DHE_Journal Papers

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2019-12A Spike Train Distance Robust to Firing Rate Changes Based on the Earth Mover’s DistanceSihn, Duho; Kim, Sung-PhilARTICLE33
2019-11Head flexion angle when web-browsing and texting using a smartphone while walkingHan, Hyeseon; Shin, GwanSeobARTICLE152
2019-11Experiments method or measuring color appearance shifts in high-dynamic-range luminance conditionsHwang, Jisoo; Hong, Yejin, et alARTICLE9
2019-11Altruistic and selfish communication on social media: the moderating effects of tie strength and interpersonal trustSpiliotopoulos, Tasos; Oakley, IanARTICLE36
2019-09Rich Unboxing Experiences: Complexity in Product Packaging and its Influence upon Product ExpectationsBea, Jieun; Self, James, et alARTICLE108
2019-09Upper extremity muscular load during carpet vacuuming with household upright cleanersBak, Haerim; D'Souza, Clive, et alARTICLE193
2019-09Interdisciplinary: challenges and opportunities for design educationSelf, James; Evans, Mark, et alARTICLE369
2019-09Online home appliance control using EEG-Based brain-computer interfacesKim, Minju; Kim, Min-Ki, et alARTICLE35
2019-08Trajectory of severity of postoperative delirium symptoms and its prospective association with cognitive function in patients with gastric cancer: results from a prospective observational studyShim, Eun-Jung; Noh, Hae Lim, et alARTICLE191
2019-07Effects of display curvature and task duration on proofreading performance, visual discomfort, visual fatigue, mental workload, and user satisfactionPark, Sungryul; Kyung, Gyouhyung, et alARTICLE185
2019-07Shaping Rollable Display Devices: Effects of Gripping Condition, Device Thickness, and Hand Length on Bimanual Perceived Grip ComfortLee, Songil; Kyung, Gyouhyung, et alARTICLE67
2019-07Communication through design sketches: Implications for stakeholder interpretation during concept designSelf, James A.ARTICLE464
2019-07Ambivalent effects of display curvature on smartphone usabilityYi, Jihhyeon; Park, Sungryul, et alARTICLE213
2019-06과학기술원 재학생들의 스트레스와 자살경향성간의 관계에서 우울 및 불안의 매개효과: 학위과정 간 비교를 중심으로이상일; 정두영, et alARTICLE8
2019-06Group-Level Neural Responses to Service-to-Service Brand ExtensionYang, Taeyang; Kim, Sung-PhilARTICLE70
2019-05Afforded exploration: An approach to novel yet understandable product experiencesLee, Soyeon; Self, JamesARTICLE158
2019-04Where to put the creases? Interactions between hand length, task, screen size, and folding method on the suitability of hand-held foldable display devicesLee, Songil; Kyung, Gyouhyung, et alARTICLE162
2019-04Hue and warm-cool feeling as the visual resemblance criteriafor iso-CCT judgmentOh, Semin; Kwak, YoungshinARTICLE215
2019-03Effects of Display Curvature, Presbyopia, and Task Duration on Visual Fatigue, Task Performance, and User SatisfactionChoi, Donghee; Kyung, Gyouhyung, et alARTICLE322
2019-03Temporal Dynamics of Visual Attention AllocationMoon, Jongmin; Choe, Seonggyu, et alARTICLE193