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2021-06From technological development to social advance: A review of Industry 4.0 through machine learningLee, Changhun; Lim, ChiehyeonARTICLE139
2021-04Bilingual Autoencoder-based Efficient Harmonization of Multi-source Private Data for Accurate Predictive ModelingLee, Taek-Ho; Lee, Junghye; Jun, Chi-HyuckARTICLE13
2021-03Detecting anomalies in business process event logs using statistical leverageKo, Jonghyeon; Comuzzi, MarcoARTICLE129
2021-03An efficient multivariate feature ranking method for gene selection in high-dimensional microarray dataLee, Junghye; Choi, Inyoung; Jun, Chi-HyuckARTICLE229
2021-03Spatial Equality and Equity for Effective Emergency Water Distribution System: Points of DistributionKim,Jooho; Kweon, Sang Jin; Hwang, Seong WookARTICLE130
2021-02A Stacking-Based Deep Neural Network Approach for Effective Network Anomaly DetectionTama, Bayu Adhi; Lim, SunghoonARTICLE139
2021-02Mean–Variance Optimization for Asset AllocationKim, Jang Ho; Lee, Yongjae; Kim, Woo Chang; Fabozzi, Frank J.ARTICLE81
2021-02Ensemble learning for intrusion detection systems: A systematic mapping study and cross-benchmark evaluationTama, Bayu Adhi; Lim, SunghoonARTICLE53
2020-11Markov blanket-based universal feature selection for classification and regression of mixed-type dataLee, Junghye; Jeong, Jun-Yong; Jun, Chi-HyuckARTICLE332
2020-11An Empirical Investigation of Different Classifiers, Encoding, and Ensemble Schemes for Next Event Prediction Using Business Process Event LogsTama, Bayu Adhi; Comuzzi, Marco; Ko, JonghyeonARTICLE80
2020-10Multiresolution spatial generalized linear mixed model for integrating multi-fidelity spatial count data without common identifiers between data sourcesKim, Sungil; Duan, Rong; Ma, Guang-Qin; Kim, HeeyoungARTICLE104
2020-10A Comparative Performance Evaluation of Classification Algorithms for Clinical Decision Support SystemsTama, Bayu Adhi; Lim, SunghoonARTICLE128
2020-10On the Need for Data Quality Assessment in BlockchainsComuzzi, Marco; Cappiello, Cinzia; Meroni, GiovanniARTICLE93
2020-10Validation of an integrated service model, Health-RESPECT, for older patients in long-term care institution using information and communication technologies: protocol of a cluster randomised controlled trialChoi, Jung-Yeon; Kim, Kwang-il; Kim, Hongsoo; Jung, Young-il; Oh, In-Hwan; Chun, Seungyeon; Kim, Gi-Soo; Lim, Jae-Young; Ko, Jin YoungARTICLE65
2020-09Achieving Portfolio Diversification for Individuals with Low Financial SustainabilityLee, Yongjae; Kim, Woo Chang; Kim, Jang HoARTICLE132
2020-08Word2vec-based latent semantic analysis (W2V-LSA) for topic modeling: A study on blockchain technology trend analysisKim, Suhyeon; Park, Haecheong; Lee, JunghyeARTICLE275
2020-08선박 이상 탐지를 위한 VAE-CUSUM 기반 모니터링 방법론박재민; 김성일ARTICLE135
2020-07Cluster-specific nonignorably missing, endogenous, and continuous regressors in multilevel model for binary outcomeKim, Gi-Soo; Lee, Youngjo; Kim, Hongsoo; Paik, Myunghee ChoARTICLE106
2020-05A Multi-Objective Differential Evolutionary Method for Constrained Crowd Judgment AnalysisChatterjee, Sujoy; Lim, SunghoonARTICLE262
2020-05Sparse and robust portfolio selection via semi-definite relaxationLee, Yongjae; Kim, Min Jeong; Kim, Jang Ho; Jang, Ju Ri; Kim, Woo ChangARTICLE410
Showing results 1 to 20 of 245