ECHE_Journal Papers

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2019-09Recombinant lignin peroxidase-catalyzed decolorization of melanin using in-situ generated H2O2 for application in whitening cosmeticsSung, Ho Jun; Khan, Mohd Faheem, et alARTICLE24
2019-09Graphene oxide nanosheet as a two-dimensional polyelectrolyte: pH-responsive behavior of a multilayered nanomembraneAhn, Eungjin; Gaiji, Houda, et alARTICLE3
2019-08Structure-dependent catalytic properties of mesoporous cobalt oxides in furfural hydrogenationNguyen-Huy, Chinh; Lee, Jihyeon, et alARTICLE22
2019-07Fe-N-C combined with Fe 100-x-y-z P x O y N z porous hollow spheres on a phosphoric acid group-rich N-doped carbon as an electrocatalyst for zinc-air batteryYuan, Bing; Nam, Gyutae, et alARTICLE172
2019-07Ordered Mesoporous Metastable α-MoC 1− x with Enhanced Water Dissociation Capability for Boosting Alkaline Hydrogen Evolution ActivityBaek, Du San; Jung, Gwan Yeong, et alARTICLE25
2019-07Effects of monomer functionality on physical properties of 2-ethylhexyl acrylate based stretchable pressure sensitive adhesivesLee, Ju Hak; Myung, Min Hoon, et alARTICLE70
2019-06Highly dispersed Pd catalysts supported on various carbons for furfural hydrogenationLee, Jihyeon; Woo, Jinwoo, et alARTICLE9
2019-06Integration of Interfacial and Alloy Effects to Modulate Catalytic Performance of Metal-Organic-Framework-Derived Cu-Pd Nanocrystals toward Hydrogenolysis of 5-HydroxymethylfurfuralSarkar, Chitra; Koley, Paramita, et alARTICLE8
2019-06Improved Passivation of PbS Quantum Dots for Solar Cells Using Triethylamine HydroiodidePark, Dasom; Azmi, Randi, et alARTICLE3
2019-06Nonequilibrium Monte Carlo simulations of entangled polymer melts under steady shear flowRoh, Eun Jung; Baig, ChunggiARTICLE29
2019-06Fabrication of Lamellar Nanosphere Structure for Effective Stress-Management in Large-Volume-Variation Anodes of High-Energy Li-ion BatteriesSung, Jaekyung; Ma, Jiyoung, et alARTICLE43
2019-06Chemoselective Trifluoroethylation Reactions of Quinazolinones and Identification of PhotostabilityMaiti, Saikat; Kim, Jaeshin, et alARTICLE94
2019-06Conjugated Polyelectrolytes as Multifunctional Passivating and Hole-Transporting Layers for Efficient Perovskite Light-Emitting DiodesLee, Seungjin; Jang, Chung Hyeon, et alARTICLE40
2019-06Asymmetric polystyrene-polylactide bottlebrush random copolymers: Synthesis, self-assembly and nanoporous structuresCho, Seungwan; Son, Jinha, et alARTICLE9
2019-06Organic Semiconductor Cocrystal for Highly Conductive Lithium Host ElectrodePark, Jaehyun; Joo, Se Hun, et alARTICLE47
2019-06Paramagnetic Carbon Nanosheets with Random Hole‐defects and Oxygenated Functional GroupsJung, Sun-Min; Park, Jeongmin, et alARTICLE57
2019-06Investigation of Li–O2 Battery Performance Integrated with RuO2 Inverse Opal Cathodes in DMSOJang, Yu Jin; Nguyen, Trang-Thi Hong, et alARTICLE30
2019-06Carbon-Nanotube-Cored Cobalt Porphyrin as a 1D Nanohybrid Strategy for High-Performance Lithium-Ion Battery AnodesJeong, Kihun; Kim, Ju-Myung, et alARTICLE59
2019-06Molecular Dynamics Study on the Structure and Relaxation of Short-Chain Branched Ring Polymer MeltsRoh, Eun Jung; Kim, Jun Mo, et alARTICLE40
2019-06Synthesis and Applications of Dicationic Iodide Materials for Dye-Sensitized Solar CellsNam, Heejin; Ko, Yohan, et alARTICLE20