BME_Journal Papers

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2022-06Intra-instrument channel workable, optical-resolution photoacoustic and ultrasonic mini-probe system for gastrointestinal endoscopyKim, Minjae; Lee, Kang Won, et alARTICLE91
2022-04A chromosome-scale genome assembly and annotation of the spring orchid (Cymbidium goeringii)Chung, Oksung; Kim, Jungeun, et alARTICLE119
2022-04D* from diffusion MRI reveals a correspondence between ventricular cerebrospinal fluid volume and flow in the ischemic rodent modelJang, MinJung; Han, SoHyun, et alARTICLE98
2022-04Spatially arranged encapsulation of stem cell spheroids within hydrogels for the regulation of spheroid fusion and cell migrationKim, Se-jeong; Byun, Hayeon, et alARTICLE93
2022-04Characterization of the Core Determinants of Social Influence From a Computational and Cognitive PerspectiveLee, Hyeji; Chung, DongilARTICLE101
2022-04Essential cues of engineered polymeric materials regulating gene transfer pathwaysAriful Islam, Mohammad; Park, Tae-Eun, et alARTICLE58
2022-04Tailor-Made Charged Catechol-Based Polymeric Ligands to Build Robust Fuel Cells Containing Antioxidative NanoparticlesKim, Hyunhong; Yook, Seung Ho, et alARTICLE29
2022-04The Kiss of Death: Serratia marcescens Antibacterial Activities against Staphylococcus aureus Requires Both de novo Prodigiosin Synthesis and Direct ContactLim, Sungbin; Bhak, Jihun, et alARTICLE38
2022-04Recent advances in spheroid-based microfluidic models to mimic the tumour microenvironmentRo, Jooyoung; Kim, Junyoung, et alARTICLE33
2022-04Somatic mosaicism reveals clonal distributions of neocortical developmentBreuss, Martin W.; Yang, Xiaoxu, et alARTICLE19
2022-04SEEDING to Enable Sensitive Electrochemical Detection of Biomarkers in Undiluted Biological SamplesSabaté del Río, Jonathan; Woo, Hyun‐Kyung, et alARTICLE29
2022-03Do posttraumatic stress symptoms predict trajectories of sleep disturbance and fatigue in patients with breast cancer? A parallel-process latent growth modelShim, Eun-Jung; Jeong, Donghee, et alARTICLE64
2022-03Psychiatric symptoms mediate the effect of resilience on health-related quality of life in patients with breast cancer: Longitudinal examinationLee, Sungwon; Jung, Saim, et alARTICLE109
2022-03Precision targeting tumor cells using cancer-specific InDel mutations with CRISPR-Cas9Kwon, Taejoon; Ra, Jae Sun, et alARTICLE175
2022-03Quantitative susceptibility mapping and R1 measurement: Determination of the myelin volume fraction in the aging ex vivo rat corpus callosumCho, Hwapyeong; Lee, Hansol, et alARTICLE110
2022-03A community call to action: mitigating COVID pandemic's impact on mental healthUllah, Wahid; Ilyas, Muhammad, et alARTICLE65
2022-03Reciprocal interactions among Cobll1, PACSIN2, and SH3BP1 regulate drug resistance in chronic myeloid leukemiaPark, Kibeom; Yoo, Hee-Seop, et alARTICLE54
2022-03In vitro breast cancer model with patient-specific morphological features for personalized medicineHan, Jonghyeuk; Jeon, Seunggyu, et alARTICLE67
2022-03Highly Sensitive and Durable Organic Photodiodes Based on Long-Term Storable NiOx</i></sub> NanoparticlesArildii, Dashjargal; Kim, Kangyong, et alARTICLE48
2022-02Clinical significance of circulating tumor cells after chemotherapy in unresectable pancreatic ductal adenocarcinomaKim, Hyemin; Heo, Chan Mi, et alARTICLE123