented antibody conjugation on brush-type ligand-coated quantum beadsKim, Sunghwan; Ahn, Yujin, et alARTICLE192
2022-09TRAIL & EGFR affibody dual-display on a protein nanoparticle synergistically suppresses tumor growthJun, Heejin; Jang, Eunjung, et alARTICLE223
2022-09Triphenylphosphonium conjugation to a TRAP1 inhibitor, 2-amino-6--chloro-7,9-dihydro-8H-purin-8-one increases antiproliferative activityYang, Sujae; Yoon, Nam Gu, et alARTICLE174
2022-09Adaptive cellular response of the substantia nigra dopaminergic neurons upon age-dependent iron accumulationKwon, Kujin; Cho, Hwapyeong, et alARTICLE49
2022-09Single-molecule fluorescence imaging techniques reveal molecular mechanisms underlying deoxyribonucleic acid damage repairKang, Yujin; An, Soyeong, et alARTICLE47
2022-08MicroRNA-29 Ameliorates Fibro-Inflammation and Insulin Resistance in HIF1α-Deficient Obese Adipose Tissue by Inhibiting Endotrophin GenerationJo, Woobeen; Kim, Min, et alARTICLE568
2022-08Directing ricin-based immunotoxins with targeting affibodies and KDEL signal peptide to cancer cells effectively induces apoptosis and tumor suppressionPark, Seong Guk; Kim, Heeyeon, et alARTICLE71
2022-08GJA1 depletion causes ciliary defects by affecting Rab11 trafficking to the ciliary baseJang, Dong Gil; Kwon, Keun Yeong, et alARTICLE43
2022-07A fast and label-free detection of hydroxymethylated DNA using a nozzle-jet printed AuNPs@Ti3C2 MXene-based electrochemical sensorBhat, Kiesar Sideeq; Byun, Seongjun, et alARTICLE286
2022-07Targeted erasure of DNA methylation by TET3 drives adipogenic reprogramming and differentiationPark, Jeu; Lee, Do Hoon, et alARTICLE199
2022-07PWWP2B promotes DNA end resection and homologous recombinationJu, Min Kyung; Lee, Joo Rak, et alARTICLE315
2022-06Motor Impairments and Dopaminergic Defects Caused by Loss of Leucine-Rich Repeat Kinase Function in MiceHuang, Guodong; Bloodgood, Daniel W., et alARTICLE270
2022-06Alkali Extraction to Detoxify Rice Husk-Derived Silica and Increase Its BiocompatibilityPark, Ji Yeon; Mun, Wonsik, et alARTICLE221
2022-06Use of Resazurin To Rapidly Enumerate Bdellovibrio and Like Organisms and Evaluate Their ActivitiesJang, Hyochan; Mun, Wonsik, et alARTICLE248
2022-06Structural basis for mitoguardin-2 mediated lipid transport at ER-mitochondrial membrane contact sitesKim, Hyunwoo; Lee, Seowhang, et alARTICLE204
2022-06Transcriptional Perturbations of 2,6-Diaminopurine and 2-AminopurineTan, Ying; You, Changjun, et alARTICLE187
2022-06Loss of adipose TET proteins enhances β-adrenergic responses and protects against obesity by epigenetic regulation of β3-AR expressionByun, Seongjun; Lee, Chan Hyeong, et alARTICLE223
2022-05Heat shock protein 60 couples an oxidative stress-responsive p38/MK2 signaling and NF-Kappa B survival machinery in cancer cellsMin, Seongchun; Kim, Ji Yeon, et alARTICLE301
2022-05ZBP1-dependent inflammatory cell death, PANoptosis, and cytokine storm disrupt IFN therapeutic efficacy during coronavirus infectionKarki, Rajendra; Lee, SangJoon, et alARTICLE255
2022-05BAP1 promotes the repair of UV-induced DNA damage via PARP1-mediated recruitment to damage sites and control of activity and stabilityLee, Shin-Ai; Lee, Daye, et alARTICLE240