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2010-06p53 inhibits tumor cell invasion via the degradation of snail protein in hepatocellular carcinomaLim, Seung-Oe; Kim, Hongtae; Jung, GuhungARTICLE122
2004-03Packet transport along the shortest pathways in scale-free networksGhim, Cheol-Min; Oh, E; Goh, KI; Kahng, B; Kim, DARTICLE533
2005-10Paired gap states in a semiconducting carbon nanotube: Deep and shallow levelsLee, S; Kim, G; Kim, Hajin; Choi, BY; Lee, J; Jeong, BW; Ihm, J; Kuk, Y; Kahng, SJARTICLE490
2016-03Pairwise detection of site-specific receptor phosphorylations using single-molecule blottingKim, Kyung Lock; Kim, Daehyung; Lee, Seongsil; Kim, Su-Jeong; Noh, Jung Eun; Kim, Joung-Hun; Chae, Young Chan; Lee, Jong-Bong; Ryu, Sung HoARTICLE434
2011-01Pancreatic adenocarcinoma upregulated factor promotes metastasis by regulating TLR/CXCR4 activationPark, H. D.; Lee, Y.; Oh, Y. K.; Jung, J. G.; Park, Y. W.; Myung, K.; Kim, K-H; Koh, S. S.; Lim, D-SARTICLE12
2011-06PanSNPdb: The Pan-Asian SNP Genotyping DatabaseNgamphiw, Chumpol; Assawamakin, Anunchai; Xu, Shuhua; Shaw, Philip J.; Yang, Jin Ok; Ghang, Ho; Bhak, Jong Hwa; Liu, Edison; Tongsima, SissadesARTICLE533
2011-10Paper on a disc: balancing the capillary-driven flow with a centrifugal forceHwang, Hyundoo; Kim, Seung-Hoon; Kim, Tae-Hyeong; Park, Je-Kyun; Cho, Yoon-KyoungARTICLE595
2011-08Paracrine and Endocrine Effects of Adipose Tissue on Cancer Development and ProgressionPark, Jiyoung; Euhus, David M.; Scherer, Philipp E.ARTICLE558
2014-04Parallel affinity-based isolation of leukocyte subsets using microfluidics: Application for stroke diagnosisPullagurla, Swathi R.; Witek, Małgorzata A.; Jackson, Joshua M.; Lindell, Maria A. M.; Hupert, Mateusz L.; Nesterova, Irina V.; Baird, Alison E.; Soper, Steven A.ARTICLE467
2010-09Parallel Evolution in Pseudomonas aeruginosa over 39,000 Generations In VivoHuse, Holly K.; Kwon, Taejoon; Zlosnik, James E. A.; Speert, David P.; Marcotte, Edward M.; Whiteley, MarvinARTICLE395
2017-09Paralog Specificity Determines Subcellular Distribution, Action Mechanism, and Anticancer Activity of TRAP1 InhibitorsPark, Hye-Kyung; Jeong, Hanbin; Ko, Eunhwa; Lee, Geumwoo; Lee, Ji-Eun; Lee, Sang Kwang; Lee, An-Jung; Im, Jin Young; Hu, Sung; Kim, Seong Heon; Lee, Ji Hoon; Lee, Changwook; Kang S.; Kang, Byoung HeonARTICLE455
2019-08Paramagnetic Carbon Nanosheets with Random Hole‐defects and Oxygenated Functional GroupsJung, Sun-Min; Park, Jeongmin; Shin, Dongbin; Lee, DongKyu; Jeong, Hu Young; Jeon, In-Yup; Cho, Hyungjoon; Park, Noejung; Yoo, Jung-Woo; Baek, Jong-BeomARTICLE240
2014Paramagnetism of dissolved oxygen molecules in hyperoxia: a significant component of BOLD signalCho, Hyungjoon; None; None; None; None; None; None; NoneARTICLE478
2006-09Parameter selection of pocket extraction algorithm using interaction interfaceKim, Chong-Min; Won, Chung-In; Ryu, Joonghyun; Cho, Cheol-Hyung; Bhak, Jong Hwa; Kim, Deok-SooARTICLE473
2014-10Parkin ubiquitinates mTOR to regulate mTORC1 activity under mitochondrial stressPark, Dohyun; Lee, Mi Nam; Jeong, Heeyoon; Koh, Ara; Yang, Yong Ryoul; Suh, Pann-Ghill; Ryu, Sung HoARTICLE669
2002-06Partial purification and properties of a phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphosphate hydrolyzing phospholipase C from the soluble fraction of soybean sproutsPark, SK; Lee, JR; Lee, SS; Son, HJ; Yoo, JY; Moon, JC; Kwon, HY; Lim, CO; Bahk, JD; Cho, Moo Je; Lee, SYARTICLE560
2001-04PartsList: a web-based system for dynamically ranking protein folds based on disparate attributes, including whole-genome expression and interaction informationQian, Jiang; Stenger, Brad; Wilson, Cyrus A.; Lin, Jimmy; Jansen, Ronald; Teichmann, Sarah A.; Bhak, Jong Hwa; Krebs, Werner G.; Yu, Haiyuan; Alexandrov, Vadim; Echols, Nathaniel; Gerstein, MarkARTICLE580
2013-05Patchy Surfaces Stabilize Dextran-Polyethylene Glycol Aqueous Two-Phase System Liquid PatternsKojima, Taisuke; Takayama, ShuichiARTICLE467
2018-01Paternal chromosome loss and metabolic crisis contribute to hybrid inviability in XenopusGibeaux, Romain; Acker, Rachael; Kitaoka, Maiko; Georgiou, Georgios; van Kruijsbergen, Ila; Ford, Breanna; Marcotte, Edward M.; Nomura, Daniel K.; Kwon, Taejoon; Veenstra, Gert Jan C.; Heald, RebeccaARTICLE512
2004-08Pathogen- and NaCl-induced expression of the SCaM-4 promoter is mediated in part by a GT-1 box that interacts with a GT-1-like transcription factorPark, HC; Kim, ML; Kang, YH; Jeon, JM; Yoo, JH; Kim, MC; Park, Chan Young; Jeong, JC; Moon, BC; Lee, JH; Yoon, HW; Lee, SH; Chung, WS; Lim, CO; Lee, SY; Hong, JC; Cho, Moo JeARTICLE629
Showing results 1498 to 1517 of 2325