ECHE_Journal Papers

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2019-09Annulative π-Extension of Unactivated Benzene Derivatives through Nondirected C–H ArylationLee, Jae Bin; Jeon, Min Ho, et alARTICLE5
2019-09Graphene oxide nanosheet as a two-dimensional polyelectrolyte: pH-responsive behavior of a multilayered nanomembraneAhn, Eungjin; Gaiji, Houda, et alARTICLE27
2019-09Adaptively evolved Escherichia coli for improved ability of formate utilization as a carbon source in sugar‑free conditionsKim, Seung‑Jin; Yoon, Jihee, et alARTICLE9
2019-09Recombinant lignin peroxidase-catalyzed decolorization of melanin using in-situ generated H2O2 for application in whitening cosmeticsSung, Ho Jun; Khan, Mohd Faheem, et alARTICLE42
2019-08Aqueous dispersions of thienoisoindigo-based semiconductor nanorods assembled with 2-bromobenzaldehyde and a phospholipidNoh, Juran; Jung, Sunfwoo, et alARTICLE26
2019-08Structure-dependent catalytic properties of mesoporous cobalt oxides in furfural hydrogenationNguyen-Huy, Chinh; Lee, Jihyeon, et alARTICLE62
2019-08Alkylthiazole-based semicrystalline polymer donors for fullerene-free organic solar cellsKim, Junho; Kang, Jinhyeon, et alARTICLE4
2019-08Versatile neuromorphic electronics by modulating synaptic decay of single organic synaptic transistor: From artificial neural networks to neuro-prostheticsSeo, Dae-Gyo; Seo, Dae-Gyo, et alARTICLE3
2019-08Thermal conductance of single-molecule junctionsCui, Longji; Hur, Sunghoon, et alARTICLE3
2019-08Efficient Nanostructured TiO2/SnS Heterojunction Solar CellsYun, Hyun‐Sung; Park, Byung‐wook, et alARTICLE5
2019-08Precisely-controlled, a few layers of iron titanate inverse opal structure for enhanced photoelectrochemical water splittingZhang, Hemin; Park, Sung O., et alARTICLE47
2019-07Nonequilibrium Monte Carlo simulations of entangled polymer melts under steady shear flowRoh, Eun Jung; Baig, ChunggiARTICLE50
2019-07Dithienosilole-co-5-fluoro-2,1,3-benzothiadiazole-containing regioisomeric polymers for organic field-effect transistorsKang, So-Huei; Lee, Junghoon, et alARTICLE3
2019-07Cathode interfacial layer-free all small-molecule solar cells with efficiency over 12%Wu, Hao; Yue, Qihui, et alARTICLE4
2019-07Antimony-Based Composites Loaded on Phosphorus-Doped Carbon for Boosting Faradaic Efficiency of the Electrochemical Nitrogen Reduction ReactionLiu, Xien; Jang, Haeseong, et alARTICLE3
2019-07MOF × Biopolymer: Collaborative Combination of Metal−Organic Framework and Biopolymer for Advanced Anticancer TherapyKim, Kibeom; Kim, Kibeom, et alARTICLE16
2019-07Gate-Tunable and Programmable n-InGaAs/Black Phosphorus Heterojunction DiodesLee, Youngsu; Um, Doo-Seung, et alARTICLE21
2019-07Advances and Prospects of Sulfide All-Solid-State Lithium Batteries via One-to-One Comparison with Conventional Liquid Lithium Ion BatteriesLee, Hyomyung; Oh, Pilgun, et alARTICLE33
2019-07Fe-N-C combined with Fe 100-x-y-z P x O y N z porous hollow spheres on a phosphoric acid group-rich N-doped carbon as an electrocatalyst for zinc-air batteryYuan, Bing; Nam, Gyutae, et alARTICLE283
2019-07High-Performance Hydrogen Evolution by Ru Single Atoms and Nitrided-Ru Nanoparticles Implanted on N-Doped Graphitic SheetTiwari, Jitendra N.; Harzandi, Ahmad M., et alARTICLE21