MNE_Journal Papers

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ACCEPTPrediction-based Adaptive Robust Tracking Control of an Uncertain First-Order Time-Delay SystemSuraj Nandiganahalli, Jayaprakash; Kwon, Cheolhyeon, et alARTICLE143
ACCEPTHybrid Flocking Control Algorithm for Fixed-Wing AircraftSun, Dawei; Kwon, Cheolhyeon, et alARTICLE188
ACCEPTDelay-tolerant Adaptive Robust Tracking Control of Uncertain Time-Delay SystemsSuraj Nandiganahalli, Jayaprakash; Kwon, Cheolhyeon, et alARTICLE161
2020-04Fuel performance analysis of BEAVRS benchmark Cycle 1 depletion with MCS/FRAPCON coupled systemYu, Jiankai; Lee, Hyunsuk, et alARTICLE51
2020-03An Energy-Efficient Multi-Mode Multi-Channel Gas-Sensor System with Learning-Based Optimization and Self-Calibration SchemesPark, Kyeonghwan; Choi, Subin, et alARTICLE204
2020-03Low cost synthesis of reduced graphene oxide using biopolymer for influenza virus sensorJoshi, Shalik R.; Sharma, Abhinav, et alARTICLE97
2020-02Hierarchically structured ZnO nanorod-carbon fiber composites as ultrathin, flexible, highly sensitive triboelectric sensorsJeong, Changyoon; Lee, Seonghwan, et alARTICLE6
2020-02Complementary ex situ investigations of various fracture modes in a single-edge-notched symmetric cross-ply laminate subjected to tensile loadingHong, Chaeyoung; Ji, WooseokARTICLE90
2020-02Guaranteed performance based adaptive attitude tracking of spacecraft with control constraintsXia, Kewei; Son, HungsunARTICLE35
2020-02Effects of non-thermal plasma on the lean blowout limits and CO/NOx emissions in swirl-stabilized turbulent lean-premixed flames of methane/airKim, Gyeong Taek; Yoo, Chun Sang, et alARTICLE74
2020-02Neutronic simulation of China Experimental Fast Reactor start-up tests. Part I: SARAX code deterministic calculationDu, Xianan; Choe, Jiwon, et alARTICLE76
2020-02Determination of the activity inventory and associated uncertainty quantification for the CROCUS zero power research reactorKim, Wonkyeong; Hursin, Mathieu, et alARTICLE80
2020-02Cooperative information-driven source search and estimation for multiple agentsPark, Minkyu; Oh, HyondongARTICLE79
2020-01Exhaustive testing of safety-critical software for reactor protection systemLee, Sang Hun; Lee, Seung Jun, et alARTICLE93
2020-01A Numerical Investigation of Flow and Heat Transfer of Laminar Multiple Slot Jets Impinging on Multiple Protruding Heat SourcesPaulraj, Maheandera Prabu; Byon, Chan, et alARTICLE218
2020-01Radiological assessment on spent resin treatment facility and transportation for radioactive waste disposalChoi, Woo Nyun; Lee, UkJae, et alARTICLE130
2020-01Optimization of software development life cycle quality for NPP safety software based on a risk-cost modelLee, Sang Hun; Lee, Seung Jun, et alARTICLE71
2020-01Enhanced heat transfer and reduced pressure loss with U-pattern of helical wire spacer arrangement for liquid metal cooled-fast reactor fuel assemblyJeong, Yeong Shin; Kim, Ji Yong, et alARTICLE70
2020-01Adaptive control for multi-rotor UAVs autonomous ship landing with mission planningXia, Kewei; Lee, Sangheon, et alARTICLE48
2020-01In situ observation of interactive failure modes in a single-edge notched symmetric cross-ply laminate using synchrotron X-ray tomographyJo, Eonyeon; Lee, Sooyoung, et alARTICLE82