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2023-03Real-Time External Compensation System With Error Correction Algorithm for High-Resolution Mobile DisplaysPark, Kyeongmin; Oh, Seunghun, et alARTICLE76
2023-02Dual-gate thin film transistor lactate sensors operating in the subthreshold regimeBaek, Sanghoon; Matsui, Hiroyuki, et alARTICLE72
2023-02Factors that affect the technological transition of firms toward the industry 4.0 technologiesKim, Seung Hwan; Jeon, Jeong hwan, et alARTICLE400
2023-02Offline Training-based Mitigation of IR Drop for ReRAM-based Deep Neural Network AcceleratorsLee, Sugil; Fouda, Mohammed E., et alARTICLE366
2023-01A Power/Hardware-Efficient SiPM Readout IC Embedded in a Boost Converter for Mobile Radiation DosimetersJeon, Hyuntak; Shin, Se-UnARTICLE604
2023-01Power flow decoupling method of triple-active-bridge converter for islanding mode operation in DC microgrid systemsBempah, Kwabena Opoku; Heo, Kyung-Wook, et alARTICLE520
2023-01High-performance and self-calibrating multi-gas sensor interface to trace multiple gas species with sub-ppm levelKwon, Yeong Min; Oh, Byungjoo, et alARTICLE648
2023-01제한된 적응형 해상도를 가진 격자맵 기반의 경로 계획 연김선휘; 이강빈, et alARTICLE76
2023-01Large Transconductance of Electrochemical Transistors Based on Fluorinated Donor-Acceptor Conjugated PolymersHeo, Seongmin; Kwon, Jimin, et alARTICLE66
2023-01A Pixel Circuit with Leakage Current Compensation Using PWM-based Data Cycling for AMLED DisplaysJeon, Wungki; Hwang, Sungho, et alARTICLE521
2022-12Maximum Voltage Gain Tracking Algorithm for High-Efficiency of Two-Stage Induction Heating System Using Resonant Impedance EstimationHeo, Kyoung-Wook; Jin, Juil, et alARTICLE354
2022-12Energy-Efficient Fast-Transient Dynamic Reconfigurable Charge Pump for Multi-Channel Electrical StimulationKim, Myeong Woo; Kim, Jae JoonARTICLE368
2022-12Batch Nanofabrication of Suspended Single 1D Nanoheaters for Ultralow-Power Metal Oxide Semiconductor-Based Gas SensorsKim, Taejung; Cho, Wootaek, et alARTICLE556
2022-12-11 to 7 dBm Power Range, Triple Band RF Energy Harvesting System With 99.9% Peak Tracking Efficiency and Improved PCEChoi, Eunho; Namgoong, Gyeongho, et alARTICLE528
2022-12Near-Zero Transmittance Loss, Highly Durable, Flexible, Transparent Electrode with an Ultrathin Ag Nanoporous StructureJeong, Eunwook; Lee, Taehyeong, et alARTICLE366
2022-12An Indirect Time-of-Flight Sensor with Tetra Pixel Architecture Calibrating Tap Mismatch in a Single FrameKang, Jubin; Park, Yongjae, et alARTICLE370
2022-12Multievent Histogramming TDC With Pre–Post Weighted Histogramming Filter for CMOS LiDAR SensorsSeo, Hyeongseok; Cho, Gihwan, et alARTICLE382
2022-12A Boost-Oriented SIDO (BO-SIDO) Step-Up/Down DC–DC Converter Embedding Buck Conversion With an Energy-Balancing CapacitorKang, Gyeong-Gu; Lee, Ji-Hun, et alARTICLE38
2022-12Robust Adaptive Path Tracking Control Scheme for Safe Autonomous Driving via Predicted Interval AlgorithmVo, Phat Cong; Lee, Jungeun, et alARTICLE548
2022-12MLogNet: A Logarithmic Quantization-Based Accelerator for Depthwise Separable ConvolutionChoi, Jooyeon; Sim, Hyeonuk, et alARTICLE372