EE_Journal Papers

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2023-11Phase-leg power equalization method of modular multilevel converter with APOD strategy under unbalanced fault conditionLee, Sang-Jung; Kim, KiRyong, et alARTICLE264
2023-10Environment-Adaptable Edge-Computing Gas Sensor Device with Analog-Assisted Continual Learning SchemeChae, Hee Young; Cho, Jeonghoon, et alARTICLE1218
2023-08A Rectifier-Reusing Bias-Flip Energy Harvesting Interface Circuit With Adaptively Reconfigurable SC Converter for Wind-Driven Triboelectric NanogeneratorLee, Sang-Han; Jeong, Yeon-Woo, et alARTICLE228
2023-08Maximum Voltage Gain Tracking Algorithm for High-Efficiency of Two-Stage Induction Heating System Using Resonant Impedance EstimationHeo, Kyoung-Wook; Jin, Juil, et alARTICLE1238
2023-08Latent and controllable doping of stimuli-activated molecular dopants for flexible and printable organic thermoelectric generatorsKim, Young-Shin; Kim, Hoimin, et alARTICLE146
2023-07Energy-Efficient Power Management Interface with Adaptive HV Multimode Stimulation for Power-Sensor Integrated Patch-Type SystemsKim, Myeong Woo; Kim, Hyunjoong, et alARTICLE266
2023-07Smooth, Chemically Altered Nucleating Platform for Abrupt Performance Enhancement of Ultrathin Cu-Layer-Based Transparent ElectrodesVo, Tran Thi Bao; Lim, Jaeun, et alARTICLE252
2023-07Design and implementation of a Power Management Integrated Circuit for Active EMI FiltersJeong, Sangyeong; Kim, JingookARTICLE128
2023-07Training-Free Stuck-at Fault Mitigation for ReRAM-based Deep Learning AcceleratorsQuan, Chenghao; Fouda, Mohammed E., et alARTICLE844
2023-07A Baseline-Tracking Single-Channel I/Q Impedance Plethysmogram IC for Neckband-Based Blood Pressure and Cardiovascular MonitoringPark, Chan Sam; Kim, Hyunjoong, et alARTICLE571
2023-07Learning Decentralized Power Control in Cell-Free Massive MIMO NetworksYu, Daesung; Lee, Hoon, et alARTICLE82
2023-06A 5.4-Gb/s, 0.57-pJ/bit, Single-Loop Referenceless CDR With an Unlimited Bilateral Frequency Detection SchemeKim, Woojung; Hong, Woojin, et alARTICLE710
2023-06Ambient air-operated thermo-switchable adhesion of N-isopropylacrylamide-incorporated pressure sensitive adhesivesHwang, Jeonguk; Lim, Daegyun, et alARTICLE470
2023-06Energy-Efficient Fast-Transient Dynamic Reconfigurable Charge Pump for Multi-Channel Electrical StimulationKim, Myeong Woo; Kim, Jae JoonARTICLE1170
2023-06Effect of Top-Gate Dielectric Deposition on the Performance of Indium Tin Oxide TransistorsWahid, Sumaiya; Daus, Alwin, et alARTICLE294
2023-06Kernel Code Integrity Protection at the Physical Address Level on RISC-VHa, Seon; Yu, Minsang, et alARTICLE432
2023-06Recent Advances in Triboelectric Nanogenerators: From Technological Progress to Commercial ApplicationsChoi, Dongwhi; Lee, Younghoon, et alARTICLE122
2023-06Circularly Polarized Wideband Uniplanar Crossed-Dipole Antenna With Folded Striplines and Rectangular StubsWang, Heesu; Byun, Gangil, et alARTICLE134
2023-06An On-/Off-Time Sensing-Based Load-Adaptive Mode Control of Triple Mode Buck Converter for Implantable Medical DevicesPark, Woojin; Namgoong, Gyeongho, et alARTICLE68
2023-05An ultralow power wearable vital sign sensor using an electromagnetically reactive near fieldSeo, Seoktae; Jo, Hyunkyeong, et alARTICLE350