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2021-08Modelling Traffic Incidents Impacts and Prediction of Incident driven Congestion Propagation in a Large Scale Road NetworkKim, Sungil; Lee, JuyeongMaster's thesis27
2021-08Development of composite indicators for examining the vulnerability of household finance through a Risk Information-adjusted Hierarchical AutoencoderLee, Jung Hye; Kim, KyeongbinMaster's thesis31
2021-02Federated Learning with Sufficient Dimension Reduction and Generative ModelsLee, Junghye; Hahn, Seok-JuMaster's thesis104
2021-02Unsupervised Anomaly Detection to Monitor Delays of Vessel Voyages based on Variational Autoencoder and Control ChartKim, Sungil; Park, JaeminMaster's thesis70
2021-02Identification of the Quality Evaluation Criteria for Product-based Smart ServicesLim, Chiehyeon; Lee, DonggiMaster's thesis55
2021-02A rule-based framework for interpretable predictions of business process outcomes using event logsComuzzi, Marco; Lee, SuhwanMaster's thesis90
2020-08Data quality improvements for multiclass classificationKim, Sungil; Lee, JuhuiMaster's thesis154
2020-08Secure and differentially private bayesian learning via preconditioned stochastic gradient langevin dynamics on distributed dataLee, Jung-Hye; Gil, Yeong-JaeMaster's thesis241
2020-02Technological Innovation Performance Analysis Using Multilayer Networks: Evidence from the Printer IndustryWoo, Han Gyun; Lee, Jung-MinMaster's thesis321
2019-02Blockchain-Supported Food Supply Chain Reference ArchitectureComuzzi, Marco; Unurjargal, ErdenekhuuMaster's thesis596
2019-02Technology portfolio analysis using patent data: printer manufacturing firm’s performanceWoo, Han Gyun; Lee, Do HyunMaster's thesis436
2019-02The factors influencing a contract payment structure in biotech licensing dealsChoi, Youngrok; [Kim, Jung-Yoon], et alMaster's thesis711
2018-08A Multi-Dimensional Model of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems Critical Success Factors: Design and EvaluationComuzzi, Marco; Vargas Santamaria, Marcela AlejandraMaster's thesis483
2018-02CEOs share pledging and corporate leverage: a behavioral consistency perspective on debt preferenceKim, Daejin; Yoon, SunmiMaster's thesis837
2018-02Neural Computing for Event Log Quality ImprovementComuzzi, Marco; Hoang Thi Cam NguyenMaster's thesis604
2018-02SOCIAL SUPPORT FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: A STUDY ON A KOREAN COLLEGE CAMPUSKim, Young-Choon; Enkhjargal, MunkhgerelMaster's thesis526
2018-02Augmented Reality in Mobile Shopping: Does This Technology Always Improve Consumer Learning for Any Products?Jung, Yoonhyuk; Choi, UijuMaster's thesis594
2018-02Better than Nothing? The Unexpected Impact of CSR Information Clarity on Consumer’s Reaction in CSR Activities: Mediating Role by Perceived SincerityKim, Molan; Kim, Min-KyuMaster's thesis598
2017-08The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility and Irresponsibility on Corporate Financial Performance: An Event Study of Korean ConglomeratesGang, Kwang-wook; Park, Jong-heonMaster's thesis765
2017-08NEWS SENTIMENT AND OlL PRICE: Textual Analysis ApproachKim, Daejin; Kim, Hyun-JoMaster's thesis651