SME_Journal Papers

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2019-10Autoencoders for improving quality of process event logsNguyen, Hoang Thi Cam; Lee, Suhwan, et alARTICLE248
2019-09Mining Twitter data for causal links between tweets and real-world outcomesLim, Sunghoon; Tucker, Conrad S.ARTICLE53
2019-09An empirical comparison of classification techniques for next event prediction using business process event logsTama, Bayu Adhi; Comuzzi, MarcoARTICLE3
2019-09Valuation of University-Originated Technologies: A Predictive Analytics ApproachKim, Young-Choon; Ahn, Joon Mo, et alARTICLE12
2019-09Technology opportunity analysis based on recombinant search: patent landscape analysis for idea generationLee, Changyong; Lee, GyuminARTICLE10
2019-08Anticipating technology-driven industry convergence: evidence from large-scale patent analysisKwon, Ohjin; An, Yoonjung, et alARTICLE13
2019-07Sparse and robust portfolio selection via semi-definite relaxationLee, Yongjae; Kim, Min Jeong, et alARTICLE60
2019-07TSE-IDS: A Two-Stage Classifier Ensemble for Intelligent Anomaly-based Intrusion Detection SystemTama, Bayu Adhi; Comuzzi, Marco, et alARTICLE62
2019-06Secure and Differentially Private Logistic Regression for Horizontally Distributed DataKim, Miran; Lee, Junghye, et alARTICLE53
2019-06Revealing household characteristics using connected home productsKim, SungilARTICLE91
2019-06A practical approach to measuring the impacts of stockouts on demandKim, Sungil; Kim, Heeyoung, et alARTICLE65
2019-06Ant-Colony Optimisation for Path Recommendation in Business Process ExecutionComuzzi, MarcoARTICLE208
2019-05Screening early stage ideas in technology development processes: a text mining and k-nearest neighbours approach using patent informationWoo, Han-Gyun; Yeom, Jaesun, et alARTICLE362
2019-04PHM-based wiring system damage estimation for near zero downtime in manufacturing facilitiesLee, Jinwoo; Kwon, Daeil, et alARTICLE342
2019-03Multi-factor service design: identification and consideration of multiple factors of the service in its design processLim, Chiehyeon; Kim, Ki-Hun, et alARTICLE447
2019-01Anticipating technological convergence: Link prediction using Wikipedia hyperlinksKim, Juram; Kim, Seungho, et alARTICLE334
2019-01Customer process management A framework for using customer-related data to create customer valueLim, Chiehyeon; Kim, Min-Jun, et alARTICLE94
2019-01Optimal directed hypergraph traversal with ant-colony optimisationComuzzi, MarcoARTICLE233
2019-01Spatial cluster detection in mobility networks: a copula approachKim, Heeyoung; Duan, Rong, et alARTICLE290
2018-12Development of a Lifelogs-Based Daily Wellness Score to Advance a Smart Wellness ServiceKim, Ki-Hun; Kim, Kwang-Jae, et alARTICLE442