Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeView
2023-08Explainable Deep Supervised Leaning-based Biological Age Estimation with Risk ScoreLim, Chiehyun; Lim, DongcheolMaster's thesis70
2023-02A deep learning framework for anomaly detection in multivariate time seriesLim, Sunghoon; Ku, MinjooMaster's thesis725
2023-02GC-RED : Graph Convolution-based Recurrent Encoder-Decoder for anomaly diagnosis in multivariate time seriesLee, Junghye; Kim, YejinMaster's thesis617
2023-02CNCToolDQN : Deep Q-learning on the anomaly detection and remaining useful life estimation for tool monitoringLim, Chiehyeon; Kim, YearmMaster's thesis719
2023-02Cluster analysis of cryptocurrencies via deep clusteringLee, Yongjae; Choi, MinjooMaster's thesis712
2023-02Domain Knowledge-Informed Functional Outlier Detection for Line Quality Control SystemsKim, Sungil; Mun, Jong HwanMaster's thesis599
2023-02Can GANs Learn Temporal Structures of Financial Time Series?Lee, Yongjae; Kwon, SohyeonMaster's thesis598
2023-02A Recurrence Plot based Graph Convolutional Network for Time Series ClassificationLee, Junghye; Kang, HyewonMaster's thesis634
2023-02Genetic Algorithm for AutoML in predictive process monitoringComuzzi, Marco; Kwon, NahyunMaster's thesis726
2023-02Semi-Supervised Contrastive Learning for Anomaly Detection in Contaminated DataKim, Sungil; Kim, GyeongjunMaster's thesis947
2023-02Personal recommender system via convolutional autoencoder with conditioning augmentation : Recommender system and representation learning with convolutional autoencoderLim, Sunghoon; Kim, SunjunMaster's thesis770
2022-08Vessel behavior assessment and anomaly detection from AIS dataKim, Sung Il; Yoon, Kwon InMaster's thesis1174
2022-02Identification of soft clusters of pitch traces and its application to predict pitcher-versus-batter matchupsLim, Chihyeon; Kim, SoohyeokMaster's thesis1295
2022-02Optimal cooling shelter operations strategy during heat wavesKweon, Sang Jin; Woo, SeungokMaster's thesis1284
2022-02Importance of Chemical Endurance for Designing Stable Surfaces of Ni-Rich Cathode MaterialsSeo, Dong-Hwa; Lim, JihyeMaster's thesis1357
2021-08Modelling Traffic Incidents Impacts and Prediction of Incident driven Congestion Propagation in a Large Scale Road NetworkKim, Sungil; Lee, JuyeongMaster's thesis1284
2021-08Development of composite indicators for examining the vulnerability of household finance through a Risk Information-adjusted Hierarchical AutoencoderLee, Jung Hye; Kim, KyeongbinMaster's thesis1339
2021-02Federated Learning with Sufficient Dimension Reduction and Generative ModelsLee, Junghye; Hahn, Seok-JuMaster's thesis1631
2021-02Unsupervised Anomaly Detection to Monitor Delays of Vessel Voyages based on Variational Autoencoder and Control ChartKim, Sungil; Park, JaeminMaster's thesis1398
2021-02Identification of the Quality Evaluation Criteria for Product-based Smart ServicesLim, Chiehyeon; Lee, DonggiMaster's thesis1324