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2021-02Designing for Positive Emotions: Issues and Emerging Research DirectionsYoon, JungKyoon; Desmet, Pieter; Pohlmeyer, Anna; Kim, ChajoongARTICLE84
2021-01Investigating Physical Interaction with Digital Data through the Materialization of Email HandlingKim, Juntae; Self, James; Park, Young-WooARTICLE16
2020-12How Do You Feel Online: Exploiting Smartphone Sensors to Detect Transitory Emotions during Social Media UseRuensuk, Mintra; Cheon, Eunyong; Hong, Hwajung; Oakley, IanARTICLE21
2020-12Everyday Design-Driven Innovation: Exploring meaning change in IKEA hackingHan, Ga-eul; Jeong, Yunwoo; Self, JamesARTICLE21
2020-08Shaping Rollable Display Devices: Effects of Gripping Condition, Device Thickness, and Hand Length on Bimanual Perceived Grip ComfortLee, Songil; Kyung, Gyouhyung; Kim, Minjoong; Choi, Donghee; Choi, Hyeeun; Hwang, Kitae; Park, Seonghyeok; Kim, Su Young; Lee, SeungbaeARTICLE243
2020-08Discomfort luminance level of head-mounted displays depending on the adapting luminanceHa, Hyeyoung; Kwak, Youngshin; Kim, Hyosun; Seo, Young-junARTICLE391
2020-08The Influence of User Characteristics, Product Characteristics and Context in Everyday Design BehaviourKim, Chajoong; Kim, Soyoung; Christiaans, HenriARTICLE40
2020-08Giving Material Properties to Interactive Objects: A Case Study of Tangible Cube Representing Digital DataKim, Juntae; Noh, Boram; Park, Young-WooARTICLE56
2020-08Positive User Experience over Product Usage Life Cycle and the Influence of Demographic FactorsYoon, JungKyoon; Kim, Chajoong; Yoon, JungKyoonARTICLE108
2020-07Comparing selection mechanisms for gaze input techniques in head-mounted displaysEsteves, Augusto; Shin, Yonghwan; Oakley, IanARTICLE150
2020-07Effect of the submandibular push exercise using visual feedback from pressure sensor: an electromyography studyPark, Sungwon; Cho, Joo Young; Lee, Byung Joo; Hwang, Jong-Moon; Lee, Myunghwan; Hwang, Soo Yeon; Kim, KwanMyung; Lee, Ki Hoon; Park, DonghwiARTICLE117
2020-07An exploration of motives and behavior across Facebook and TwitterSpiliotopoulos, Tasos; Oakley, IanARTICLE64
2020-06Understanding Everyday Designing Behaviour: An Exploratory ExperimentKim, Chajoong; Kim, Soyoung; Christiaans, HenriARTICLE40
2020-05The Association between Excessive Internet Gaming Behavior and Immersive Tendency, Mediated by Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Symptoms, in Korean Male University StudentsJung, Dooyoung; Shim, Eun-jung; Park, Hyeonggyu; Lee, Kwanglo; Lee, Sangil; Kim, Eun-young; Chang, Jae Seung; Jeong, Seong-hoon; Kim, Yeni; Ahn, Yong Min; Hahm, Bong-jinARTICLE225
2020-05Bringing the colour senses of personal photos to everyday living environment: the design and deployment of a tangible interactive lighting artifactNoh, Boram; Jang, Sangsu; Kim, Kyungjin; Park, Young-WooARTICLE138
2020-04Visual Guidance for a Spatial Discrepancy Problem of in Encountered-Type Haptic DisplayLee, Chang-Gyu; Dunn, Gregory Lynn; Oakley, Ian; Ryu, JehaARTICLE471
2020-03Morning chronotype is a protective factor against chemotherapy-induced hot flashes in premenopausal women with breast cancerSon, Kyung-Lak; Jung, Dooyoung; Lee, Kwang-Min; Hwang, Heesung; Lee, JooYoung; Kim, Tae-Yong; Im, Seock-Ah; Lee, Kyung-Hun; Spiegel, David; Hahm, Bong-JinARTICLE160
2020-03Perception of surface stickiness in different sensory modalities: an functional MRI studySo, Yosup; Kim, Sung-Phil; Kim, JunsukARTICLE180
2020-03The effect of perceived social support on chemotherapy-related symptoms in patients with breast cancer: A prospective observational studyOh, Gyu Han; Yeom, Chan-Woo; Shim, Eun-Jung; Jung, Dooyoung; Lee, Kwang-Min; Son, Kyung-Lak; Kim, Won-Hyoung; Moon, Jung Yoon; Jung, Sanghyup; Kim, Tae-Yong; Im, Seock-Ah; Lee, Kyung-Hun; Hahm, Bong-JinARTICLE174
2020-03Conference ReviewSelf, JamesARTICLE12
Showing results 1 to 20 of 365