PHY_Journal Papers

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2023-09The energy spectrum of cosmic rays measured by the Telescope Array using 10 years of fluorescence detector dataAbbasi, R.U.; Abe, Y., et alARTICLE94
2023-09Type-II Red Phosphorus: Wavy Packing of Twisted Pentagonal TubesYoon, Jun-Yeong; Lee, Yangjin, et alARTICLE78
2023-08Flux-Driven Josephson Parametric Amplifier Fabricated Using the Nb/AlOx/Nb Trilayer ProcessChoi, Gahyun; Kim, Bokyung, et alARTICLE252
2023-08Recent status of pre-bunching and re-bunching systems for low-energy experimental facilities at RAONKwak, D.; Ham, C., et alARTICLE154
2023-08HOW-MHD: A High-order WENO-based Magnetohydrodynamic Code with a High-order Constrained Transport Algorithm for Astrophysical ApplicationsSeo, Jeongbhin; Ryu, DongsuARTICLE86
2023-08Commissioning results of single bunch selection system for the RAON heavy-ion accelerator facilityMoon, S. H.; Kwak, D., et alARTICLE80
2023-08Overview of nuclear data production system at RAONHam, C.; Tshoo, K., et alARTICLE98
2023-08Development of the self-modulation instability of a relativistic proton bunch in plasmaVerra, L.; Wyler, S., et alARTICLE68
2023-07Nanoscale Etching of La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 without Etch Lag using Chlorine Based Inductively Coupled PlasmaSarkar, Nimphy; Han, Jaewoo, et alARTICLE866
2023-07High-Efficiency Photodetector Based on a CVD-Grown WS2 MonolayerPrasad, Rakesh K.; Ghosh, Koushik, et alARTICLE28
2023-06Experimental design for observation of long beam-plasma instabilitiesMoon, K.; Jeong, J., et alARTICLE178
2023-06Electron-Ion Temperature Ratio in Astrophysical ShocksRaymond, John C.; Ghavamian, Parviz, et alARTICLE194
2023-06Detecting and Characterizing Young Quasars. III. The Impact of Gravitational Lensing MagnificationYue, Minghao; Eilers, Anna-Christina, et alARTICLE222
2023-06Overview of fusion-like neutron sources based on high-intensity linear acceleratorsCheon, Yoo Lim; Kim, Hyun Wook, et alARTICLE244
2023-06Tuning orbital-selective phase transitions in a two-dimensional Hund's correlated systemKo, Eun Kyo; Hahn, Sungsoo, et alARTICLE86
2023-06On the Featutrs of Double-Wire Vibrating Wire MonitorMirzoyan, G. V.; Spottek, L., et alARTICLE72
2023-05Polar Perturbations in Functional Oxide HeterostructuresOh, Yoon Seok; Wang, Lingfei, et alARTICLE576
2023-05Identification and reconstruction of low-energy electrons in the ProtoDUNE-SP detectorAbud, A. Abed; Djurcic, Z, et alARTICLE84
2023-05Investigation of Mg-22 levels via resonant scattering of Ne-18 + alphaCha, S. M.; Chae, K. Y., et alARTICLE92
2023-04Heterogeneous Integration of Freestanding Bilayer Oxide Membrane for MultiferroicityKang, Kyeong Tae; Corey, Zachary J, et alARTICLE598