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2023-02Understanding Latency-Guaranteed Networking and Its Implication in Cellular NetworksIm, Youngbin; Kim, JunseonDoctoral thesis1415
2023-02Measuring the Contribution of the Input to the Prediction of the Deep Neural Network by Exploring the Input SpaceKim, Kwang In; Jeon, GiyoungDoctoral thesis1373
2023-02Enabling Deep Neural Network Inferences on Resource-constraint DevicesIm, Youngbin; Lee, SungyongDoctoral thesis1443
2023-02Improving the Performance of Big Data Analytics Platforms by Task and I/O Granularity AdjustmentChoi, Young-ri; Kim, WonbaeDoctoral thesis1466
2022-08Anomaly Detection with High-Dimensional Complex DataKim, Kwang In; Xie, QinDoctoral thesis1977
2022-08Geometric Optimization Problem Solving: Matching Sets of Line Segments and Multi-robot Path PlanningVigneron, Antoine; Yang, HyeyunDoctoral thesis1938
2022-08System Software Techniques Leveraging Emerging Hardware for High-Performance, Efficient, and Fairness-Aware ComputingBaek, Woongki; Park, JinsuDoctoral thesis2054
2022-08Improving Robot Team's performance by Passing Objects between RobotsAu, Tsz-Chiu; Lee, DoheeDoctoral thesis1992
2022-02Towards Self-Supervised Learning for Image RestorationSim, Jae-Young; Lee, KanggeunDoctoral thesis2231
2022-02Secure Fully Homomorphic Authenticated EncryptionMoon, Hyungon; Kim, JeongsuDoctoral thesis2167
2022-02Interactive and Intelligent Visualization of 3D Biomedical Image Data for Comparative AnalysisKo, Sungahn; Choi, JunYoungDoctoral thesis2244
2022-02On the Economics Effects of CDN Interconnections for Content DeliveryIm, Youngbin; Lee, SeunghyunDoctoral thesis2295
2021-08IO Optimization Techniques for Disk-based Graph EnginesNoh, Sam H.; Lee, EunjaeDoctoral thesis2259
2021-08Efficient Distributed DNN Training through Resource-Aware Hybrid ParallelismNoh, Sam H.; Park, Jay H.Doctoral thesis2598
2021-08Dynamic Use of Persistent Memory as Storage and Memory for Improved Resource UtilizationNoh, Sam H.; Song, HyeonhoDoctoral thesis2511
2021-08Empowering Storage Systems with Lightweight Critical Path via Persistent MemoryNoh, Sam H.; Song, HyunsubDoctoral thesis2384
2021-02Realistic Microscopy Image Translation using Multi-Task Learning and Structure-Aware Constraints for Label-Free High-Content ScreeningChun, Se Young; Lee, GyuHyunDoctoral thesis2453
2021-02Low-Cost Deep Convolutional Neural Network Acceleration with Stochastic Computing and QuantizationLee, Jongeun; Sim, HyeonukDoctoral thesis2482
2020-02Improving the Performance and Energy Efficiency of GPGPU Computing through Adaptive Cache and Memory Management TechniquesBaek, Woongki; Kim, Kyu YeunDoctoral thesis2750