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Hybrid transparent conductive films of multilayer graphene and metal grid for organic photovoltaics

DC Field Value Language Kim, Sung Man ko Walker, Bright ko Seo, Jung Hwa ko Kang, Seong Jun ko 2014-04-10T02:26:42Z - 2014-02-17 ko 2013-12 ko
dc.identifier.citation JAPANESE JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, v.52, no.12, pp.125103 ko
dc.identifier.issn 0021-4922 ko
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dc.description.abstract Organic solar cells (OSCs) were fabricated on hybrid transparent conductive films consisting of multilayer graphene (MLG) and metal grids. MLG was transferred onto Ag grids to form hybrid transparent conductive films. The optical transmittance was found to be 87% at a wavelength of 550 nm, while the sheet resistance was measured to be 28 ± 7:9Ω/square. The device characteristics of OSCs prepared on the hybrid films include an open circuit voltage of 0.58 V, a short circuit current of 8.05 mA/cm2, a fill factor of 51%, and a power conversion efficiency (PCE) of 2.38%. The PCE shows 11% improvement compared with that of OSCs fabricated using MLG films without Ag grids. This improvement can be attributed to the reduced sheet resistance of the hybrid film. These results indicate that hybrid films comprising MLG deposited on Ag grids constitute a promising transparent electrode for improving performance in OSCs. ko
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dc.language 영어 ko
dc.title Hybrid transparent conductive films of multilayer graphene and metal grid for organic photovoltaics ko
dc.type ARTICLE ko
dc.identifier.scopusid 2-s2.0-84892427967 ko
dc.identifier.wosid 000331427600024 ko
dc.type.rims ART ko
dc.description.scopustc 0 * 2014-07-12 *
dc.identifier.doi 10.7567/JJAP.52.125103 ko
dc.identifier.url ko
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