UEE_Journal Papers

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201904Self-healing of modified sulfur composites with calcium sulfoaluminate cement and superabsorbent polymerGwon, Seongwoo; Ahn, Eunjong, et alARTICLE8
201904Shared housing as a potential resource for community buildingCho, Gi-Hyoug; Woo, Ayoung, et alARTICLE25
201904Continuous fatigue crack length estimation for aluminum 6061-T6 plates with a notchLim, Hyung Jin; Lee, Young-Joo, et alARTICLE165
201904Recent changes of trans-boundary air pollution over the Yellow Sea: Implications for future air quality in South KoreaBhardwaj, Piyush; Ki, Seo J., et alARTICLE7
201903Evaluating the influence of climate change on the fate and transport of fecal coliform bacteria using the modified SWAT modelJeon, Dong Jin; Ligaray, Mayzonee, et alARTICLE64
201903Techno-economic feasibility of recovering phosphorus, nitrogen and water from dilute human urine via forward osmosisVolpin, Federico; Heo, Huijin, et alARTICLE38
201903A novel discovery of a gaseous sH clathrate hydrate formerKim, Eunae; Seo, YongwonARTICLE54
201902Evaluating membrane fouling potentials of dissolved organic matter in brackish waterPark, Sunghun; Nam, Taewoo, et alARTICLE42
201902Effects of abraded fine particle content on strength of quick-hardening concreteLee, Il-Wha; Park, Junkil, et alARTICLE21
201902Would you share your home? The multifaceted determinants of preference for shared housing among young adultsWoo, Ayoung; Cho, Gi-Hyoug, et alARTICLE18
201902Thermodynamic and kinetic influences of NaCl on HFC-125a hydrates and their significance in gas hydrate-based desalinationChoi, Wonjung; Lee, Yohan, et alARTICLE37
201902Matrix-specific distribution and compositional profiles of perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) in multimedia environmentsSeo, Sung-Hee; Son, Min-Hui, et alARTICLE49
201902Seasonal characteristics of particulate polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in a petrochemical and oil refinery industrial area on the west coast of South KoreaThang, Phan Quang; Kim, Seong-Joon, et alARTICLE28
201901The cation-dependent effects of formate salt additives on the strength and microstructure of CaO-activated fly ash bindersSuh, Jung-Il; Yum, Woo Sung, et alARTICLE56
201901Spatial and temporal variations of volatile organic compounds using passive air samplers in the multi-industrial city of Ulsan, KoreaKim, Seong-Joon; Kwon, Hye-Ok, et alARTICLE7
201901Economic impacts of a linear urban park on local businesses: The case of Gyeongui Line Forest Park in SeoulPark, Juhyeon; Kim, JeongseobARTICLE65
201901Rapid and effective isolation of dissolved organic matter using solid-phase extraction cartridges packed with amberlite XAD 8/4 resinsRho, Hojung; Chon, Kangmin, et alARTICLE25
201901Uniaxial static stress estimation for concrete structures using digital image correlationLee, Junhwa; Kim, Eun Jin, et alARTICLE5
201901Quasi real-time and continuous non-stationary strain estimation in bottom- fixed offshore structures by multimetric data fusionPalanisamy, Rajendra P.; Jung, Byung-Jin, et alARTICLE9
201901Improvement of Soil Respiration Parameterization in a Dynamic Global Vegetation Model and Its Impact on the Simulation of Terrestrial Carbon FluxesKim, Dongmin; Lee, Myong-In, et alARTICLE29