UEE_Journal Papers

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2020-09Application of micro-CT to Mori-Tanaka method for non-randomly oriented pores in air-entrained cement pastesPark, Inhwan; Moon, Juhyuk, et alARTICLE18
2020-09Energy projection of the seawater battery desalination system using the reverse osmosis system analysis modelLigaray, Mayzonee; Kim, NamHyeok, et alARTICLE4
2020-08Prevention of potential strength degradation due to conversion of C2AH8 formed in CaO-Ca(HCOO)2-activated GGBFS binder using CaSO4Yum, Woo Sung; Suh, Jung-Il, et alARTICLE15
2020-08Effect of magnesium formate as compared with magnesium oxide on the strength enhancement and microstructures of CaO-activated Class F fly ash systemSuh, Jung-Il; Yum, Woo Sung, et alARTICLE24
2020-08Identification and enumeration of cyanobacteria species using a deep neural networkBaek, Sang-Soo; Pyo, JongCheol, et alARTICLE7
2020-07Development of a clinker-free white binder of one-part CaO-activated GGBFS with TiO2 additionSim, Sungwon; Jeon, Dongho, et alARTICLE44
2020-07A novel water quality module of the SWMM model for assessing Low Impact Development (LID) in Urban watershedsBaek, Sang-Soo; Ligaray, Mayzonee, et alARTICLE4
2020-07Fouling behavior of marine organic matter in reverse osmosis membranes of a real-scale seawater desalination plant in South KoreaLee, Yong-Gu; Kim, Sangwon, et alARTICLE4
2020-06Time-dependent observation of a cage-specific guest exchange in sI hydrates for CH4 recovery and CO2 sequestrationMok, Junghoon; Choi, Wonjung, et alARTICLE29
2020-06A critical review of pretreatment technologies to enhance anaerobic digestion and energy recoveryAtelge, M. R.; Atabani, A. E., et alARTICLE39
2020-06Object-based landfast sea ice detection over West Antarctica using time series ALOS PALSAR dataKim, Miae; Kim, Hyun-Cheol, et alARTICLE16
2020-06Long-term displacement measurement of full-scale bridges using camera ego-motion compensationLee, Junhwa; Lee, Kyoung-Chan, et alARTICLE76
2020-06Changes in air pollutant emissions from road vehicles due to autonomous driving technology: A conceptual modeling approachHwang, Ha; Song, Chang-KeunARTICLE266
2020-06Unique microbial module regulates the harmful algal bloom (Cochlodinium polykrikoides) and shifts the microbial community along the Southern Coast of KoreaCui, Yingshun; Chun, Seong-Jun, et alARTICLE5
2020-05Treatment of low-strength ammonia wastewater by single-stage partial nitritation and anammox using upflow dual-bed gel-carrier reactor (UDGR)Jo, Yeadam; Cho, Kyungjin, et alARTICLE28
2020-05Assessment of a green roof practice using the coupled SWMM and HYDRUS modelsBaek, SangSoo; Ligaray, Mayzonee, et alARTICLE20
2020-05Microstructural characteristics of sound absorbable porous cement-based materials by incorporating natural fibers and aluminum powderYoon, Jinyoung; Kim, Hyunjun, et alARTICLE8
2020-05Ground motion amplification models for Japan using machine learning techniquesKim, Sunyul; Hwang, Youngdeok, et alARTICLE13
2020-05Strength enhancement of CaO-activated slag system through addition of calcium formate as a new auxiliary activatorYum, Woo Sung; Suh, Jung-Il, et alARTICLE36
2020-05Ultra high performance concrete (UHPC) sleeper: Structural design and performanceBae, Younghoon; Pyo, SukhoonARTICLE13