MSE_Journal Papers

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2020-08Octa-viologen substituted polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane exhibiting outstanding electrochromic performancesPande, Gaurav K; Choi, Jun Hong, et alARTICLE46
2020-08Immiscible bi-metal single-atoms driven synthesis of electrocatalysts having superb mass-activity and durabilityHarzandi, Ahmad M.; Shadman, Sahar, et alARTICLE8
2020-08Enhanced thermal stability of Bi2Te3-based alloys via interface engineering with atomic layer depositionLim, Sang-Soon; Kim, Kwang-Chon, et alARTICLE5
2020-07Determining the effect of added zirconium on the bond character in TiFe alloys using scanning Kelvin probe force microscopyHan, Huijun; Kim, Han-Jin, et alARTICLE25
2020-07The effect of graphene interlayer at Pt/YIG interface on spin pumpingPark, Jungmin; Oh, Inseon, et alARTICLE12
2020-06Self-powered triboelectric/pyroelectric multimodal sensors with enhanced performances and decoupled multiple stimuliShin, Young-Eun; Sohn, So-Dam, et alARTICLE31
2020-05Lead-free relaxor thin films with huge energy density and low loss for high temperature applicationsKursumovic, Ahmed; Li, Weiwei, et alARTICLE59
2020-05Improved interface quality of atomic-layer-deposited ZrO2 metal-insulator-metal capacitors with Ru bottom electrodesLee, Jae Hwan; Park, Bo-Eun, et alARTICLE11
2020-05Unveiling 79-year-old ixene and its BN-doped derivativePati, Palas Baran; Jin, Eunji, et alARTICLE5
2020-05Dissociative adsorption of H2O2 on TiO2(110) surface for advanced oxidation processKang, Jeong Su; Sohn, So-Dam, et alARTICLE6
2020-04Quantitative evaluation of the antibacterial factors of ZnO nanorod arrays under dark conditions: Physical and chemical effects on Escherichia coil inactivationJeong, Eunhoo; Ul Kim, Chan, et alARTICLE39
2020-04Refined fabrication of mechano-stimulating micro-platform for on-chip analyses of complex platelet behaviorKim, Hyojae; Song, Chulgyu, et alARTICLE50
2020-04Wafer-scale production of patterned transition metal ditelluride layers for two-dimensional metal-semiconductor contacts at the Schottky-Mott limitSong, Seunguk; Sim, Yeoseon, et alARTICLE22
2020-04Electrical Conductivity Gradient Based on Heterofibrous Scaffolds for Stable Lithium-Metal BatteriesHong, Sang-Ho; Jung, Dae-Han, et alARTICLE59
2020-04Synthesis of Highly Oriented Graphite Films with a Low Wrinkle Density and Near-Millimeter-Scale Lateral GrainsChatterjee, Shahana; Kim, Na Yeon, et alARTICLE4
2020-04Large-area single-crystal AB-bilayer and ABA-trilayer graphene grown on a Cu/Ni(111) foilHuang, Ming; Bakharev, Pavel V., et alARTICLE79
2020-03Uniform and Large-Area Cesium-Based Quasi-2D Perovskite Light-Emitting Diodes Using Hot-Casting MethodKim, Da Bin; Lee, Seungjin, et alARTICLE34
2020-03Emergence of Multispinterface and Antiferromagnetic Molecular Exchange Bias via Molecular Stacking on a Ferromagnetic FilmJo, Junhyeon; Byun, Jinho, et alARTICLE53
2020-03Novel high-k gate dielectric properties of ultrathin hydrocarbon films for next-generation metal-insulator-semiconductor devicesKim, Dong-Ok; Hong, Hyo-Ki, et alARTICLE64
2020-03Metal-organic chemical vapor deposition of 2D van der Waals materials-The challenges and the extensive future opportunitiesLee, Do Hee; Sim, Yeoseon, et alARTICLE33