BME_Journal Papers

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2022-11Cleaning in the 21st Century: The musculoskeletal disorders associated with the centuries-old occupation – A literature reviewLin, Jia-Hua; Lee, Wonil, et alARTICLE162
2022-11On-site colorimetric detection of adulterated gasoline using highly reflective 1D photonic crystal sensors based on photo-crosslinked polymer-titania hybridsHwang, Tae Gyu; Jeong, Minju, et alARTICLE7
2022-10Upper extremity muscle activity when vacuuming floors with cordless stick vacuum cleanersKwon, Yujin; Shin, GwanseobARTICLE206
2022-10Highly sensitive pregnancy test kit via oriented antibody conjugation on brush-type ligand-coated quantum beadsKim, Sunghwan; Ahn, Yujin, et alARTICLE192
2022-10Therapeutic effect of human mesenchymal stem cell-conditioned medium on erectile dysfunctionKim, Seul Gi; You, Dalsan, et alARTICLE280
2022-10The range of visual detection of ground-level cues during distracted walking: Effect of cue contrast and walking speedKim, Eunjee; Kwon, Yujin, et alARTICLE26
2022-09Adaptive cellular response of the substantia nigra dopaminergic neurons upon age-dependent iron accumulationKwon, Kujin; Cho, Hwapyeong, et alARTICLE49
2022-09Exploring the impacts of implicit context association and arithmetic booster in impulsivity reductionHwang, Minho; Kim, Sung-Phil, et alARTICLE117
2022-09Tailor-Made Charged Catechol-Based Polymeric Ligands to Build Robust Fuel Cells Containing Antioxidative NanoparticlesKim, Hyunhong; Yook, Seung Ho, et alARTICLE200
2022-09Wavefront shaping: A versatile tool to conquer multiple scattering in multidisciplinary fieldsYu, Zhipeng; Li, Huanhao, et alARTICLE13
2022-08A hue and warm-cool model for warm-cool based correlated color temperature calculationOh, Semin; Kwak, YoungshinARTICLE328
2022-08Prediction model for discomfort luminance levels of head-mounted displaysHa, Hyeyoung; Kwak, YoungshinARTICLE260
2022-08Do posttraumatic stress symptoms predict trajectories of sleep disturbance and fatigue in patients with breast cancer? A parallel-process latent growth modelShim, Eun-Jung; Jeong, Donghee, et alARTICLE269
2022-08Synthesis of homogeneous and bright deep blue CsPbBr3 perovskite nanoplatelets with solidified surface for optoelectronic materialKim, Taeyun; Suh, Yo-Han, et alARTICLE174
2022-08Simulation of microvascular signal changes used on a gadolinium-chelated contrast agent at 3 T MRI in the presence of amyloid-beta plaquesYoo, Chang Hyun; Goh, Junghwan, et alARTICLE27
2022-08Bridging the Gap between Nonliving Matter and Cellular LifeKumar, Sumit; Karmacharya, Mamata, et alARTICLE21
2022-08Human cell-camouflaged nanomagnetic scavengers restore immune homeostasis in a rodent model with bacteremiaPark, Sung Jin; Kwon, Seyong, et alARTICLE98
2022-08GJA1 depletion causes ciliary defects by affecting Rab11 trafficking to the ciliary baseJang, Dong Gil; Kwon, Keun Yeong, et alARTICLE43
2022-07Computational mechanisms underlying illusion of control in delusional individualsNa, Soojung; Blackmore, Sylvia, et alARTICLE329
2022-07Prediction of tumor metastasis via extracellular vesicles-treated platelet adhesion on a blood vessel chipKim, Junyoung; Sunkara, Vijaya, et alARTICLE185