UEE_Journal Papers

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2021-12Effects of soil–structure interaction on seismic performance of a low-rise R/C moment frame considering material uncertaintiesNguyen, Hoang D.; Shin, MyoungsuARTICLE57
2021-09Dual-stage attention-based LSTM for simulating performance of brackish water treatment plantYoon, Nakyung; Kim, Jihye, et alARTICLE17
2021-09Prediction of seismic drift responses of planar steel moment frames using artificial neural network and extreme gradient boostingNguyen, Hoang D.; Dao, Nhan D., et alARTICLE58
2021-08Record of North American boreal forest fires in northwest Greenland snowKang, Jung-Ho; Hwang, Heejin, et alARTICLE23
2021-08Pharmaceutical removal at low energy consumption using membrane capacitive deionizationSon, Moon; Jeong, Kwanho, et alARTICLE17
2021-08Mechanism and kinetics of guest exchange in sII hydrate - Flue gas replacement as revealed by experimental and computational approaches for hydrocarbon recovery and CO2 sequestrationChoi, Wonjung; Go, Woojin, et alARTICLE17
2021-08Evolution of the Tropical Response to Periodic Extratropical Thermal ForcingShin, Yechul; Kang, Sarah M., et alARTICLE15
2021-08Influence of the degree of crystallinity of added nano-alumina on strength and reaction products of the CaO-activated GGBFS systemYu, Juan; Song, Haemin, et alARTICLE5
2021-08Changes in adsorption mechanisms of radioactive barium, cobalt, and strontium ions using spent coffee waste biochars via alkaline chemical activation: Enrichment effects of O-containing functional groupsShin, Jaegwan; Kwak, Jinwoo, et alARTICLE4
2021-07Chemical and surface engineered superhydrophobic patterned membrane with enhanced wetting and fouling resistance for improved membrane distillation performanceLee, Hyung Kae; Ray, Saikat Sinha, et alARTICLE59
2021-07Evaluating an on-line cleaning agent for mitigating organic fouling in a reverse osmosis membranePark, Sanghun; Hong, Seok Min, et alARTICLE15
2021-07Developing a cloud-based toolbox for sensitivity analysis of a water quality modelKim, Soobin; Kwon, Yong Sung, et alARTICLE39
2021-06Investigating the influence of catholyte salinity on seawater battery desalinationPark, Sanghun; Ligaray, Mayzonee, et alARTICLE87
2021-06Effect of solar zenith angle on satellite cloud retrievals based on O-2-O-2 absorption bandKim, Gyuyeon; Choi, Yong-Sang, et alARTICLE61
2021-06Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances and their alternatives in black-tailed gull (Larus crassirostris) eggs from South Korea islands during 2012?2018Wang, Wenting; Lee, Jangho, et alARTICLE25
2021-06A machine learning approach for early warning of cyanobacterial bloom outbreaks in a freshwater reservoirPark, Yongeun; Lee, Han Kyu, et alARTICLE25
2021-06Contamination characteristics of polychlorinated naphthalenes in the agricultural soil of two industrial cities in South KoreaPark, Min-Kyu; Cho, Hye-Kyung, et alARTICLE22
2021-06Twenty-year trends and exposure assessment of polychlorinated dibenzodioxins and dibenzofurans in human serum from the Seoul citizensSeo, Sung-Hee; Kwon, Sae-Yun, et alARTICLE28
2021-06Deep learning model for simulating influence of natural organic matter in nanofiltrationShim, Jaegyu; Park, Sanghun, et alARTICLE46
2021-06Developing a deep learning model for the simulation of micro-pollutants in a watershedYun, Daeun; Abbas, Ather, et alARTICLE63