BME_Journal Papers

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2021-07Target-Switchable Gd(III)-DOTA/Protein Cage Nanoparticle Conjugates with Multiple Targeting Affibody Molecules as Target Selective T1 Contrast Agents for High-field MRIKim, Hansol; Jin, SeokHa, et alARTICLE39
2021-07Moral dilemmas and trust in leaders during a global health crisisEverett, JAC; Colombatto, C, et alARTICLE15
2021-07MRI investigation of vascular remodeling for heterogeneous edema lesions in subacute ischemic stroke rat models: Correspondence between cerebral vessel structure and functionKang, MungSoo; Jin, Seokha, et alARTICLE9
2021-063D cell aggregate printing technology and its applicationsJeon, Seunggyu; Lee, Se-Hwan, et alARTICLE42
2021-06Model-free leakage index estimation of the blood-brain barrier using dual dynamic susceptibility contrast MRI acquisitionJin, Seokha; Cho, Hyung JoonARTICLE20
2021-06An artificial neural tactile sensing systemChun, Sungwoo; Kim, Jong-Seok, et alARTICLE52
2021-06Effect of medial foot loading self-practice on lower limb kinematics in young individuals with asymptomatic varus knee alignmentChoi, Seobin; Shin, GwanSeobARTICLE9
2021-06HisVA: a Visual Analytics System for Learning HistoryHan, Dongyun; Parsad, Gorakh, et alARTICLE20
2021-05NSMF promotes the replication stress-induced DNA damage response for genome maintenanceJu, Min Kyung; Shin, Kyeong Jin, et alARTICLE79
2021-05Enhanced Diamagnetic Repulsion of Blood Cells Enables Versatile Plasma Separation for Biomarker Analysis in BloodKwon, Seyong; Oh, Jieung, et alARTICLE30
2021-05Loss of BubR1 acetylation provokes replication stress and leads to complex chromosomal rearrangementsPark, Jiho; Yeu, Song Y., et alARTICLE25
2021-05A temporally resolved transcriptome for developing “Keller” explants of the Xenopus laevis dorsal marginal zoneKakebeen, Anneke D.; Huebner, Robert, et alARTICLE108
2021-05African and Asian leopards are highly differentiated at the genomic levelPaijmans, Johanna L. A.; Barlow, Axel, et alARTICLE13
2021-05A Computer-Based Method for the Investigation of Human Behavior in the Iterative Chicken GameKim, Sung-Phil; Kim, Minju, et alARTICLE3
2021-04Evaluation of the anti-oxidative and ROS scavenging properties of biomaterials coated with epigallocatechin gallate for tissue engineeringLee, Sangmin; Lee, Jinkyu, et alARTICLE49
2021-04Demineralized Dentin Matrix Particle-based Bio-Ink for Patient-Specific Shaped 3D Dental Tissue RegenerationHan, Jonghyeuk; Jeong, Wonwoo, et alARTICLE85
2021-04Open-top axially swept light-sheet microscopyKim, Bumju; Na, Myeongsu, et alARTICLE101
2021-04Effect of Static Posture on Online Performance of P300-Based BCIs for TV ControlHeo, Dojin; Kim, Minju, et alARTICLE15
2021-04Atypical Visual Motion-Prediction Abilities in Autism Spectrum DisorderPark, Woon Ju; Schauder, Kimberly B., et alARTICLE42
2021-04Virtual Reality-Based Psychotherapy in Social Anxiety Disorder: fMRI Study Using a Self-Referential TaskHur, Ji-Won; Shin, Hyemin, et alARTICLE38