PHY_Journal Papers

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2023-01Terahertz virus-sized gold nanogap sensorJi, Gangseon; Kim, Hwan Sik, et alARTICLE510
2023-01Nanoscale Etching of La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 without Etch Lag using Chlorine Based Inductively Coupled PlasmaSarkar, Nimphy; Han, Jaewoo, et alARTICLE212
2023-01Atomically Flat, 2D Edge-Directed Self-Assembly of Block CopolymersKim, Jang Hwan; Jeong, Hyeon U., et alARTICLE86
2022-12Maximally chiral emission via chiral quasi-bound states in the continuumLim, Yeonsoo; Seo, In Cheol, et alARTICLE386
2022-12토크 마그네토메트리를 이용한 박막 이종구조의 양자자성 관측 가능성공민식; 옥종목, et alARTICLE58
2022-12Stochastic fluctuation and transport of tokamak edge plasmas with the resonant magnetic perturbation fieldChoi, Minjun J.; Kwon, Jae-Min, et alARTICLE146
2022-12Antenna-based reduced IR absorbers for high performance microbolometersRao, S Jagan Mohan; Kim, Dai-Sik, et alARTICLE310
2022-11Near-maximum microwave absorption in a thin metal film at the pseudo-free-standing limitHaddadi, Mahsa M.; Das, Bamadev, et alARTICLE166
2022-11Detection of Single Nanoparticles inside a Single Terahertz ResonatorBahk, Young-Mi; Kim, Kyoung-Ho, et alARTICLE198
2022-11Unusual Spin Polarization in the Chirality- Induced Spin SelectivityWolf, Yotam; Liu, Yizhou, et alARTICLE444
2022-11Multiple Coulomb scattering of muons in lithium hydrideBogomilov, M.; Tsenov, R., et alARTICLE78
2022-11General Theory of Specific Binding: Insights from a Genetic-Mechano-Chemical Protein ModelMcBride, John M.; Eckmann, Jean-Pierre, et alARTICLE90
2022-11Second harmonic Hall responses of insulators as a probe of Berry curvature dipoleOkyay, Mahmut Sait; Sato, Shunsuke A, et alARTICLE182
2022-11Experimental Demonstration of Double Emittance Exchange toward Arbitrary Longitudinal Beam Phase-Space ManipulationsSeok, Jimin; Ha, Gwanghui, et alARTICLE62
2022-11Multifunctional Terahertz Transparency of a Thermally Oxidized Vanadium Metasurface over Insulator Metal TransitionYang, Hyosim; Kim, Dai-Sik, et alARTICLE78
2022-11Hydrophenazine-linked two-dimensional ladder-type crystalline fused aromatic network with high charge transportNoh, Hyuk-Jun; Chung, Sein, et alARTICLE374
2022-10Cavity-Amplified Scattering Spectroscopy Reveals the Dynamics of Proteins and Nanoparticles in Quasi-transparent and Miniature SamplesAmblard, Francois; Graciani, Guillaume, et alARTICLE172
2022-10Separation of track- and shower-like energy deposits in ProtoDUNE-SP using a convolutional neural networkYang, T.; DUNE Collaboration, et alARTICLE366
2022-10Room-temperature continuous-wave indirect-bandgap transition lasing in an ultra-thin WS2 diskSung, Junghyun; Shin, Dongjin, et alARTICLE266
2022-10Diagonal and off-diagonal thermal conduction with resonant phonon scattering in Ni3TeO6Yang, Heejun; Xu, Xianghan, et alARTICLE230