SNS_Journal Papers

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201904Effects of climate change on Plasmodium vivax malaria transmission dynamics: A mathematical modeling approachKim, Jung Eun; Choi, Yongin, et alARTICLE41
201904Rapid synthesis of graphene by chemical vapor deposition using liquefied petroleum gas as precursorLee, Imbok; Bae, Dong Jae, et alARTICLE5
201903Atomic-layer deposition of crystalline BeO on SiCLee, Seung Min; Jang, Yoonseo, et alARTICLE41
201903n-level densities for twisted cubic Dirichlet L-functionsCho, Perter J.; Park, JeonghoARTICLE66
201902On boundary layers for the Burgers equations in a bounded domainChoi, Junho; Jung, Chang-Yeol, et alARTICLE39
201902Highly Efficient and Stable Inverted Perovskite Solar Cell Obtained via Treatment by Semiconducting Chemical AdditiveYu, Jae Choul; Badgujar, Sachin, et alARTICLE73
201901Covalent bonding of sulfur nanoparticles to unzipped multiwalled carbon nanotubes for high-performance lithium-sulfur batteriesQi, Siqi; Sun, Jinhua, et alARTICLE47
201901Filaments of galaxies as a clue to the origin of ultrahigh-energy cosmic raysKim, Jihyun; Ryu, Dongsu, et alARTICLE34
201901High-resolution rotational Raman spectroscopy of benzeneLee, Jong Chan; Lee, Dong Eun, et alARTICLE39
201901Synthesis of Porous Covalent Quinazoline Networks (CQNs) and Their Gas Sorption PropertiesBuyukcakir, Onur; Yuksel, Recep, et alARTICLE21
201901Planar and van der Waals heterostructures for vertical tunnelling single electron transistorsKim, Gangwoo; Kim, Sung-Soo, et alARTICLE9
201901A large-aperture strip-grid beam splitter for partially combined two millimeter-wave diagnostics on Korea Superconducting Tokamak Advanced ResearchLee, DJ; Lee, W, et alARTICLE9
201901Hydrophobic Shielding of Outer Surface: Enhancing the Chemical Stability of Metal–Organic PolyhedraMollick, Samraj; Mukherjee, Soumya, et alARTICLE17
201901Ru(II)-based antineoplastic: A "wingtip" N-heterocyclic carbene facilitates access to a new class of organometallics that are cytotoxic to common cancer cell linesMondal, Ambarish; Tripathy, Rajat K., et alARTICLE66
201901Surface State-Mediated Charge Transfer of Cs2SnI6 and Its Application in Dye-Sensitized Solar CellsShin, HyeonOh; Kim, Byung-Man, et alARTICLE62
201901Sphere-to-Multipod Transmorphic Change of Nanoconfined Pt Electrocatalyst during Oxygen Reduction ReactionYang, Juchan; Kang, Dongwoo, et alARTICLE31
201812La-doped BaSnO3 electron transport layer for perovskite solar cellsMyung, Chang Woo; Lee, Geunsik, et alARTICLE98
201812Surface-induced transition of nematic liquid crystals on graphene/SiC substrateYu, Jeong-Seon; Lev, Bohdan, et alARTICLE24
201812Matter-wave diffraction from a periodic array of half planesLee, Ju Hyeon; Kim, Lee Yeong, et alARTICLE31
201812Structural diversity of metal-organic frameworks via employment of azamacrocycles as a building blockLee, Jae Hwa; Moon, Hoi RiARTICLE101