Department of Industrial Engineering

In preparation of the post-COVID19 era for the 4th Industrial Revolution, newly openning in Fall 2020, the Department of Industrial Engineering (IE) at UNIST is pursuing the excellence and innovation in Smart Convergence Technologies focusing on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big-Data Analytics. We offer both undergraduate and graduate programs (BS, MS, Ph.D, Combined MS-Ph.D) with emphasis on Optimization, Financial Engineering, Blockchain-based Data Security, and Artificial Intelligence for industrial applications. In particular, we will focus on securing the key assets of Data Analytics for the future technology development with the industries and central/local governments.
We will exert every effort with splendid cooperation in this regard to strive for the excellence in convergence research and education toward the best IE program in the next decades, both nationally and globally.
Welcome aboard! You are the technology innovators, the leaders in the 4th industrial revolution, and the future of Industrial Engineering!