BME_Journal Papers

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2021-11Improvement of sensitivity and specificity for laminar BOLD fMRI with double spin-echo EPI in humans at 7 THan, Sohyun; Eun, Seulgi, et alARTICLE38
2021-10Effect of hand loads on upper extremity muscle activity during pushing and pulling motionsSong, Donghyun; Kim, Eunjee, et alARTICLE45
2021-10Condensed ECM-based nanofilms on highly permeable PET membranes for robust cell-to-cell communications with improved optical clarityChoi, Brian; Choi, Jeong-Won, et alARTICLE21
2021-10Differential Effect of Iron and Myelin on Susceptibility MRI in the Substantia NigraLee, Hansol; Cho, Hyungjoon, et alARTICLE13
2021-10Therapeutic effect of human mesenchymal stem cell-conditioned medium on erectile dysfunctionKim, Seul Gi; You, Dalsan, et alARTICLE17
2021-10Humans use forward thinking to exploit social controllabilityNa, Soojung; Chung, Dongil, et alARTICLE51
2021-10Model-free leakage index estimation of the blood-brain barrier using dual dynamic susceptibility contrast MRI acquisitionJin, Seokha; Cho, Hyung JoonARTICLE38
2021-09The role of liquid biopsies in prostate cancer managementKim, Chi-Ju; Dong, Liang, et alARTICLE28
2021-09A Study on Facial Expression Change Detection Using Machine Learning Methods with Feature Selection TechniqueSung, Sang-Ha; Kim, Sangjin, et alARTICLE34
2021-09Atypical Visual Motion-Prediction Abilities in Autism Spectrum DisorderPark, Woon Ju; Schauder, Kimberly B., et alARTICLE65
2021-09Programmed exosome fusion for energy generation in living cellsKumar, Sumit; Karmacharya, Mamata, et alARTICLE22
2021-083D cell aggregate printing technology and its applicationsJeon, Seunggyu; Lee, Se-Hwan, et alARTICLE95
2021-08Moral dilemmas and trust in leaders during a global health crisisEverett, JAC; Colombatto, C, et alARTICLE71
2021-08Neural correlates of tactile hardness intensity perception during active graspingKim, Ji-Hyun; Kim, Junsuk, et alARTICLE236
2021-08Engineering Tissue-Specific, Multiscale Microvasculature with a Capillary Network for Prevascularized TissueSon, Jeonghyun; Hong, Sung Joon, et alARTICLE56
2021-08Emotional adaptation during a crisis: decline in anxiety and depression after the initial weeks of COVID-19 in the United StatesShuster, Anastasia; O'Brien, Madeline, et alARTICLE31
2021-08Microbiome of Saliva and Plaque in Children According to Age and Dental Caries ExperienceLee, Eungyung; Park, Suhyun, et alARTICLE83
2021-08Superhydrophobic and Self-Sterilizing Surgical Masks Spray-Coated with Carbon NanotubesSoni, Ritesh; Joshi, Shalik Ram, et alARTICLE11
2021-08Neck Muscular Load When Using a Smartphone While Sitting, Standing, and WalkingYoon, Woojin; Choi, Seobin, et alARTICLE253
2021-08Analysis of Porcine Model of Fecal-Induced Peritonitis Reveals the Tropism of Blood MicrobiomeHyun, Hwi; Lee, Min Seok, et alARTICLE79