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2020-12A secure system for genomics clinical decision supportKarimi, Seemeen; Jiang, Xiaoqian; Dolin, Robert H.; Kim, Miran; Boxwala, AzizARTICLE11
2020-11A Visual Analytics System for Exploring, Monitoring, and Forecasting Road Traffic CongestionLee, Chunggi; Kim, Yeonjun; Jin, Seungmin; Kim, Dongmin; Maciejewski, Ross; Ebert, David; Ko, SungahnARTICLE358
2020-08Learning to explain causal rationale of stock price changes in financial reportsKim, Kwang In; Chun, Ye EunMaster's thesis21
2020-08Learning basis functions of deep spatio-temporal neural networks with covariance lossKim, Kwang In; Lee, JiwooMaster's thesis19
2020-08Distributed link scheduling with unknown link rates in multi-hop wireless networksIm, Youngbin; Park, DaehyunMaster's thesis15
2020-08Multi-task clustering for stock selection to enhance prediction performance over multi dataKim, Kwang In; Bang, Eun JiMaster's thesis40
2020-08A convolutional neural network based policy inspired by the cerebellumKim, Kwang-In; Shin, Dong-JuMaster's thesis41
2020-07SCOR: A secure international informatics infrastructure to investigate COVID-19Raisaro, J L; Marino, Francesco; Troncoso-Pastoriza, Juan; Beau-Lejdstrom, Raphaelle; Bellazzi, Riccardo; Murphy, Robert; Bernstam, Elmer V; Wang, Henry; Bucalo, Mauro; Chen, Yong; Gottlieb, Assaf; Harmanci, Arif; Kim, Miran; Kim, Yejin; Klann, Jeffrey; Klersy, Catherine; Malin, Bradley A; Méan, Marie; Prasser, Fabian; Scudeller, Luigia; Torkamani, Ali; Vaucher, Julien; Puppala, Mamta; Wong, Stephen T C; Frenkel-Morgenstern, Milana; Xu, Hua; Musa, Baba Maiyaki; Habib, Abdulrazaq G; Cohen, Trevor; Wilcox, Adam; Salihu, Hamisu M; Sofia, Heidi; Jiang, Xiaoqian; Hubaux, JPARTICLE15
2020-07Semi-Parallel logistic regression for GWAS on encrypted dataKim, Miran; Song, Yongsoo; Li, Baiyu; Micciancio, DanieleARTICLE15
2020-04-27GUIComp: A GUI Design Assistant with Real-Time, Multi-Faceted FeedbackLee, Chunggi; Kim, Sanghoon; Han, Dongyun; Yang, Hongjun; Park, Young-Woo; Kwon, Bum Chul; Ko, SungahnCONFERENCE76
2020-02Visualization System for Learning History in Educational PurposeKo, Sung-Ahn; Han, Dong-YunMaster's thesis255
2020-02A General Compositional Operation in Random ProcessKim, Kwang-In; Lee, Se-HyunMaster's thesis152
2020-02Improving the Performance and Energy Efficiency of GPGPU Computing through Adaptive Cache and Memory Management TechniquesBaek, Woongki; Kim, Kyu YeunDoctoral thesis133
2020-02GUIComp: A GUI Design Assistant with Real-Time, Multi-Faceted FeedbackKo, Sungahn; Lee, ChunggiMaster's thesis118
2020-02An Empirical Study on Disclosing Exploratory Items in Recommender SystemsKo, Sungahn; Kim, KihwanMaster's thesis101
2020-02Determining Changes in the Covariance Structure of Gaussian ProcessesKim, Kwang In; Han, JiyeonMaster's thesis170
2020-02High-Performance Fast Iterative Methods for Eikonal EquationsJeong, Won-Ki; Hong, SuminDoctoral thesis126
2020-02Deep Reinforcement Learning in Multi-End GamesKim, Kwang In; Kim, Sol AMaster's thesis175
2020-02Failure-Atomic Byte-Addressable R-tree for Persistent MemoryChoi, Young-ri; Cho, SoojeongMaster's thesis57
2020-02An Assistive Tool for Authoring Visualization ThumbnailsKo, Sungahn; Parsad, GorakhMaster's thesis116
Showing results 1 to 20 of 114