SME_Journal Papers

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2023-12Stop-loss adjusted labels for machine learning-based trading of risky assetsHwang, Yoontae; Park, Junpyo, et alARTICLE216
2023-10Semi-parametric contextual bandits with graph-Laplacian regularizationChoi, Young-Geun; Kim, Gi-Soo, et alARTICLE108
2023-09MMP Net: A feedforward neural network model with sequential inputs for representing continuous multistage manufacturing processes without intermediate outputsCho, Hojin; Kim, Kyeongbin, et alARTICLE26
2023-08An Overview of Machine Learning for Asset ManagementLee, Yongjae; Thompson, John R. J., et alARTICLE158
2023-07Value Function Gradient Learning for Large-Scale Multistage Stochastic Programming ProblemsLee, Jinkyu; Bae, Sanghyeon, et alARTICLE1966
2023-07Developing a semi-supervised learning and ordinal classification framework for quality level prediction in manufacturingKim, Gyeongho; Choi, Jae Gyeong, et alARTICLE438
2023-07Robustness in Portfolio OptimizationKim, Jang Ho; Kim, Woo Chang, et alARTICLE252
2023-07Large-scale financial planning via a partially observable stochastic dual dynamic programming frameworkLee, Jinkyu; Kwon, Do-Gyun, et alARTICLE238
2023-06From technology enablers to circular economy: Data-driven understanding of the overview of servitization and product-service systems in Industry 4.0Kim, Minjun; Lim, Chiehyeon, et alARTICLE378
2023-06Chemistry-informed machine learning: Using chemical property features to improve gas classification performanceKim, Yeram; Lim, Chiehyeon, et alARTICLE577
2023-06Identifying household finance heterogeneity via deep clusteringHwang, Yoontae; Lee, Yongjae, et alARTICLE996
2023-06Non-asymptotic estimates for TUSLA algorithm for non-convex learning with applications to neural networks with ReLU activation functionLim, Dong-Young; Neufeld, Ariel, et alARTICLE240
2023-06The quantum threat to blockchain: summary and timeline analysisSchärer, Kai; Comuzzi, MarcoARTICLE312
2023-06Towards Customer Outcome Management in Smart ManufacturingGrefen, Paul; Vanderfeesten, Irene, et alARTICLE298
2023-06Recent Advances in Applying Machine Learning and Deep Learning to Detect Upper Gastrointestinal Tract LesionsVania, Malinda; Tama, Bayu Adhi, et alARTICLE328
2023-05Recent advances in the application of deep learning for fault diagnosis of rotating machinery using vibration signalsTama, Bayu Adhi; Vania, Malinda, et alARTICLE1059
2023-05A product acceptance decision-making method based on process capability with considering gauge measurement errorsRakhmawati, Dwi Yuli; Lee, JunghyeARTICLE775
2023-05Efficient homomorphic encryption framework for privacy-preserving regressionByun, Junyoung; Park, Saerom, et alARTICLE460
2023-04Sensor drift compensation for gas mixture classification in batch experimentsOh, YongKyung; Lee, Juhui, et alARTICLE382
2023-03Quantifying incident impacts and identifying influential features in urban traffic networksLee, JuYeong; Kwak, JiIn, et alARTICLE1120