SME_Journal Papers

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2022-06Multichannel convolution neural network for gas mixture classificationOh, YongKyung; Lim, Chiehyeon, et alARTICLE34
2022-04The Charging Infrastructure Design Problem with Electric Taxi Demand Prediction Using Convolutional LSTMHwang, Seong Wook; Lim, SunghoonARTICLE67
2022-04Development of an Interpretable Maritime Accident Prediction System Using Machine Learning TechniquesKim, Gyeongho; Lim, SunghoonARTICLE37
2022-04An EfficientNet-Based Weighted Ensemble Model for Industrial Machine Malfunction Detection Using Acoustic SignalsTama, Bayu Adhi; Vania, Malinda, et alARTICLE53
2022-04Quantifying incident impacts and identifying influential features in urban traffic networksLee, JuYeong; Kwak, JiIn, et alARTICLE23
2022-03Goal-based investing based on multi-stage robust portfolio optimizationKim, Jang Ho; Lee, Yongjae, et alARTICLE85
2022-03Process mining for healthcare: Characteristics and challengesComuzzi, MarcoARTICLE106
2022-03A TOPSIS-Inspired Ranking Method Using Constrained Crowd Opinions for Urban PlanningChatterjee, Sujoy; Lim, SunghoonARTICLE61
2022-03Risk score-embedded deep learning for biological age estimation: Development and validationKim, Suhyeon; Kim, Hangyeol, et alARTICLE175
2022-02Keeping our rivers clean: Information-theoretic online anomaly detection for streaming business process eventsKo, Jonghyeon; Comuzzi, MarcoARTICLE166
2022-02Encoding resource experience for predictive process monitoringKim, Jongchan; Comuzzi, Marco, et alARTICLE101
2022-02Toward Quality-Aware Transaction Validation in BlockchainComuzzi, Marco; Cappiello, Cinzia, et alARTICLE80
2022-02Characterization of power demand and energy consumption for fused filament fabrication using CFR-PEEKKim, Kyudong; Noh, Heena, et alARTICLE56
2022-01Assessing and improving measurability of process performance indicators based on quality of logsCappiello, Cinzia; Comuzzi, Marco, et alARTICLE153
2022-01Characterization and Design for Last Mile Logistics: A Review of the State of the Art and Future DirectionsNa, Hyeong Suk; Kweon, Sang Jin, et alARTICLE160
2021-12DAViS: a unified solution for data collection, analyzation, and visualization in real-time stock market predictionTuarob, Suppawong; Wettayakorn, Poom, et alARTICLE231
2021-12A diagnostic framework for imbalanced classification in business process predictive monitoringKim, Jongchan; Comuzzi, MarcoARTICLE229
2021-12스마트시티에 대한 통합적 이해의 시도: 인간과 기계의 협업임치현; 김광재ARTICLE97
2021-12A deep learning-based time series model with missing value handling techniques to predict various types of liquid cargo trafficLim, Sunghoon; Kim, Sun Jun, et alARTICLE382
2021-11A Multi-stage Data Mining Approach for Liquid Bulk Cargo Volume Analysis based on Bill of Lading DataKim, Suhyeon; Sohn, Wonho, et alARTICLE426