EE_Journal Papers

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2021-11Stator Impedance Modeling Platform for the Electromagnetic Compatibility Aware Design of 3.7- to 7.5-KW Squirrel-Cage Induction MotorsRyu, Younggon; Yea, Manje, et alARTICLE83
2021-11Design Methodology of Quasi-Resonant Flyback Converter with a Divided Resonant CapacitorPark, Hwa-Pyeong; Jung, Jee-HoonARTICLE151
2021-11A Customized Integrated Circuit for Active EMI Filter With High Reliability and ScalabilityJeong, Sangyeong; Park, Junsik, et alARTICLE28
2021-10Theoretical Evaluation of Two-Dimensional Ferroelectric Material CuInP2S6 for Ferroelectric Tunnel Junction DeviceYang, Eunyeong; Kim, Kyung Rok, et alARTICLE13
2021-10A 92-mu W/Gbps Self-Biased SLVS Receiver for MIPI D-PHY ApplicationsKim, Woojoong; Lee, MyungheeARTICLE107
2021-09Series DC Arc Fault Detection Method for PV Systems Employing Differential Power Processing StructurePark, Hwa-Pyeong; Kim, Mina, et alARTICLE141
2021-09A Multimodal Neural Activity Readout Integrated Circuit for Recording Fluorescence and Electrical SignalsLee, Taeju; Park, Jee-Ho, et alARTICLE76
2021-09Aqueous Microlenses for Localized Collection and Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy of Gaseous MoleculesKim, Yun-Tae; Kim, Daeik, et alARTICLE14
2021-09Total Reflection-Induced Efficiency Enhancement of the Spin Hall Effect of LightKim, Minkyung; Lee, Dasol, et alARTICLE22
2021-08Enhanced Computation Performance of Photovoltaic Models for Power Hardware-in-the-loop SimulationKim, Mina; Kwak, Sang-Kyu, et alARTICLE278
2021-08A 10-MHz Current-Mode AOT Boost Converter With Dual-Ramp Modulation Scheme and Translinear Loop-Based Current Sensor for WiFi IoT ApplicationsHong, Woojin; Lee, MyungheeARTICLE145
2021-08Ultrasensitive Molecule Detection Based on Infrared Metamaterial Absorber with Vertical NanogapHwang, Inyong; Kim, Mingyun, et alARTICLE88
2021-08Spread Spectrum Technique with Random-Linear Modulation for EMI Mitigation and Audible Noise Elimination in IH AppliancesKim, Mina; Park, Hwa-Pyeong, et alARTICLE38
2021-07Segmented Differential Power Processing Converter Unit and Control Algorithm for Photovoltaic SystemsJeong, Hoejeong; Park, Seungbin, et alARTICLE781
2021-07High-Directivity Orbital Angular Momentum Antenna for Millimeter-Wave Wireless CommunicationsLee, Ingeun; Sawant, Ashwini, et alARTICLE98
2021-07Characteristic Impedance Adjustment of Thin-Metal Mesh Transmission Lines for mmWave Display-Integrated AntennasHeo, Jin Myeong; Sung, Eun Jin, et alARTICLE68
2021-07Bidirectional CLLC Resonant Converter Employing PLC Capability and EM Noise Reduction Technique for Small-Sized ESS ApplicationPark, Hwa-Pyeong; Kim, Mina, et alARTICLE130
2021-07Modified Three-port DAB Converter Employing Voltage Balancing Capability for Bipolar DC Distribution SystemLee, Jun-Young; Jung, Jee-HoonARTICLE64
2021-07Seawater Battery-Based Wireless Marine Buoy System with Battery Degradation Prediction and Multiple Power Optimization CapabilitiesCho, Jeonghoon; Kim, Myeong Woo, et alARTICLE331
2021-06A Wide Dynamic Range Multi-Sensor ROIC for Portable Environmental Monitoring Systems With Two-Step Self-Optimization SchemesChoi, Subin; Park, Chan Sam, et alARTICLE96