SME_Conference Papers

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2022-08-27Development of a Remaining Useful Life Estimation Method Using Transformer and a Reweighting TechniqueKim, Gyeongho; Lim, SunghoonCONFERENCE35
2022-06-04Time delay estimation of traffic congestion based on statistical causalityKim, SungilCONFERENCE137
2022-06-03Development of a deep learning-based real-time gesture detection and classification model using a wearable sensing gloveCho, Hyewon; Jeon, Sujin, et alCONFERENCE173
2022-06-03멀티모달 1차원 합성곱 신경망 기반의 탄소섬유복합재(CFRP) 홀 결함 예측Choi, Jae Gyeong; Kim, Dong Chan, et alCONFERENCE202
2022-05-22Developing a quality level prediction framework with semi-supervised learning and ordinal classification for UV lampsKu, Minjoo; Kim, Gyeongho, et alCONFERENCE37
2022-05-22Type 2 Diabetes Risk Scoring via Bayesian Neural NetworksCho, Hyewon; Jeon, Sujin, et alCONFERENCE35
2021-12-06MIND dataset for diet planning and dietary healthcare with machine learning: Dataset creation using combinatorial optimization and controllable generation with domain expertsLee, Changhun; Kim, Soohyeok, et alCONFERENCE426
2021-12-03Diet Planning with Machine Learning: Teacher-forced REINFORCE and ORxML FrameworkLee, Changhun; Kim, Soohyeok, et alCONFERENCE298
2021-12Doubly Robust Thompson Sampling with Linear PayoffsKim, Wonyoung; Kim, Gi-Soo, et alCONFERENCE123
2021-11-12A smart insole needs a recurrence plot: On the analysis of bodyweight, action, and speed prediction using deep learningKim, Jaeho; Kang, Hyewon, et alCONFERENCE312
2021-11-12Learning a Personalized Subspace for Federated LearningHahn, Seok-Ju; Jeong, Minwoo, et alCONFERENCE288
2021-11-12VAE-based Monitoring Chart to Monitor Vessel Voyages using AIS DataYoon, Kwonin; Kim, SungilCONFERENCE283
2021-11-05Diet Planning with Machine LearningLee, Changhun; Kim, Soohyeok, et alCONFERENCE282
2021-11-02프라이버시를 보장하는 연합학습 알고리즘 개발 및 그 활용Lee, JunghyeCONFERENCE337
2021-11-02Cooling shelter allocation for heat vulnerable residents using floating population data권상진; 우승옥, et alCONFERENCE285
2021-10-27VAE-CUSUM: A New Feature-based Monitoring Chart To Monitor Vessel Voyages Using Ais DataYoon, Kwonin; Kim, SungilCONFERENCE276
2021-10-26A Propagation Prediction Method for Non-recurrent Traffic CongestionOh, YongKyung; Kwak, Jiin, et alCONFERENCE347
2021-09-09An Empirical Evaluation of Smart Contract-Based Data Quality Assessment in EthereumComuzzi, Marco; Cappiello, Cinzia, et alCONFERENCE296
2021-09Business process event log anomaly detection based on statistical leverageKo, Jonghyeon; Comuzzi, MarcoCONFERENCE129
2021-08-19Privacy-preserving Predictive Modeling in a Federated SettingLee, JunghyeCONFERENCE344