MSE_Journal Papers

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2022-03Pyro-polymerization of organic pigments for superior lithium storageLee, Taewoong; Kwon, Woong, et alARTICLE46
2022-03Development of colored perovskite solar cells using cholesteric helicoidal superstructuresBae, Sangwok; Noh, Young Wook, et alARTICLE19
2022-02Correlative structural refinement-magnetic tunability, and enhanced magnetostriction in low-temperature, microwave-annealed, Ni-substituted CoFe2O4 nanoparticlesMane, Sagar M.; Teli, Aviraj M., et alARTICLE22
2022-01Enhanced biaxial stretchability of wrinkled SiO2 thin films for stretchable encapsulationKim, Na-Hyang; Hwang, Gyeong-Seok, et alARTICLE35
2022-01Roles of Transition Metal Substrates in Graphene Chemical Vapor Deposition GrowthCheng, Ting; Sun, Luzhao, et alARTICLE67
2022-01A solution-based route to compositionally complex metal oxide structures using high-entropy layered double hydroxidesKim, Miri; Oh, Inseon, et alARTICLE15
2022-01Light activation of 3D-printed structures: from millimeter to sub-micrometer scaleJeong, Hoon Yeub; An, Soo-Chan, et alARTICLE9
2021-12Room-temperature multiferroicity in NiFe2O4 and its magnetoelectric coupling intensified through defect engineeringCho, Jae-Hyeon; Cho, Seongwoo, et alARTICLE93
2021-12Wafer-Scale Two-Dimensional Molybdenum Diselenide Phototransistor Array via Liquid-Precursor-Assisted Chemical Vapor DepositionJeon, Youngseo; Seo, Jihyung, et alARTICLE18
2021-12Stabilities of Isomers of Phosphorus on Transition Metal SubstratesYin, Yuling; Gladkikh, Vladislav, et alARTICLE20
2021-12Mechanism of Corrugated Graphene Moiré Superstructures on Transition-Metal SurfacesZhang, Leining; Ding, FengARTICLE20
2021-12Topological Control of 2D Perovskite Emission in the Strong Coupling RegimeKim, Seongheon; Woo, Byung Hoon, et alARTICLE27
2021-12Selective, stable, bias-free, and efficient solar hydrogen peroxide production on inorganic layered materialsSong, Jaejung; Yu, Je Min, et alARTICLE33
2021-12Modulation of magnetoelectric coupling through systematically engineered spin canting in nickel–zinc ferriteCho, Jae‐Hyeon; Kim, Yu Jin, et alARTICLE9
2021-12In situ cadmium surface passivation of perovskite nanocrystals for blue LEDsJeong, Woo Hyeon; Yu, Zhongkai, et alARTICLE20
2021-12Breathable Artificial Interphase for Dendrite-Free and Chemo-Resistive Lithium Metal AnodeSong, Gyujin; Hwang, Chihyun, et alARTICLE25
2021-12Mechanism of 2D Materials’ Seamless Coalescence on a Liquid SubstrateDing, Li-Ping; Shao, Peng, et alARTICLE23
2021-12Probing Atomic‐Scale Fracture of Grain Boundaries in Low‐symmetry 2D MaterialsZhang, Hui; Yu, Yue, et alARTICLE20
2021-12그래핀에서 스핀 및 밸리 수송에 관한 연구 동향박정민; 김갑진, et alARTICLE6
2021-12Liquid Precursor-Mediated Epitaxial Growth of Highly Oriented 2D van der Waals Semiconductors toward High-Performance ElectronicsSeo, Jihyung; Lee, Junghyun, et alARTICLE12