ECE_Journal Papers

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2020-06Deep neural networks with a set of node-wise varying activation functionsJang, Jinhyeok; Cho, Hyunjoong, et alARTICLE45
2020-05Single-Stage Voltage Balancer with High-Frequency Isolation for Bipolar LVDC Distribution SystemLee, Jun-Young; Cho, Young-Pyo, et alARTICLE217
2020-05A 7.4-MHz Tri-mode DC-DC Buck Converter with Load Current Prediction Scheme and Seamless Mode Transition for IoT ApplicationsHong, Woojin; Lee, MyungheeARTICLE6
2020-04PolarScout: Wi-Fi Interference-Resilient ZigBee Communication via Shell-ShapingShao, Chenglong; Park, Hoorin, et alARTICLE48
2020-04Accuracy investigation of equivalent dipole arrays for near-field estimation in presence of shielding or dielectric structuresKwak, Kyungjin; Bae, Tae-il, et alARTICLE75
2020-04FPGA Controller Design for High Frequency LLC Resonant ConvertersPark, Hwa-Pyeong; Kang, Yesung, et alARTICLE40
2020-04Tunable Current Transport in PdSe2 via Layer-by-Layer Thickness Modulation by Mild PlasmaDas, Tanmoy; Seo, Dongwook, et alARTICLE10
2020-04Hybrid modulation strategy of three-phase dual-active-bridge converter to improve power conversion efficiency under light load conditions in LVDC applicationsChoi, HyunJun; Jung, JeeHoonARTICLE48
2020-04Monolithic Circular Transistor-Antenna Design for High-Performance Plasmonic Millimeter-Wave DetectorsPatel, Ramesh; Ryu, Min Woo, et alARTICLE114
2020-04A Balanced Feedforward Current-Sense Current-Compensation Active EMI Filter for Common-Mode Noise ReductionShin, Dongil; Jeong, Sangyeong, et alARTICLE181
2020-04A multiple negative differential resistance heterojunction device and its circuit application to ternary static random access memoryKim, Kwan-Ho; Park, Hyung-Youl, et alARTICLE10
2020-03An Energy-Efficient Multi-Mode Multi-Channel Gas-Sensor System with Learning-Based Optimization and Self-Calibration SchemesPark, Kyeonghwan; Choi, Subin, et alARTICLE295
2020-03Constraint-aware VM placement in heterogeneous computing clustersKim, Seontae; Choi, Young-RiARTICLE151
2020-03Hotness- and Lifetime-Aware Data Placement and Migration for High-Performance Deep Learning on Heterogeneous Memory SystemsHan, Myeonggyun; Hyun, Jihoon, et alARTICLE30
2020-03Real-Time Test-Bed System Development Using Power Hardware-in-the-Loop (PHIL) Simulation Technique for Reliability Test of DC Nano GridHeo, Kyung-Wook; Hyun, Jun, et alARTICLE64
2020-03Isolated Three-port DC-DC Converter Employing ESS to Obtain Voltage Balancing Capability for Bipolar LVDC Distribution SystemSim, Juyoung; Lee, Jun-Young, et alARTICLE129
2020-03Wearable Multi-Biosignal Analysis Integrated Interface with Direct Sleep-Stage ClassificationKim, Sung-Woo; Lee, Kwangmuk, et alARTICLE60
2020-03CMOS Backplane Pixel Circuit with Leakage and Voltage Compensation for an Micro-LED Display achieving 5,000 PPI or higherSeong, Jewoo; Jang, Jinwoong, et alARTICLE284
2020-02Spin-controlled nonlinear harmonic generations from plasmonic metasurfaces coupled to intersubband transitionsKim, Daeik; Chung, Hyeongju, et alARTICLE127
2020-02Theoretical Analysis of Ballistic Current Transport in Monolayer Black Arsenic MOSFETsSeo, Jae Eun; Seo, Dongwook, et alARTICLE138