Three-Tier Computation Offloading Game in a Multi-User Environment

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Three-Tier Computation Offloading Game in a Multi-User Environment
Jung, SuHwan
Kim, Hyoil
Mobile edge computing (MEC), Vehicular edge computing (VEC), millimeter wave (mmWave), computation offloading, game theory, macro cell MEC, small cell MEC, multi-tier offloading architecture, potential game, potential function, convergence analysis
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Graduate School of UNIST
Mobile edge cloud computation offloading is proposed as a solution to satisfy mobile devices’ desires of processing resource intensive computational tasks with low latency and energy usage. Many previous researches about MEC computation offloading consider only one of a macro cell or a small cell as a choice of offloading. We consider both of cells for the computation offloading. For considering a practical implementation scenario, different communication schemes are applied to each cell, millimeter wave (mmWave) for communication with a small cell base station and 4G/5G cellular network for communication with a macro cell base station. Because the centralized optimal decision-making problem has several disadvantages, we introduce a decentralized decision-making problem. For finding a mutually satisfactory decision set for all decentralized decision makers, we adopt an ordinal potential game theoretic approach which ensures the existence of a Nash equilibrium and finite time convergence to an equilibrium. For proving that our game is an ordinal potential game, we analyze dynamics of the game and then find the potential function. Then, we model an asynchronous decision update algorithm for guaranteeing the property of convergence in finite time. Through analyzing the potential function, we find the maximum number of decision slots required for the convergence. Finally, we propose numerical simulations considering multi-user environments. Our numerical evaluations show that the three-tier offloading game converges in finite time and makes the system-wide overhead decreased.
Department of Electrical Engineering
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