Microstrip Ring Resonator for Noninvasive and Continuous Glucose Monitoring System

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Microstrip Ring Resonator for Noninvasive and Continuous Glucose Monitoring System
Paul, Dipra
Bien, Franklin
Continuous glucose monitoring; Noninvasive glucose monitoring; Blood glucose; microwave sensor; ring resonator; interstitial fluid
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Graduate School of UNIST
Noninvasive glucose monitoring system has been a scrumptious field of research for last three decades. With the advancement of technology and equipment, many non-invasive glucose monitoring devices have been evolved. Some of them are promising technology among the others. However, several published researches hide much of the research data. Even many of them do not have new updates afterwards their promising approach. Moreover, limitations and negative reviews regarding the glucose monitoring devices available in the market, have been reported. Thus, the search for the next generation of pain free, reliable, cost effective glucose monitoring technique is still alive. Researchers are now more interested in the study of microwave or electromagnetic sensing technique in the industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) radio frequency bands which detects the dielectric parameters of the blood and interstitial fluid, caused by the changes in glucose concentration level as a possible approach for non-invasive and continuous blood glucose monitoring. In recent years there are reports of ring resonators and split ring resonators being studied as glucose sensor. However, these reports also suffer from accuracy problem, complex and incompatible circuitry problem. It is a challenge to detect the change in the glucose concentration level that a human body requires. In this work, we intend to investigate the feasibility of microstrip ring resonator for sensing the change in aqueous glucose concentration level in the range that human body allows. It is designed to operate within 2 GHz range which is compatible with circuit integration. S_21 parameter is being observed for different glucose concentrations. As the dielectric constant changes, the resonant frequency shifts. The new sensor shows sensitivity of 3 MHz per 100 mg/dl. Further research on the proposed model can be conducted to make it flexible for using it on human arm for noninvasive and continuous glucose monitoring.
Department of Electrical Engineering
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