PHY_Journal Papers

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2022-10Nonlinear MHD modeling of n=1 RMP-induced pedestal transport and mode coupling effects on ELM suppression in KSTARKim, S. K.; Pamela, S., et alARTICLE6
2022-09Reversibly controlled ternary polar states and ferroelectric bias promoted by boosting square‐tensile‐strainLee, Jun Han; Duong, Nguyen Xuan, et alARTICLE52
2022-08Plug‐and‐Play Single‐Photon Devices with Efficient Fiber‐Quantum Dot InterfaceJeon, Woong Bae; Moon, Jong Sung, et alARTICLE148
2022-08Colossal Power Extraction from Active Cyclic Brownian Information EnginesPaneru, Govind; Dutta, Sandipan, et alARTICLE100
2022-08Significant thermal Hall effect in the 3d cobalt Kitaev system Na2Co2TeO6Yang, Heejun; Kim, Chaebin, et alARTICLE29
2022-08Search for Spatial Correlations of Neutrinos with Ultra-high-energy Cosmic RaysA. Albert.; IceCube Collaboration, et alARTICLE60
2022-08The AWAKE Run 2 Programme and BeyondGschwendtner, Dda; Lotov, Konstantin, et alARTICLE22
2022-08Searches for Gravitational Waves from Known Pulsars at Two Harmonics in the Second and Third LIGO-Virgo Observing RunsAbbott, R.; LIGO Sci Collaboration, et alARTICLE16
2022-08Broadband high-performance terahertz polarizer based on a dense array of 5 nm gap slit antennasKim, Sunghwan; Kim, Dasom, et alARTICLE15
2022-07van der Waals integration of GaN light-emitting diode arrays on foreign graphene films using semiconductor/graphene heterostructuresSingh, Anuj Kumar; Ahn, Kwangseok, et alARTICLE194
2022-07Scintillation light detection in the 6-m drift-length ProtoDUNE Dual Phase liquid argon TPCAbud, A. Abed; Cuesta, C, et alARTICLE178
2022-07Controlled Growth of the Self-Modulation of a Relativistic Proton Bunch in PlasmaVerra, L.; Della Porta, G. Zevi, et alARTICLE178
2022-06Toward holistic understanding of the ITER-like resonant magnetic perturbation (RMP) ELM control on KSTARIn, Yongkyoon; Lee, H. H., et alARTICLE170
2022-06Intra-instrument channel workable, optical-resolution photoacoustic and ultrasonic mini-probe system for gastrointestinal endoscopyKim, Minjae; Lee, Kang Won, et alARTICLE366
2022-06Pressure-Dependent Structure of BaZrO3 Crystals as Determined by Raman SpectroscopyGim, Dong-Hyeon; Sur, Yeahan, et alARTICLE128
2022-06Positional information as a universal predictor of freezingDas, Tamoghna; Tlusty, TsviARTICLE162
2022-06Narrowband Searches for Continuous and Long-duration Transient Gravitational Waves from Known Pulsars in the LIGO-Virgo Third Observing RunAbbott, R.; Abbott, T. D., et alARTICLE98
2022-06Insensitivity of a turbulent laser-plasma dynamo to initial conditionsBott, A. F. A.; Chen, L., et alARTICLE151
2022-06Beyond-hot-spot absorption enhancement on top of terahertz nanotrenchesJeong, Jeeyoon; Kim, Dai-Sik, et alARTICLE187
2022-06Giant bulk photovoltaic effect driven by the wall-to-wall charge shift in WS2 nanotubesKim, Bumseop; Park, Noejung, et alARTICLE108