MEN_Journal Papers

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2023-01High enrichment and near real-time quantification of airborne viruses using a wet-paper-based electrochemical immunosensor under an electrostatic fieldBhardwaj, Jyoti; Ngo, Nhan Dinh, et alARTICLE22
2022-12Full-Fiber Auxetic-Interlaced Yarn Sensor for Sign-Language Translation Glove Assisted by Artificial Neural NetworkWu, Ronghui; Seo, Sangjin, et alARTICLE196
2022-11Enhancement of flow boiling heat transfer by laser-induced periodic surface structures using femtosecond laserLim, Kihoon; Lee, Keunhee, et alARTICLE221
2022-11Analysis and optimization of thermoelastic structures with tension–compression asymmetryDu, Zongliang; Jia, Yibo, et alARTICLE16
2022-11Survey on the state-of-the-art in device-to-device communication: A resource allocation perspectiveIslam, Tariq; Kwon, CheolhyeonARTICLE18
2022-09Exploration in deep reinforcement learning: A surveyLadosz, Pawel; Weng, Lilian, et alARTICLE231
2022-09Effects of non-thermal plasma on turbulent premixed flames of ammonia/air in a swirl combustorKim, Gyeong Taek; Park, Jeong, et alARTICLE287
2022-09Spider-inspired regenerated silk fibroin fiber actuator via microfluidic spinningWu, Ronghui; Bae, Juyeol, et alARTICLE117
2022-09Improvement of humid air condensate drainage through bi-philic patterned surfacesLee, Seunghwan; Lee, JaeseonARTICLE148
2022-09Lifetime Prediction of Silicone and Direct Ink Writing-based Soft Sensors Under Cyclic StrainKim, Kyeongtaek; Bae, JoonbumARTICLE33
2022-09Performance Evaluation of a Tactile and Kinesthetic Finger Feedback System for TeleoperationPark, Sungman; Park, Yeongyu, et alARTICLE38
2022-09Design Approach for Additive Manufacturing of a Dynamically Functioning System: Lifeboat HookAuyeskhan, Ulanbek; Kim, Namhun, et alARTICLE168
2022-09Deep learning aided evaluation for electromechanical properties of complexly structured polymer nanocompositesBaek, Kyungmin; Hwang, Taehyun, et alARTICLE16
2022-09Aerodynamic design optimization for a canopy based on response surface methodology and a multi-objective genetic algorithmKim, Min Je; Hwang, Hyeon Gyu, et alARTICLE30
2022-09Fabrication of Salvinia-inspired surfaces for hydrodynamic drag reduction by capillary-force-induced clusteringKim, Minsu; Yoo, Seunghoon, et alARTICLE26
2022-08Monocular vision-based time-to-collision estimation for small drones by domain adaptation of simulated imagesKim, Minwoo; Ladosz, Pawel, et alARTICLE203
2022-08Analysis of laser-beam absorptance and keyhole behavior during laser keyhole welding of aluminum alloy using a deep-learning-based monitoring systemKim, Hyeongwon; Nam, Kimoon, et alARTICLE113
2022-08Laser powder bed fusion for AI assisted digital metal componentsSeo, Eunhyeok; Sung, Hyokyung, et alARTICLE237
2022-08Bursting jet in two tandem bubbles at the free surfaceLee, Chang Geol; Lee, Sun Youb, et alARTICLE78
2022-08Dual Matrix Influence on Ni(II) Rich Hybrid Catalyst for Electrochemical Methanol Oxidation ReactionHoque, Nazimul; Lee, Seonghwan, et alARTICLE18