DHE_Journal Papers

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2022PushPIN: A Pressure-Based Behavioral Biometric Authentication System for SmartwatchesSong, Youngeun; Oakley, IanARTICLE22
2021-10가드닝 작업의 효율성 증대를 위한 전동 멀티 공구 디자인 및 구현김동윤; 정광태, et alARTICLE136
2021-09Investigating Physical Interaction with Digital Data through the Materialization of Email HandlingKim, Juntae; Self, James A., et alARTICLE252
2021-09The Effect of Lumbar Erector Spinae Muscle Endurance Exercise on Perceived Low-back Pain in Older AdultsTufail, Muhammad; Lee, Haebin, et alARTICLE406
2021-09Effects of standing exercise tasks with a sloped surface intervention on trunk muscle activation and low-back pain intensity in women aged >70 yearsTufail, Muhammad; Lee, Haebin, et alARTICLE174
2021-08Design Guidelines for Contextual Awareness and Management of Hygiene in Daily Life with Infectious VirusesJang, Sangsu; Lee, Suhwan, et alARTICLE161
2021-04Understanding Everyday Design Behaviour: An Exploratory ExperimentKim, Chajoong; Kim, Soyoung, et alARTICLE280
2021-03Comparison of three different types of exercises for selective contractions of supra- and infrahyoid musclesChang, Min Cheol; Park, Sungwon, et alARTICLE211
2021-02Designing for Positive Emotions: Issues and Emerging Research DirectionsYoon, JungKyoon; Desmet, Pieter, et alARTICLE347
2021-02Eye Fixation-Related Potentials during Visual Search on Acquaintance and Newly-Learned FacesLee, Seungji; Lee, Doyoung, et alARTICLE207
2021-02Altruistic and selfish communication on social media: the moderating effects of tie strength and interpersonal trustSpiliotopoulos, Tasos; Oakley, IanARTICLE458
2021-02Where does Everyday Design Innovation come from?: Case studies in IKEA Product HackingHan, Ga-eul; Jeong, Yunwoo, et alARTICLE418
2021-02Color in Package Design: A Case Study of User Response to Skincare Packaging ColorGabbas, Malika; Kim, KwanMyung, et alARTICLE502
2020-12Everyday Design-Driven Innovation: Exploring meaning change in IKEA hackingHan, Ga-eul; Jeong, Yunwoo, et alARTICLE410
2020-12How Do You Feel Online: Exploiting Smartphone Sensors to Detect Transitory Emotions during Social Media UseRuensuk, Mintra; Cheon, Eunyong, et alARTICLE256
2020-08Shaping Rollable Display Devices: Effects of Gripping Condition, Device Thickness, and Hand Length on Bimanual Perceived Grip ComfortLee, Songil; Kyung, Gyouhyung, et alARTICLE505
2020-08Giving Material Properties to Interactive Objects: A Case Study of Tangible Cube Representing Digital DataKim, Juntae; Noh, Boram, et alARTICLE307
2020-08Positive User Experience over Product Usage Life Cycle and the Influence of Demographic FactorsYoon, JungKyoon; Kim, Chajoong, et alARTICLE461
2020-08The Influence of User Characteristics, Product Characteristics and Context in Everyday Design BehaviourKim, Chajoong; Kim, Soyoung, et alARTICLE324
2020-07Comparing selection mechanisms for gaze input techniques in head-mounted displaysEsteves, Augusto; Shin, Yonghwan, et alARTICLE427