Synthesis of Mussel-Inspired Functional Materials for Surface Modification

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Synthesis of Mussel-Inspired Functional Materials for Surface Modification
Shin, Eeseul
Lee, Dong Woog
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Graduate School of UNIST
Mussel enables surface independent wet adhesion with the secretion of mussel foot protein. Mussel foot protein contains a unique amino acid, Dopa, as the key of adhesion. Catechol functional group of Dopa introduces robust and durable adhesion properties, hence, catechol is attracted the intensive interest as a universal anchoring block for surface modification. The catechol-functionalized materials are applied for a wide range of applications such as biomedical, energy storage and environmental applications. In this regard, this thesis describes the synthesis of catechol-functionalized materials and the use of the materials for various applications. This thesis divided into three part; (1) catechol-functionalized dental primer, (2) antifouling coating of catechol functionalized polymer (3) wet-adhesion of catechol-amine functionalized polymer. In the first part, the catecholic primer with (meth)acrylate group was synthesized. The catecholic primers effectively crosslink the glass substrate and polymer-based resin matrix with a simple drop-casting method. The composite resin containing the catecholic primers exhibited improved mechanical properties comparable with commercial silane primers. The second part introduced catechol-functionalized block copolymer initiated by polyethylene glycol (PEG). The catechol anchoring block offers a binding ability to substrate while PEG shows antifouling effect. The antifouling effect according to the various composition and conformation was studied using quartz crystal microbalance. (QCM) and surface force apparatus (SFA). Finally, the wet-adhesion of Dopa and lysine of mussel foot protein was translated to polyether system. The protected catechol and azide functionalized epoxide were synthesized and copolymer was prepared with different composition. The surface interaction of copolymers was investigated by SFA to reveal the synergistic adhesion of catechol and amine.
Department of Chemistry
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