MSE_Journal Papers

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2023-03Study on relaxor polymer interface matrix for piezoelectric nanocomposite generatorsIm, Sungbin; Cho, Sam Yeon, et alARTICLE52
2023-02Effects of the surface ligands of quantum dots on the intaglio transfer printing processKim, Seo Young; Kwon, Jong Ik, et alARTICLE244
2023-02Negative thermal expansion behaviour of graphdiyneKong, Ya; Yin, Yuling, et alARTICLE120
2023-01Catalyst geometry dependent single-walled carbon nanotube formation from polyaromatic hydrocarbon molecule: Pt(111) surface versus Pt nanoparticleXu, Ziwei; Ding, FengARTICLE262
2023-01Simulated Pressure-temperature Carbon Structure Map obtained through uniaxial compression of Bulk C60Zhao, Yifan; Qian, Cheng, et alARTICLE134
2023-01Edge Reconstruction-Dependent Growth Kinetics of MoS2Dong, Jichen; Ding, Degong, et alARTICLE70
2023-01Low-temperature crystallization of LaFeO3 perovskite with inherent catalytically surface for the enhanced oxygen evolution reactionKim, Hee Jun; Kim, Sang Heon, et alARTICLE332
2023-01Silver sulfide nanocrystals as a biocompatible and full-spectrum photocatalyst for efficient light-driven polymerization under aqueous and ambient conditionsYu, Changhoon; Song, Jaejung, et alARTICLE368
2023-01High-performance and self-calibrating multi-gas sensor interface to trace multiple gas species with sub-ppm levelKwon, Yeong Min; Oh, Byungjoo, et alARTICLE450
2023-01Versatile Layered Hydroxide Precursors for Generic Synthesis of Cu-Based MaterialsJang, Wonsik; Kim, Jihun, et alARTICLE280
2023-01Recent Advances in Solution-processed Inorganic Thermoelectric Thin FilmsHeo, Seung Hwae; Shin, Hosun, et alARTICLE284
2023-01Efficient and Moisture-Stable Inverted Perovskite Solar Cells via n-Type Small-Molecule-Assisted Surface TreatmentHong, Ji A.; Jeong, Mingyu, et alARTICLE184
2023-01Achieving Both Ultrahigh Electrical Conductivity and Mechanical Modulus of Carbon Films: Templating-Coalescing Behavior of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube in PolyacrylonitrileLee, Jung-Eun; Kim, Jung Hoon, et alARTICLE206
2023-01Two-Step Sequential Blade-Coating Large-Area FA-Based Perovskite Thin Film via a Controlled PbI2 MicrostructureWen, Yongtao; Li, Jing, et alARTICLE306
2023-01Thermal stability studies of alternating current poled Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O-3-PbTiO3 single crystals grown by solid-state crystal growthKim, Hwang-Pill; Wan, Haotian, et alARTICLE204
2022-12Interfacial roughness driven manipulation of magnetic anisotropy and coercivity in ultrathin thulium iron garnet filmsDuong, Viet Duc; Van, Phuoc Cao, et alARTICLE306
2022-12Microstructure characterization of polycrystalline yttrium iron garnets (YIGs) sintered from the calcined sol-gel powderKim, Min-Ji; Ok, Hye-Jin, et alARTICLE244
2022-12Decoupling of CVD-grown epitaxial graphene using NaCl intercalationKim, Yohan; Han, Huijun, et alARTICLE396
2022-12Unveiling a Surface Electronic Descriptor for Fe–Co Mixing Enhanced the Stability and Efficiency of Perovskite Oxygen Evolution ElectrocatalystsKim, Yongchul; Ha, Miran, et alARTICLE316
2022-12Microstructure and mechanical properties of a gas-tungsten-arc-welded Fe-24Mn-3.5Cr-0.4C high manganese steel pipe using a Fe-22Mn-2.34Ni-0.38C welding wirePark, Geon-Woo; Park, Minha, et alARTICLE118