ECHE_Journal Papers

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2022-07Hetero-tandem organic solar cells drive water electrolysis with a solar-to-hydrogen conversion efficiency up to 10%Kim, Young Kyeong; Lee, Tack Ho, et alARTICLE12
2022-06Carboxyethyl acrylate incorporated optically clear adhesives with outstanding adhesion strength and immediate strain recoverability for stretchable electronicsLim, Daegyun; Baek, Myung-Jin, et alARTICLE59
2022-06Ru-incorporated oxygen-vacancy-enriched MoO2 electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution reactionLi, Chuang; Jang, Haeseong, et alARTICLE8
2022-05Investigation of Ordering on Oxygen-Deficient LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4-δ Thin Films for Boosting Electrochemical Performance in All-Solid-State Thin-Film BatteriesKim, Jong Heon; Jung, Ji‐Won, et alARTICLE19
2022-04Metal-nitrogen intimacy of the nitrogen-doped ruthenium oxide for facilitating electrochemical hydrogen productionLee, Yeongdae; Ahn, Jang Hyuk, et alARTICLE145
2022-04Metal substrates activate NiFe(oxy)hydroxide catalysts for efficient oxygen evolution reaction in alkaline mediaKim, Young Kyeong; Jun, Woo Tae, et alARTICLE65
2022-04Modulation of magnetoelectric coupling through systematically engineered spin canting in nickel–zinc ferriteCho, Jae‐Hyeon; Kim, Yu Jin, et alARTICLE110
2022-04State-of-the-art process simulations and techno-economic assessments of ionic liquid-based biogas upgrading techniques: Challenges and prospectsHaider, Junaid; Qyyum, Muhammad Abdul, et alARTICLE67
2022-04Neohexene graphitic nanoplatelets for reinforced low-density polyethyleneKim, Min Hui; Noh, Hyuk-Jun, et alARTICLE34
2022-04Peptidomimetic Wet-Adhesive PEGtides with Synergistic and Multimodal Hydrogen BondingKim, Minseong; Park, Jinwoo, et alARTICLE26
2022-04Abrading bulk metal into single atomsHan, Gao-Feng; Li, Feng, et alARTICLE91
2022-04Bonding dependent lithium storage behavior of molybdenum oxides for next-generation Li-ion batteriesKim, Hyunwoo; Lee, Chang-Dae, et alARTICLE36
2022-04Boosting Support Reducibility and Metal Dispersion by Exposed Surface Atom Control for Highly Active Supported Metal CatalystsJang, Myeong Gon; Yoon, Sinmyung, et alARTICLE17
2022-04Microbial production of 2-pyrone-4,6-dicarboxylic acid from lignin derivatives in an engineered Pseudomonas putida and its application for the synthesis of bio-based polyesterLee, Siseon; Jung, Ye Jean, et alARTICLE47
2022-04Fused aromatic networks as a new class of gas hydrate inhibitorsNoh, Hyuk-Jun; Lee, Dongyoung, et alARTICLE73
2022-04Development of Rechargeable Seawater Battery ModuleKim, Dongyeop; Park, Jeong-Sun, et alARTICLE34
2022-04Rational Regulation of the Molecular Aggregation Enables A Facile Blade-Coating Process of Large-area All-Polymer Solar Cells with Record EfficiencyChen, Dong; Liu, Siqi, et alARTICLE22
2022-04On the Nature of Extra-Framework Aluminum Species and Improved Catalytic Properties in Steamed ZeolitesKhivantsev, Konstantin; Jaegers, Nicholas R., et alARTICLE20
2022-04Design and photovoltaic properties of conjugated polymers based on quinoxaline and diketopyrrolopyrrole for OSCsKeum, Sangha; Lee, Jihoon, et alARTICLE19
2022-04Enhancement of Piezoelectricity in Dimensionally Engineered Metal-Halide Perovskites Induced by Deep Level DefectsHeo, Sung; Lee, Do Yoon, et alARTICLE23