SBA_Journal Papers

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2016-11Channeled Autonomy: The Joint Effects of Autonomy and Feedback on Team Performance Through Organizational Goal ClarityGonzalez-Mulé, Erik; Courtright, Stephen H., et alARTICLE399
2016-10The Quest for Originality: A New Typology of Knowledge Search and Breakthrough InventionsJung, Hyun Ju; Lee, JeongsikARTICLE966
2016-10Inverse DEA with frontier changes for new product target settingLim, Dong-JoonARTICLE353
2016-10Consumer valuation of the wearables: The case of smartwatchesJung, Yoonhyuk; Kim, Seongcheol, et alARTICLE761
2016-09Extracting multistage screening rules from online dating activity dataBruch, Elizabeth; Feinberg, Fred, et alARTICLE168
2016-09Effect of Corporate Life Cycle on Audit FeesLee, Eun Suh; Kim, Seon Mi, et alARTICLE749
2016-09The Impact of Standardization Intensity on Sales Performance: Evidence from Korean SMEsGang, KwangWookARTICLE411
2016-08프라이버시 계산모형 관점에서 스마트 웨어러블 기기 사용의도에 관한 연구채수연; 이윤구, et alARTICLE466
2016-08The role of house price in the US business cycleKim, Jan R.; Chung, KeunsukARTICLE1222
2016-08The common sense of dependence on smartphone: A comparison between digital natives and digital immigrantsAhn, Juyeon; Jung, YoonhyukARTICLE1147
2016-08Second-price auctions with sequential and costly participationLee, Jin Hyuk; Park, JaeokARTICLE213
2016-06SNS and Brand Loyalty of the Millennial: A Case of Hong Kong Hotel IndustryKim, YongHee; Kot, Chun Ting, et alARTICLE691
2016-06House prices and business cycles: The case of the UKKim, Jan R.; Chung, KeunsukARTICLE903
2016-06모바일 기부 앱의 사용 의도에 영향을 미치는 요인에 관한 실증 연구Kim, Mingyung; Choi, Uiju, et alARTICLE764
2016-06A mixed methods approach to the posting of benevolent comments onlineJang, Yoon-Jung; Kim, Hee-Woong, et alARTICLE658
2016-04Community Participation and Consumer-to-Consumer Helping: Does Participation in Third Party-Hosted Communities Reduce One's Likelihood of Helping?Thompson, Scott A.; Kim, Molan, et alARTICLE1273
2016-04Linking technological and educational level diversities to innovation performanceSubramanian, Annapoornima M.; Choi, Young Rok, et alARTICLE1123
2016-04Antitakeover Provisions and Discretionary AccrualsLee, Eun Suh; Yu, So-jin, et alARTICLE972
2016-03Exploring the relationship between mobile application use and political information seeking and political discussionBaek, Kanghui; Kim, YeolibARTICLE784
2016-01Introduction to the special issue on social and environmental issues in advertisingYoon, Sukki; Oh, SangdoARTICLE571