CSE_Journal Papers

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2022-06Speeding up constraint-based program repair using a search-based techniqueYi, Jooyong; Ismayilzada, ElkhanARTICLE156
2022-05Generalizing deep learning brain segmentation for skull removal and intracranial measurementsLiu, Yue; Huo, Yuankai, et alARTICLE145
2022-04SPHARM-Net: Spherical Harmonics-based Convolution for Cortical ParcellationHa, Seungbo; Lyu, IlwooARTICLE100
2022-02Incomplete hippocampal inversion: a neurodevelopmental mechanism for hippocampal shape deformation in schizophreniaRoeske, Maxwell; Lyu, Ilwoo, et alARTICLE87
2022-01Roslingifier: Semi-Automated Storytelling for Animated ScatterplotsShin, Minjeong; Kim, Joohee, et alARTICLE160
2021-12Ultrafast homomorphic encryption models enable secure outsourcing of genotype imputationKim, Miran; Harmanci, Arif Ozgun, et alARTICLE271
2021-11Cortical Morphology in Autism: Findings from a Cortical Shape-Adaptive Approach to Local Gyrification IndexingZoltowski, Alisa R.; Lyu, Ilwoo, et alARTICLE156
2021-10Securing the Wireless Emergency Alerts SystemLee, Jihoon; Lee, Gyuhong, et alARTICLE256
2021-10머신 러닝 라이브러리 테스팅을 위한 제약 조건 추출의 중요성 연구김미정ARTICLE191
2021-09Holistic VM Placement for Distributed Parallel Applications in Heterogeneous ClustersKim, Seontae; Pham, Nguyen, et alARTICLE818
2021-06Ambassy: A Runtime Framework to Delegate Trusted Applications in an ARM/FPGA Hybrid SystemHwang, Dongil; Yeleuov, Sanzhar, et alARTICLE238
2021-06Anatomical texture patterns identify cerebellar distinctions between essential tremor and Parkinson's diseaseHett, Kilian; Lyu, Ilwoo, et alARTICLE112
2021-06HisVA: a Visual Analytics System for Learning HistoryHan, Dongyun; Parsad, Gorakh, et alARTICLE300
2021-05ZeVis: A Visual Analytics System for Exploration of a Larval Zebrafish Brain in Serial-Section Electron Microscopy ImagesChoi, Junyoung; Hildebrand, David Grant Colburn, et alARTICLE256
2021-05Achieving Fairness-aware Two-level Scheduling for Heterogeneous Distributed SystemsHwang, Eunji; Kim, Jik-Soo, et alARTICLE757
2021-05Body Part Regression With Self-SupervisionTang, Yucheng; Gao, Riqiang, et alARTICLE86
2021-05Achieving Fairness-aware Two-level Scheduling for Heterogeneous Distributed SystemsHwang, Eunji; Kim, Jik-Soo, et alARTICLE7
2021-04Matching sets of line segmentsYang, Hyeyun; Vigneron, AntoineARTICLE259
2021-04High-resolution 3D abdominal segmentation with random patch network fusionTang, Y.; Gao, R., et alARTICLE272
2021-04Labeling lateral prefrontal sulci using spherical data augmentation and context-aware trainingLyu, Ilwoo; Bao, S., et alARTICLE336