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Kwak, Kyujin
Computational Astrophysics Lab
Research Interests
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Astrophysical and Laboratory Plasma
  • Hydrodynamics with Radiation
  • Nuclear, Atomic, and Molecular Reactions


Tidal deformability of neutron stars with realistic nuclear energy density functionals

DC Field Value Language Kim, Young-Min ko Lim, Yeunhwan ko Kwak, Kyujin ko Hyun, Chang Ho ko Lee, Chang-Hwan ko 2019-01-10T10:24:23Z - 2019-01-04 ko 2018-12 ko
dc.identifier.citation PHYSICAL REVIEW C, v.98, no.6, pp.065805 ko
dc.identifier.issn 2469-9985 ko
dc.identifier.uri -
dc.description.abstract We investigate the constraints on the mass and radius of neutron stars by considering the tidal deformability in the merge of neutron star binaries. We employ models based on the Skyrme force and density-functional theory and select models that are consistent with empirical data of finite nuclei, measured properties of nuclear matter around the saturation density, and observation of the maximum mass of neutron stars. From the selected models, we calculate the Love number k(2), dimensionless tidal deformability Lambda, and mass-weighted deformability (Lambda) over tilde in the binary system. We find that all the models considered in this work give (Lambda) over tilde less than 800, which is the constraint obtained from the measurement of GW170817. The results from our models show a relationship between A and radius (Lambda similar to R-7.5) for a neutron star with a fixed mass of 1.4M(circle dot), which is consistent with the recent statistical analyses. ko
dc.language 영어 ko
dc.publisher AMER PHYSICAL SOC ko
dc.title Tidal deformability of neutron stars with realistic nuclear energy density functionals ko
dc.type ARTICLE ko
dc.identifier.scopusid 2-s2.0-85059379423 ko
dc.identifier.wosid 000454425800015 ko
dc.type.rims ART ko
dc.identifier.doi 10.1103/PhysRevC.98.065805 ko
dc.identifier.url ko
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