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2023-08Graph Neural Networks for Traffic Incident Congestion Detection and Impact PredictionKim, Sungil; Kwak, JiinMaster's thesis48
2023-08Enhanced Deep Anomaly Detection In Contaminated Datasets Using Semi-Supervised LearningKim, Sungil; Yoo, Ji TaeMaster's thesis46
2023-08Event-Based 3D Object Detection and Depth Estimation NetworksJeon, Jeong hwan; Ha, ChangsuMaster's thesis44
2023-08Improving Reference-based Super Resolution in Remote Sensing via Domain MatchingYoo, Jaejun; Min, JeonghoMaster's thesis54
2023-08A Real-time Sparsity-Aware 3D-CNN Processor for Mobile Hand Gesture RecognitionLee, Kyuho; Kim, SeungbinMaster's thesis48
2023-08Leveraging 2D Masked Reconstruction for Domain Adaptation of 3D Pose EstimationBaek, Seungryul; Park, Han SooMaster's thesis46
2023-08Heavy-tailed Linear Bandit with Huber RegressionKim, Gi-Soo; Kang, MinhyunMaster's thesis44
2023-08CAM-PARBaek, Seungryul; Lee, Hyo JeongMaster's thesis120
2023-08Diffusion-Based Signed Distance Fields for 3D Shape GenerationJoo, Kyungdon; Shim, JaehyeokMaster's thesis114
2023-08Sequential Recommendation with Link-Prediction on Graphs Meta-LearningKim, Taehwan; Jang, DahyeMaster's thesis58
2023-08Score-based Generative Models with Lévy ProcessesJoo, Kyungdon; Park, Kee HunMaster's thesis118
2023-08A Self-supervised Training for Graph Combinatorial Optimization ProblemsJoo, Kyungdon; Ko, HanbumMaster's thesis94
2023-08Generating Natural 3D Human in Indoor SceneJoo, Kyungdon; Kim, MinseokMaster's thesis92
2023-08Event-based Optical Flow Estimation via Multi-layer RepresentationJoo, Kyungdon; Park, JeonginMaster's thesis58
2023-08Cluster-level thyroid malignancy classification via patch-level Papanicolaou staining and refractive index distribution modelsJoo, Kyungdon; Kim, SeungwooMaster's thesis60
2023-02Solving Meta-Reinforcement Learning Problems with Neural ProcessesLim, Sungbin; Lee, MinsubMaster's thesis532
2023-02Threshold-aware Learning to Generate Feasible Solutions of Mixed Integer ProgramsLim, Sungbin; Yoon, TaehyunMaster's thesis437
2023-02Semi-Supervised Learning for Low Signal-to-Noise Ratio NMR SpectraJeong, Hongsik; Song, JaewookMaster's thesis534
2023-02Methods and Experiments for Understanding Two Interacting HandsBaek, Seungryul; Kim, DongukMaster's thesis404
2023-02Problem Translation via Model Composition and Domain TranslationKim, Kwang In; Kim, InsooMaster's thesis437