MEN_Journal Papers

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2021-11On the flame stabilization of turbulent lifted hydrogen jet flames in heated coflows near the autoignition limit: A comparative DNS studyJung, Ki Sung; Kim, Seung Ook, et alARTICLE9
2021-10Optimized Design of Multi-Material Cellular Structures by a Level-Set Method With Guyan ReductionChung, Hayoung; Du, ZongliangARTICLE26
2021-10Recent advancements in the measurement of pathogenic airborne virusesBhardwaj, Jyoti; Hong, Seongkyeol, et alARTICLE36
2021-10Smart gating of the flexible Ag@CoxMo1-xP and rGO-loaded composite based personal thermal management device inspired by the neuroanatomic circuitry of endothermsHazarika, Ankita; Deka, Biplab K., et alARTICLE7
2021-09NOx emission characteristics of CH4 versus O2/CO2 counterflow non-premixed flames at various pressures up to 300 atmJung, Ki Sung; Park, Hyun Su, et alARTICLE58
2021-09Dynamic based trajectory estimation and tracking in an uncertain environmentKim, Myunggun; Memon, Sufyan Ali, et alARTICLE40
2021-09NOx emission characteristics of CH4 versus O2/CO2 counterflow non-premixed flames at various pressures up to 300 atmJung, Ki Sung; Bak, Hyun Su, et alARTICLE25
2021-08Multi-sensor integration and fusion for control of Multi-DOF spherical motion platformLee, Seong-Min; Son, HungsunARTICLE17
2021-08Deep-learning-based real-time monitoring of full-penetration laser keyhole welding by using the synchronized coaxial observation methodKim, Hyeongwon; Nam, Kimoon, et alARTICLE17
2021-08Multicriteria decision analysis framework for part orientation analysis in additive manufacturingRansikarbum, Kasin; Pitakaso, Rapeepan, et alARTICLE29
2021-07Enhancing coupling efficiency in laser keyhole welding of copper using femtosecond laser surface modificationLee, Keunhee; Ki, HyungsonARTICLE66
2021-07Origami-structured Actuating Modules for Upper Limb SupportSeo, Seongmin; Park, Wookeun, et alARTICLE108
2021-07Portable triboelectric microfluidic system for self-powered sensors towards in-situ detectionZhou, Qitao; Lee, Kyunghun, et alARTICLE28
2021-07Analysis of electrical resistance changes in liquid metal printed wires under strain for stretchable electronicsKim, Heeyeop; Bae, JoonbumARTICLE10
2021-07Physical collection and viability of airborne bacteria collected under electrostatic field with different sampling media and protocols towards rapid detectionHong, Seongkyeol; Kim, Myeong-Woo, et alARTICLE20
2021-06자가 변위 측정이 가능한 전기-유압식 소프트 지핑 구동기의 개발이동영; 곽보건, et alARTICLE24
2021-06A Hybrid Jamming Structure Combining Granules and a Chain Structure for Robotic ApplicationsPark, Wookeun; Lee, Dongman, et alARTICLE49
2021-06Low-cost synthesis of high quality graphene oxide with large electrical and thermal conductivitiesJoshi, Shalik Ram; Lee, Jaekyo, et alARTICLE23
2021-06Investigation of impact resistance performance of carbon fiber reinforced polypropylene composites with different lamination to applicate fender partsKwon, Dong-Jun; Kim, Neul-Sae-Rom, et alARTICLE62
2021-06Random vibration fatigue analysis of a multi-material battery pack structure for an electric vehicleKim, Hye-gyu; Kim, Gyeongchan, et alARTICLE44