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1999Assignment of the rat phospholipase C-gamma 1 gene Plcg1 to vat chromosome band 3q42 by fluorescence in situ hybridizationPark, SH; Suh, Pann-Ghill; Ryu, SH; Kim, HARTICLE384
2017-05ASXL2 is essential for haematopoiesis and acts as a haploinsufficient tumour suppressor in leukemiaMicol, Jean-Baptiste; Pastore, Alessandro; Inoue, Daichi; Duployez, Nicolas; Kim, Eunhee; Lee, Stanley Chun-Wei; Durham, Benjamin H.; Chung, Young Rock; Cho, Hana; Zhang, Xiao Jing; Yoshimi, Akihide; Krivtsov, Andrei; Koche, Richard; Solary, Eric; Sinha, Amit; Preudhomme, Claude; Abdel-Wahab, OmarARTICLE209
2016-12ATAC-see reveals the accessible genome by transposase-mediated imaging and sequencingChen, Xingqi; Shen, Ying; Draper, Will; Buenrostro, Jason D.; Litzenburger, Ulrike; Cho, Seung Woo; Satpathy, Ansuman T.; Carter, Ava C.; Ghosh, Rajarshi P.; East-Seletsky, Alexandra; Doudna, Jennifer A.; Greenleaf, William J.; Liphardt, Jan T.; Changsites, Howard Y.ARTICLE66
2015-01ATAD5 deficiency decreases B-cell division and Igh recombinationZanotti, Kimberly J.; Maul, Robert W.; Yang, William; Choi, Yongjun; Fox, Jennifer; Myung, Kyungjae; Saribasak, Huseyin; Gearhart, Patricia J.ARTICLE336
2013-05ATAXIN-2 activates PERIOD translation to sustain circadian rhythms in DrosophilaLim, Chunghun; Allada, RaviARTICLE546
2018-11Ataxin-2: A versatile posttranscriptional regulator and its implication in neural functionLee, Jongbo; Kim, Minjong; Itoh, Taich Q; Lim, ChunghunARTICLE239
2010-11AtCML8, a calmodulin-like protein, differentially activating CaM-dependent enzymes in Arabidopsis thalianaPark, Hyeong Cheol; Park, Chan Young; Koo, Sung Cheol; Cheong, Mi Sun; Kim, Kyung Eun; Kim, Min Chul; Lim, Chae Oh; Lee, Sang Yeol; Yun, Dae-Jin; Chung, Woo SikARTICLE499
2016-10ATP hydrolysis Promotes Duplex DNA Release by the RecA Presynaptic ComplexLee, Ja Yil; Qi, Zhi; Greene, Eric C.ARTICLE541
2001-11ATP-induced mitogenesis is modulated by phospholipase D2 through extracellular signal regulated protein kinase dephosphorylation in rat pheochromocytoma PC12 cellsLee, Chang Sup; Bae, Yoe-Sik; Lee, Sang Do; Suh, Pann-Ghill; Ryu, Sung HoARTICLE438
2009-10Atrasentan (ABT-627) enhances perfusion and reduces hypoxia in a human tumor xenograft modelYang, Kwang Mo; Russell, James; Lupu, Mihaela E.; Cho, Hyungjoon; Li, Xiao-Feng; Koutcher, Jason A.; Ling, C. CliftonARTICLE527
2017-11Attack-Phase Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus Responses to Extracellular Nutrients Are Analogous to Those Seen During Late Intraperiplasmic GrowthDwidar, Mohammed; Im, Hansol; Seo, Jeong Kon; Mitchell, Robert J.ARTICLE457
2012-06Autistic-like social behaviour in Shank2-mutant mice improved by restoring NMDA receptor functionWon, Hyejung; Lee, Hye-Ryeon; Gee, Heon Yung; Mah, Won; Kim, Jae-Ick; Lee, Jiseok; Ha, Seungmin; Chung, Changuk; Jung, Eun Suk; Cho, Yi Sul; Park, Sae-Geun; Lee, Jung-Soo; Lee, Kyungmin; Kim, Daesoo; Bae, Yong Chul; Kaang, Bong-Kiun; Lee, Min Goo; Kim, EunjoonARTICLE406
2009-05Automated 2D IR spectrometer mitigates the influence of high optical densitiesXiong, Wei; Strasfeld, David B.; Shim, Sang-Hee; Zanni, Martin T.ARTICLE466
2007-09Automated 2D IR spectroscopy using a mid-IR pulse shaper and application of this technology to the human islet amyloid polypeptideShim, Sang-Hee; Strasfeld, David B.; Ling, Yun L.; Zanni, Martin T.ARTICLE382
2007-03Automated microfluidic compact disc (CD) cultivation system of Caenorhabditis elegansKim, Nahui; Dempsey, Catherine M.; Zoval, Jim V.; Sze, Ji-Ying; Madou, MarkARTICLE386
2008-01Automatic synchronization and distribution of biological databases and software over low-bandwidth networks among developing countriesSangket, Unitsa; Phongdara, Amornrat; Chotigeat, Wilaiwan; Nathan, Darran; Kim, Woo-Yeon; Bhak, Jong Hwa; Ngamphiw, Chumpol; Tongsima, Sissades; Khan, Asif M.; Lin, Honghuang; Tan, Tin WeeARTICLE381
2018-03Automation of pattern recognition analysis of dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI data to characterize intratumoral vascular heterogeneityHan, SoHyun; Stoyanova, R; Lee, Hansol; Carlin, Sean D.; Koutcher, Jason A.; Cho, Hyungjoon; Ackerstaff, EllenARTICLE442
2012-11B-cell translocation gene-2 increases hepatic gluconeogenesis via induction of CREBHwang, Seung-Lark; Kwon, Okyun; Lee, Soo Jin; Roh, Seong-Soo; Kim, Yong Deuk; Choi, Jang HyunARTICLE850
2009-09Bacteria concentration using a membrane type insulator-based dielectrophoresis in a plastic chipCho, Yoon-Kyoung; Kim, Suhyeon; Lee, Kyusang; Park, Chinsung; Lee, Jeong-Gun; Ko, ChristopherARTICLE581
2002-02Bandgap modulation of carbon nanotubes by encapsulated metallofullerenesLee, J; Kim, Hajin; Kahng, SJ; Kim, G; Son, YW; Ihm, J; Kato, H; Wang, ZW; Okazaki, T; Shinohara, H; Kuk, YARTICLE442
Showing results 201 to 220 of 2113