CSE_Journal Papers

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2023-08Optimal Network Protocol Selection for Competing Flows via Online LearningZhang, Xiaoxi; Chen, Siqi, et alARTICLE1603
2023-07Effective and Efficient Core Computation in Signed NetworksKim, Junghoon; Jeong, Hyun Ji, et alARTICLE1296
2023-07운영체제 지원 기반의 GlibC Memory Allocator에 대한 Use-After-Free 공격 방지 기법박찬영; 이재휴, et alARTICLE128
2023-06Roslingifier: Semi-Automated Storytelling for Animated ScatterplotsShin, Minjeong; Kim, Joohee, et alARTICLE2229
2023-06Kernel Code Integrity Protection at the Physical Address Level on RISC-VHa, Seon; Yu, Minsang, et alARTICLE418
2023-06Enabling Delay-Guaranteed Congestion Control With One-Bit Feedback in Cellular NetworksKim, Junseon; Im, Youngbin, et alARTICLE392
2023-05Superficial white matter across development, young adulthood, and aging: volume, thickness, and relationship with cortical featuresSchilling, Kurt G.; Archer, Derek, et alARTICLE942
2023-05Towards Visualization Thumbnail Designs That Entice Reading Data-Driven ArticlesKim, Hwiyeon; Kim, Joohee, et alARTICLE670
2023-04Multi-task Deep Learning for Human Activity, Speed, and Body Weight Estimation using Commercial Smart InsolesKim, Jaeho; Kang, Hyewon, et alARTICLE1056
2023-04FunRank: 함수 호출 관계 및 데이터 흐름 분석을 통한 공개된 취약점 식별이재휴; 백지훈, et alARTICLE744
2023-03Comprehensive shape analysis of the cortex in Huntington's diseaseStoebner, Zachary A.; Hett, Kilian, et alARTICLE1989
2023-03MoDEMS: Optimizing Edge Computing Migrations for User MobilityKim, Taejin; Sathyanarayana, Sandesh Dhawaskar, et alARTICLE1586
2023-02Ambassy: A Runtime Framework to Delegate Trusted Applications in an ARM/FPGA Hybrid SystemHwang, Dongil; Yeleuov, Sanzhar, et alARTICLE2523
2023-01Hierarchical particle optimization for cortical shape correspondence in temporal lobe resectionLiu, Yue; Bao, Shunxing, et alARTICLE1571
2022-12Integrating the BIDS Neuroimaging Data Format and Workflow Optimization for Large-Scale Medical Image AnalysisBao, Shunxing; Boyd, Brian D., et alARTICLE1941
2022-12Extending Developer Experience Metrics for Better Effort-Aware Just-In-Time Defect PredictionCho, Yeongjun; Kwon, Jung-Hyun, et alARTICLE1836
2022-12HisVA: A Visual Analytics System for Studying HistoryHan, Dongyun; Parsad, Gorakh, et alARTICLE700
2022-11Automated Volumetric Determination of High R2* Regions in Substantia Nigra : A Feasibility Study of Quantifying SN Atrophy in Progressive Supranulcear PalsyTessema, Abel Worku; Lee, Hansol, et alARTICLE2169
2022-11LUEM : Local User Engagement Maximization in NetworksKim, Junghoon; Kim, Jungeun, et alARTICLE1974
2022-10SPHARM-Net: Spherical Harmonics-based Convolution for Cortical ParcellationHa, Seungbo; Lyu, IlwooARTICLE2298