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2022-09Effects of non-thermal plasma on turbulent premixed flames of ammonia/air in a swirl combustorKim, Gyeong Taek; Park, Jeong, et alARTICLE52
2022-07Efficient measurement of airborne viable viruses using the growth-based virus aerosol concentrator with high flow velocitiesJang, Junbeom; Bhardwaj, Jyoti, et alARTICLE88
2022-07Measurement of pure mode I fracture toughness at a sandwich interface and parametrization of the R-curve for a cohesive elementLee, Sooyoung; Ji, WooseokARTICLE52
2022-06Effect of the thickness of polyethylene insulation on flame spread over electrical wire with Cu-core under AC electric fieldsKang, Min Sung; Park, Jeong, et alARTICLE105
2022-06Negative out-of-plane Poisson's ratio of bilayer graphaneViet Hung Ho; Duc Tam Ho, et alARTICLE37
2022-05High strength aluminum alloys design via explainable artificial intelligencePark, Seobin; Kayani, Saif Haider, et alARTICLE134
2022-05A Direct Ink Writing Based Fabric-Embedded Soft Sensor for Improved Durability and SewabilityOh, Jihye; Bae, JoonbumARTICLE21
2022-05Laser powder bed fusion for AI assisted digital metal componentsSeo, Eunhyeok; Sung, Hyokyung, et alARTICLE33
2022-04Real-fluid thermophysicalModels: An OpenFOAM-based library for reacting flow simulations at high pressureNguyen, Danh Nam; Jung, Ki Sung, et alARTICLE119
2022-04Assembly Part Positioning on Transformable Pin Array Fixture by Active Pin Maximization and Joining Point AlignmentPark, Jin Woo; Park, Jongil, et alARTICLE242
2022-04Efficiency of air-dried and freeze-dried alginate/xanthan beads in batch, recirculating and column adsorption processesKondaveeti, Stalin; Petri, Denise F. S., et alARTICLE28
2022-04Unified Method for Field-of-View-Limited Homing GuidanceDong, Wei; Wang, Chunyan, et alARTICLE11
2022-03Online parameter identification framework for a multirotor UAV: Application to an arm stretchable morphing multirotorLee, Sangheon; Chung, Wonmo, et alARTICLE173
2022-03Paper-based electrochemical peptide sensor for label-free and rapid detection of airborne Bacillus anthracis simulant sporesPark, Chanhwi; Lee, Jaegil, et alARTICLE110
2022-03작업자가 포함된 생산 시스템의 디지털 트윈 구축을 위한 인공지능 기반 인간 행동 분석 연구박수형; 정해권, et alARTICLE88
2022-03Numerical model for compression molding process of hybridly laminated thermoplastic composites based on anisotropic rheologyLee, Sooyoung; Shin, Dongwoo, et alARTICLE59
2022-03A Passive Upper Limb Exoskeleton with Tilted and Offset Shoulder Joints for Assisting Overhead TasksKim, Joonsoo; Kim, Juri, et alARTICLE70
2022-03Accelerated Design of High-Efficiency Lead-Free Tin Perovskite Solar Cells via Machine LearningBak, Taeju; Kim, Kyusun, et alARTICLE69
2022-03Accurate prediction of the particle image velocimetry flow field and rotor thrust using deep learningOh, Sehyeok; Lee, Seungcheol, et alARTICLE36
2022-03Aerodynamic effects of canopy inflation in paraglidingChae, Seokbong; Shin, Jeonghan, et alARTICLE40