SBA_Journal Papers

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2017-06Workplace Relationships and Employee Engagement: Domestic Workers vs. ExpatriatesKim, YongHee; Cheung, Kaming Queena, et alARTICLE784
2017-05A Meta-analysis of Online Trust Relationships in E-commerceKim, Yeolib; Peterson, Robert A.ARTICLE781
2017-05팀원의 사회적 지위와 지식수준이 조언 네트워크 중심성에 미치는 영향 및 분산교류 기억체계의 조절효과홍운기; 이선우, et alARTICLE668
2017-05Hawkes process-based technology impact analysisJang, Hyunjin; Woo, Hangyun, et alARTICLE951
2017-04Pro-innovation culture, ambidexterity and new product development performance: Polynomial regression and response surface analysisLee, Kyootai; Woo, Han-Gyun, et alARTICLE633
2017-02Exploring associations between young adults’ facebook use and psychological well-being: A goal hierarchy approachJung, Yoonhyuk; Pawlowski, Suzanne D., et alARTICLE724
2017-02기업의 위기대응전략에 대한 소셜 미디어 이용자의 반응 연구김보라; 김우희, et alARTICLE259
2017-02The Effects of Governance on Classification Shifting and Compensation ShieldingJoo, Jeong Hwan; Chamberlain, Sandra L.ARTICLE161
2017-02Consumer Communities Do Well, But Will They Do Good? A Study of Participation in Distributed Computing ProjectsThompson, Scott A.; Kim, Molan, et alARTICLE1384
2017-02The influence of individual differences on consumer's selection of online sources for health informationZhang Yan; Sun, Yalin, et alARTICLE714
2017-01Corporate Social Responsibility and Equity-holder Risk in the Hospitality IndustryKim, YongHee; Kim, MinChung, et alARTICLE894
2017-01Marked Hawkes process modeling of price dynamics and volatility estimationLee, Kyungsub; Seo, Byoung KiARTICLE789
2017-01Patterns of technology life cycles: stochastic analysis based on patent citationsLee, Changyong; Kim, Juram, et alARTICLE1239
2016-12Toward a more nuanced understanding of long-tail distributions and their generative process in entrepreneurshipShim JaehuARTICLE69
2016-12CMO equity incentive and shareholder value: Moderating role of CMO managerial discretionKim, MinChung; Boyd, D. Eric, et alARTICLE810
2016-12Corporate Life Cycle and Earnings BenchmarksChoi, Jeongmi; Choi, Wooseok, et alARTICLE927
2016-12Donation via Mobile Applications: A Study of the Factors Affecting Mobile Donation Application UseChoi, Boreum; Kim, MingyungARTICLE878
2016-12Influence of information product quality on informing users: A web portal contextNam, JunghyunARTICLE635
2016-11The effects of second-screen viewing and the goal congruency of supplementary content on user perceptionsChoi, Bo Reum; Jung, YoonhyukARTICLE900
2016-11Channeled Autonomy: The Joint Effects of Autonomy and Feedback on Team Performance Through Organizational Goal ClarityGonzalez-Mulé, Erik; Courtright, Stephen H., et alARTICLE399