PHY_Journal Papers

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2021-12Intracellular gallium nitride microrod laserSong, Minho S.; Baek, Hyeonjun, et alARTICLE227
2021-12Room-temperature multiferroicity in NiFe2O4 and its magnetoelectric coupling intensified through defect engineeringCho, Jae-Hyeon; Cho, Seongwoo, et alARTICLE35
2021-10Mitigation of space-charge-driven resonance and instability in high-intensity linear accelerators via beam spinningCheon, Yoo-Lim; Moon, Seok-Ho, et alARTICLE19
2021-10Graphoepitaxy of Symmetric Six-Arm Star-Shaped Poly(methyl methacrylate)-block-Polystyrene Copolymer Thin FilmPark, So Yeong; Jeong, Hyeon U., et alARTICLE22
2021-09Vacuum system for EBIS charge breeder of the RAON heavy ion acceleratorSon, Hyock-Jun; Park, Young-Ho, et alARTICLE24
2021-09High-Resolution, High-Contrast Optical Interface for Defect QubitsMoon, Jong Sung; Lee, Haneul, et alARTICLE11
2021-08Radiation reaction and the acceleration-dependent mass increase of a charged sphere undergoing uniform accelerationKang, Teyoun; Noble, Adam, et alARTICLE38
2021-08Parametric dependencies of locked mode thresholds in KSTAR L-mode plasmasYang, S. M.; Park, J. -K., et alARTICLE35
2021-08Temporal shaping of single photons by engineering exciton dynamics in a single quantum dotKim, Kyu-Young; Richardson, Christopher J. K., et alARTICLE149
2021-08Augmented All-Optical Active Terahertz Device Using Graphene-Based MetasurfaceChoi, Geunchang; Chau, Tuan Khanh, et alARTICLE44
2021-08High sensitivity bolometers based on metal nanoantenna dimers with a nanogap filled with vanadium dioxideLee, Dukhyung; Kim, Dasom, et alARTICLE55
2021-08Layering transitions and metastable structures of cholesteric liquid crystals in cylindrical confinementEun, Jonghee; Pollard, Joseph, et alARTICLE35
2021-08Nonclassical Surface Nucleation of 6CB at the Air-Liquid Interface of a 6CB Oil-in-Water NanoemulsionPark, Jin Tae; Paneru, Govind, et alARTICLE13
2021-08Vertical transverse transport induced by hidden in-plane Berry curvature in two dimensionsKim, Kyoung-Whan; Jeong, Hogyun, et alARTICLE35
2021-08Inducing and Probing Localized Excitons in Atomically Thin Semiconductors via Tip-Enhanced Cavity-SpectroscopyLee, Hyeongwoo; Kim, Inki, et alARTICLE7
2021-08Design of an Antireflection Coating for High-efficiency Superconducting Nanowire Single-photon DetectorsChoi, Jiman; Choi, Gahyun, et alARTICLE9
2021-07Effects of Multiscale Plasma Waves on Electron Preacceleration at Weak Quasi-perpendicular Intracluster ShocksHa, Ji-Hoon; Kim, Sunjung, et alARTICLE48
2021-07Observation of Gravitational Waves from Two Neutron Star-Black Hole CoalescencesAbbott, R.; LIGO Sci Collaboration, et alARTICLE91
2021-07Upper limits on the isotropic gravitational-wave background from Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo's third observing runAbbott, R.; Ha, S., et alARTICLE22
2021-07Supernova Model Discrimination with Hyper-KamiokandeAbe, K.; Adrich, P., et alARTICLE78