EE_Journal Papers

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2021-03Effective Magnetic Component Design of Three Phase Dual Active Bridge Converter for LVDC Distribution SystemChoi, Hyunjun; Seo, Bong-Gyo, et alARTICLE175
2021-02Stretchable and recoverable acrylate-based pressure sensitive adhesives with high adhesion performance, optical clarity, and metal corrosion resistanceLee, Ju Hak; Park, Jintae, et alARTICLE133
2020-12Enhanced Dual-Active-Bridge DC-DC Converter for Balancing Bipolar Voltage Level of DC Distribution SystemLee, Jun-Young; Kim, Ho-Sung, et alARTICLE235
2020-12SecureLinQ: Joint Precoding and Scheduling for Secure Device-to-Device NetworksChoi, Jinseok; Park, JeonghunARTICLE77
2020-12A 2D material-based floating gate device with linear synaptic weight updatePark, Eunpyo; Kim, Minkyung, et alARTICLE63
2020-12Ultimate Capacity Analysis of Orbital Angular Momentum ChannelsSawant, Ashwini; Lee, Ingeun, et alARTICLE22
2020-12Doping-Free All PtSe2 Transistor via Thickness-Modulated Phase TransitionDas, Tanmoy; Yang, Eunyeong, et alARTICLE55
2020-12Modeling nonstationary lens blur using eigen blur kernels for restorationGwak, Moonsung; Yang, SeungjoonARTICLE52
2020-12Segmented Differential Power Processing Converter Unit and Control Algorithm for Photovoltaic SystemsJeong, Hoejeong; Park, Seungbin, et alARTICLE40
2020-12Bitstream-Based Neural Network for Scalable, Efficient, and Accurate Deep Learning HardwareSim, Hyeonuk; Lee, JongeunARTICLE9
2020-12IR-QNN Framework: An IR Drop-Aware Offline Training Of Quantized Crossbar ArraysFouda, Mohammed E.; Lee, Sugil, et alARTICLE17
2020-12Practical Controller Design of Three-Phase Dual Active Bridge Converter for Low Voltage DC Distribution SystemChoi, Hyun-Jun; Lee, Won-Bin, et alARTICLE6
2020-12A 10-MHz Current-Mode AOT Boost Converter with Dual-Ramp Modulation Scheme and Translinear Loop-based Current Sensor for WiFi IoT ApplicationsHong, Woojin; Lee, MyungheeARTICLE8
2020-12High-Directivity Orbital Angular Momentum Antenna for Millimeter-Wave Wireless CommunicationsLee, Ingeun; Sawant, Ashwini, et alARTICLE5
2020-12Programmeable Chip Based High Performance MEC Router for Ultra -Low Latency and High Bandwidth services in Distributed Computing EnvironmenKong, Seokhwan; Dipjyoti, Saikia, et alARTICLE0
2020-11Indirect Time-of-flight CMOS Image Sensor with On-chip Background Light Cancelling and Pseudo 4-Tap/2-Tap Hybrid Imaging for Motion Artifact SuppressionKim, Donguk; Lee, Seunghyun, et alARTICLE32
2020-11Scaling and Variation Predictions for Silicon Fin-Based High Electron Mobility TransistorKim, Sung-Ho; Park, Jong Yul, et alARTICLE54
2020-11Compact Wideband Four Element Optically Transparent MIMO Antenna for mm-Wave 5G ApplicationsDesai, Arpan; Bui, Cong Danh, et alARTICLE29
2020-11Giant nonlinear circular dichroism from intersubband polaritonic metasurfacesKim, Daeik; Yu, Jaeyeon, et alARTICLE39
2020-11Compact Low-Loss Electroabsorption Modulator Using a Graphene-Inserted Metal-Slot-Added WaveguideSeo, Jihoon; Kwon, Min-SukARTICLE81