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2022-09An Input-Independent Loop Type-III Buck Converter With PSRR Improvement and EMI Suppression for Enhancing the Security of Edge DevicesLee, Chan-Ho; Park, Hyo-Jin, et alARTICLE142
2022-09Ultra-stretchable yet tough, healable, and biodegradable triboelectric devices with microstructured and ionically crosslinked biogelGhosh, Sujoy Kumar; Kim, Minsoo P., et alARTICLE40
2022-09Hyperloop Communications: Unveiling Electromagnetic Propagation in the Hyperloop TubeKim, Jeongtak; Kim, Hyoil, et alARTICLE135
2022-09Energy Efficiency Maximization Precoding for Quantized Massive MIMO SystemsChoi, Jinseok; Park, Jeonghun, et alARTICLE10
2022-08Spread Spectrum Technique with Random-Linear Modulation for EMI Mitigation and Audible Noise Elimination in IH AppliancesKim, Mina; Park, Hwa-Pyeong, et alARTICLE409
2022-08A resonant current-mode wireless power transfer for implantable medical devices: an overviewKim, Jong-Hun; Hassan, Najam ul, et alARTICLE218
2022-08Detection Circuits for System-Level Signal and Power Noises Due to High-Power Electromagnetic PulsesPaek, Joon Ki; Lee, Kyunghoon, et alARTICLE242
2022-08Optically Invisible Artificial Magnetic Conductor Subarrays for Triband Display-Integrated AntennasThi Duyen Nguyen; Kim, Kiseo, et alARTICLE112
2022-08A Pixel Circuit with Leakage Current Compensation Using PWM-based Data Cycling for AMLED DisplaysJeon, Wungki; Hwang, Sungho, et alARTICLE34
2022-08Quasi-Phase-Matched Four-Wave Mixing Enabled by Grating-Assisted Coupling in a Hybrid Silicon WaveguideKwon, Min-SukARTICLE50
2022-08Aperture-Fed Quad-Port Dual-Band Dielectric Resonator-MIMO Antenna for Sub-6 GHz 5G and WLAN ApplicationUpadhyaya, Trushit; Park, Ikmo, et alARTICLE14
2022-07Modified Three-port DAB Converter Employing Voltage Balancing Capability for Bipolar DC Distribution SystemLee, Jun-Young; Jung, Jee-HoonARTICLE976
2022-07A Power-Efficient Resonant Current Mode Receiver With Wide Input Range Over Breakdown Voltages Using Automated Maximum Efficiency ControlLee, Hyun-Su; Ahn, Jisan, et alARTICLE315
2022-07A Low-Power Indirect Time-of-Flight CMOS Image Sensor With Fixed Depth Noise Compensation and Dual-Mode Imaging for Depth Dynamic Range EnhancementPiao, Canxing; Ahn, Yeonsoo, et alARTICLE118
2022-07Ferroelectricity-Coupled 2D-MXene-Based Hierarchically Designed High-Performance Stretchable Triboelectric NanogeneratorGhosh, Sujoy Kumar; Kim, Jinyoung, et alARTICLE114
2022-06Carboxyethyl acrylate incorporated optically clear adhesives with outstanding adhesion strength and immediate strain recoverability for stretchable electronicsLim, Daegyun; Baek, Myung-Jin, et alARTICLE348
2022-06단독운전모드 동작에서의 Triple-Active-Bridge 컨버터 제어기법 및 소신호 모델을 기반으로 한 제어기 설계Jeon, Chano; Heo, Kyoung-Wook, et alARTICLE243
2022-06Monolayer molybdenum disulfide switches for 6G communication systemsKim, Myungsoo; Ducournau, Guillaume, et alARTICLE193
2022-06Enhanced Load Adaptive Modulation of Induction Heating Series Resonant Inverter to Heat Various-Material VesselsJeong, See-Hoon; Jin, Ju-Il, et alARTICLE365
2022-06E‐Band Metasurface‐Based Orbital Angular Momentum Multiplexing and DemultiplexingChung, Hyeongju; Kim, Daeik, et alARTICLE279