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Ding, Feng
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Ultrafast Catalyst-Free Graphene Growth on Glass Assisted by Local Fluorine Supply

Xie, YadianCheng, TingLiu, CanChen, KeCheng, YiChen, ZhaolongQiu, LuCui, GuangYu, YueCui, LingzhiZhang, MengtaoZhang, JinDing, FengLiu, KaihuiLiu, Zhongfan
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ACS NANO, v.13, no.9, pp.10272 - 10278
High-quality graphene film grown on dielectric substrates by a direct chemical vapor deposition (CVD) method promotes the application of high-performance graphene-based devices in large scale. However, due to the noncatalytic feature of insulating substrates, the production of graphene film on them always has a low growth rate and is time-consuming (typically hours to days), which restricts real potential applications. Here, by employing a local-fluorine-supply method, we have pushed the massive fabrication of a graphene film on a wafer-scale insulating substrate to a short time of just 5 min without involving any metal catalyst. The highly enhanced domain growth rate (∼37 nm min-1) and the quick nucleation rate (∼1200 nuclei min-1 cm-2) both account for this high productivity of graphene film. Further first-principles calculation demonstrates that the released fluorine from the fluoride substrate at high temperature can rapidly react with CH4 to form a more active carbon feedstock, CH3F, and the presence of CH3F molecules in the gas phase much lowers the barrier of carbon attachment, providing sufficient carbon feedstock for graphene CVD growth. Our approach presents a potential route to accomplish exceptionally large-scale and high-quality graphene films on insulating substrates, i.e., SiO2, SiO2/Si, fiber, etc., at low cost for industry-level applications.
American Chemical Society
Keyword (Author)
grapheneultrafast growthcatalyst-freelocal fluorine supplyglass


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