MNE_Journal Papers

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ACCEPTHybrid Flocking Control Algorithm for Fixed-Wing AircraftSun, Dawei; Kwon, Cheolhyeon, et alARTICLE340
ACCEPTPrediction-based Adaptive Robust Tracking Control of an Uncertain First-Order Time-Delay SystemSuraj Nandiganahalli, Jayaprakash; Kwon, Cheolhyeon, et alARTICLE235
2020-08Digital volume correlation technique for characterizing subsurface deformation behavior of a laminated compositeLee, Sooyoung; Jo, Eonyeon, et alARTICLE10
2020-08Using rate theory to better understand the stress effect of irradiation creep in iron and its based alloyChoi, Sang Il; Banisalman, Mosab Jaser, et alARTICLE9
2020-07A quantitative assessment framework for cyber-attack scenarios on nuclear power plants using relative difficulty and consequencePark, Jong Woo; Lee, Seung JunARTICLE17
2020-07Integrated Design and Fabrication of a Conductive PDMS Sensor and Polypyrrole Actuator CompositeKwak, Bokeon; Bae, JoonbumARTICLE75
2020-06Development of mobile scanning system for effective in-situ spatial prediction of radioactive contamination at decommissioning sitesLee, Chanki; Park, Se-Won, et alARTICLE38
2020-06Gaussian mixture probability hypothesis density filter against measurement origin uncertaintyKim, Dohyeung; Kwon, Cheolhyeon, et alARTICLE39
2020-06Coupling of FRAPCON for fuel performance analysis in the Monte Carlo code MCSYu, Jiankai; Lee, Hyunsuk, et alARTICLE145
2020-06Amplitude-induced bandgap: New type of bandgap for nonlinear elastic metamaterialsBae, Myung Hwan; Oh, Joo HwanARTICLE36
2020-06Single-layer elastic metasurface with double negativity for anomalous refractionLee, Sung Won; Oh, Joo HwanARTICLE3
2020-05Highly Ordered and Dense Thermally Conductive Graphitic Films from a Graphene Oxide/Reduced Graphene Oxide MixtureAkbari, Abozar; Cunning, Benjamin V., et alARTICLE38
2020-05MCS/TH1D analysis of VERA whole-core multi-cycle depletion problemsNguyen, Tung Dong Cao.; Lee, Hyunsuk, et alARTICLE68
2020-05MCS – A Monte Carlo particle transport code for large-scale power reactor analysisLee, Hyunsuk; Kim, Wonkyeong, et alARTICLE71
2020-05Real-time in situ monitoring of manufacturing process and CFRP quality by relative resistance change measurementJeong, Changyoon; Lee, Tae Hee, et alARTICLE24
2020-05Torque Control of a Series Elastic Tendon-sheath Actuation MechanismJung, Yeongtae; Bae, JoonbumARTICLE15
2020-05Validation of UNIST Monte Carlo Code MCS using VERA Progression ProblemsNguyen, Tung Dong Cao; Lee, Hyunsuk, et alARTICLE96
2020-05EMG-Based Real-Time Linear-Nonlinear Cascade Regression Decoding of Shoulder, Elbow and Wrist Movements in Able-Bodied Persons and Stroke SurvivorsLiu, Jie; Ren, Yupeng, et alARTICLE187
2020-05B-10(n, alpha)Li-7 reaction-induced gas bubble formation in Al-B4C neutron absorber irradiated in spent nuclear fuel poolJung, Yunsong; Lee, Myeongkyu, et alARTICLE4
2020-04Adjoint-based sensitivity analysis of circulating liquid fuel system for the multiphysics model of molten salt reactorJeong, Yeong Shin; Cervi, Eric, et alARTICLE40