MSE_Journal Papers

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2023-09All-natural water-resistant paper coated by chitosan nanowhiskers through hydrophilic-to-hydrophobic self-assemblyKim, Hyo Jeong; Hao, Lam Tan, et alARTICLE700
2023-08Laser-Assisted Nanotexturing for Flexible Ultrathin Crystalline Si Solar CellsLee, Youngseok; Woo, Jeong-Hyun, et alARTICLE144
2023-08Aesthetic and efficient perovskite/Si tandem solar cells using luminescent down-shifting textured anti-reflection filmsJung, Eui Dae; Kim, Chan Ul, et alARTICLE340
2023-08Stretchable High-Resolution User-Interactive Synesthesia Displays for Visual-Acoustic EncryptionYoo, Jisu; Ha, Subin, et alARTICLE80
2023-08Emerging Technology of Nanofiber-Composite Hydrogels for Biomedical ApplicationsChoi, Cholong; Yun, Eunhye, et alARTICLE78
2023-08Morphology control of high-quality hexagonal perovskite BaNiO3 by molten salt methodChoi, J. -Y.; Cho, J. -H., et alARTICLE94
2023-08Fabrication of p-type 2D single-crystalline transistor arrays with Fermi-level-tuned van der Waals semimetal electrodesSong, Seunguk; Yoon, Aram, et alARTICLE92
2023-07Sustainable charged composites with amphiphobic surfaces for harsh environment-tolerant non-contact mode triboelectric nanogeneratorsHan, Gi Hyeon; Lee, Seung Hyun, et alARTICLE312
2023-07Molecular degradation mechanism of segmented polyurethane and life prediction through accelerated aging testHong, Sangjun; Park, Na-young, et alARTICLE344
2023-07Guide for Processing of Textured Piezoelectric Ceramics Through the Template Grain Growth MethodZate, Temesgen Tadeyos; Sun, Jeong-Woo, et alARTICLE90
2023-07Analysis of Conductivity Variation and Conduction Mechanism in Bulk NiO Based on Sintering ConditionsLee, Ju-Hyeon; Yeo, Tae-Soo, et alARTICLE84
2023-07Development of Textured 0.37PMN-0.29PIN-0.34PT Ceramics-Based Multilayered Actuator for Cost-Effective Replacement of Single Crystal-Based ActuatorsZate, Temesgen Tadeyos; Sun, Jeong-woo, et alARTICLE80
2023-07A Soft, Self-Sensing Tensile Valve for Perceptive Soft RobotsChoe, Jun Kyu; Kim, Junsoo, et alARTICLE302
2023-07Manipulating Physicochemical Properties of Biosensor Platform with Polysuccinimide-Silica Nanocomposite for Enhanced Protein DetectionSaleh, Rabi Ibrahim; Kim, Suntae, et alARTICLE144
2023-06Low temperature selective catalytic reduction of NOx with NH3 with improved SO2 and water resistance by using N-doped graphene dots-CuO-CeO2 nano-heterostructures modified vanadate catalystsChoi, Sung Yeol; Purbia, Rahul, et alARTICLE508
2023-06Engineering the Local Atomic Configuration in 2H TMDs for Efficient Electrocatalytic Hydrogen EvolutionSon, Eunbin; Lee, Sangjin, et alARTICLE216
2023-06Materials, Device Structures, and Applications of Flexible Perovskite Light-Emitting DiodesJang, Jae Hong; Li, Shi, et alARTICLE240
2023-06High-Performance Electrochemical and Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting at Neutral pH by Ir Nanocluster-Anchored CoFe-Layered Double Hydroxide NanosheetsYu, Je Min; Song, Jaejung, et alARTICLE236
2023-06Pen-drawn Marangoni swimmerSong, Seo Woo; Lee, Sumin, et alARTICLE182
2023-06Chiral electroluminescence from thin-film perovskite metacavitiesKim, Seongheon; An, Soo-Chan, et alARTICLE508